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This comes as a successor to the recently celebrated Black Friday, seeking to extend discounted rates to travelers.

Following the successful 2016 Black Friday campaign, Jovago has launched a campaign dubbed “Dream Deals”. The campaign’s main objective is to carry on readily negotiated rates referred to as “Dream Deals” with the aim of encouraging and facilitating travel through the new year holiday season.

With 2017 having been designated as the “Year of Sustainable Travel” at the United Nations 70th General Assembly, one of the major goals for industry players will be to draw policies that contribute to inclusive and sustainable economic growth throughout the seasons in the tourism circuit.

Through this discount offer, travelers can receive up to 60% discounts by booking a hotel on Jovago.pk. This deal is a New Year treat for all travel lovers who love to explore different areas of Pakistan. Talking about this initiative, the Managing Director of Jovago, Tina Wang said “The main aim of Jovago Pakistan is to encourage people to travel within Pakistan. Winter being one of the most high traffic season for all the travel enthusiasts, we want to keep the energy alive by providing our valued travelers with the affordable deals so they can enjoy this season”.

Other channels through which the Dream Deals will be run include Jovago’s social media pages, newsletters, and SMSs among others.

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