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صرف ناشتے میں 
میں ناشتے میں 36 انڈے، 4 مرغیاں، 3 کلو گائے کا گوشت اور پانچ کلو دودھ پیتا ہوں۔ مردان کے 436 کلو وزنی پاکستانی خضر حیات نے دنیا کو حیران کردیا۔

At the point when Baba turned 18, his weight began rising unexpectedly. He said this was because of the eating routine he had been taking to fortify his body. Baba’s day by day calorie consumption remains at an astounding 10,000. He devours four chickens, 36 eggs, three killogrammes of meat and five liters of drain every day to plan for the World Weightlifting Titles.

Baba hails from Mardan in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and cases to be the most grounded man on the planet. Verifiably, Paul Anderson of America held the title with a weight of 163 kilograms till his passing in 1994. In 2016, American Brian Shaw secured the title at 190 kilograms.

“I don’t have any ailment nor do I feel uncomfortable with my weight,” he said. Baba added that he needed to put on more weight to partake in World Wresting Diversion (WWE) rivalries.

Talking about the difficulties he experiences in day by day life, Baba shared how he couldn’t go in cars.”I encounter issues while heading out in autos attributable to space imperatives,” Baba, who possesses a substantial vehicle, told The Express Tribune.

At the point when questioned on his fairly unsettling calorie consumption and whether it could involve any unfriendly results, Baba said he counseled a specialist on that record and had a nutritious diagram controlling it.

Baba, who dons a generally speaking to cover his midsection and mid-section hails from a very much heeled Mardan family. In 2012 Baba asserted to have lifted a 5,000 kilogram weight in Japan utilizing grapples. Nobody can break this record, he said. Baba additionally guaranteed that he had gotten an award from the WWE and his name was incorporated into the Guinness book of World Records. The Express Tribune was not ready to freely check the cases.

He said there was no culture of weightlifting in Pakistan. This, Baba said, needed to change. He communicated any desire for speaking to Pakistan in World Weightlifting Titles with the support of the administration.

The Express Tribune

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