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JazzCash, Pakistan’s fastest growing mobile financial service, has partnered with ecommerce giant, Daraz.pk, in a bid to facilitate online shoppers with its convenient and secure financial services.

Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, VP Digital & Mobile Financial Services – Jazz said:

“JazzCash recently claimed market leadership with 1.5 million active Mobile Accounts, a feat we have achieved through our innovative digital and mobile financial services,” 

“By partnering with the country’s leading online retailer, we are looking to offer online shoppers that very innovation, which will enhance their payment experience.”

Dr. Jonathan Doerr, Co-CEO of Daraz.pk, commenting on the partnership said,

The objective of this partnership is to enable our customers to experience the best of e-commerce with convenient payment systems brought to them through JazzCash. With this initiative, we plan on extending the trust, familiarity and convenience of the Daraz experience to sellers and customers.

JazzCash has been at the forefront of the boom in local e-commerce industry with introduction of complimentary mobile financial services throughout the years. By continuously bringing innovation in their digital and mobile financial platform, JazzCash provides online shoppers a secure and convenient shopping experience, powered through their 70,000 plus nationwide retail network.

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