» » » Kerala Muslim girl gets death threat by jihadis for marrying Hindu boy

Now this has once again happened that Islamists issued death threat to a Muslim girl from Kerala for marrying a Hindu boy loving each other innocently.

The Islamofascist organization Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) is allegedly behind the threat as reported.

(Muslims in India take camouflaging name like Peace Party, Peace TV, SDPI, Peoples Front of India etc. to dupe the Hindus under an vulnerable Secular menace. But, they opt only Islamic Fanaticism or Jihad in core – Ed. Hindu Existence.).

Jasmi Ismail, the Muslim girl hailing from Thekkumbhagom in Kollam district now under fanatic fume has claimed that her life is in danger after she got married with a Hindu boy.

“I am not sure how long I will be alive. I am sure that the same person who charged at me with an iron rod when he came to know about my love will now come for my life. The police are also complicit in this. Please let me live, this is an earnest request.”

In a complaint to Thekkumbhagom police station, Jasmi has named four people, who will be responsible if something happens fatal to her.

In the Jasmi’s facebook account the fanatic Muslims are giving open threat uninterruptedly. But, police is not taking any action so far.

Jasmi had married a Hindu boy on her own choice last week has named four perpetrator of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) for intimidating her and her husband scathingly.

“My dear SDPI activists, I will love with a Gene of the other religion. Why do you follow behind our lives? Do you want our lives? I too want to live on this earth. Please don’t come after me or the person I love”, Jasmi adds in a separate post. 

Though the family of the Hindu boy accepted the new couple with warmth and honor, the day to day life of the newly married couple is really in a horrific danger of life threat and probable attack.

It is not a concern in Kerala whether the state is ruled by the Communist or the Congress, the situation remains same for a shameless appeasement of the Islamists there.

In India, Muslims can marry Hindu girls and women as a regular fashion, but the reverse is opposed vehemently by the mob with Jihadi mentality.

Concerned authorities must ban SDPI and void its registration if the allegation raised by the victim girl is proved.


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