» » Shaheen Air International Grabs Two Top Accolades at Brands of the Year Award 2016

Karachi: Shaheen Air International (SAI)has been conferred with two top honors at the seventh edition of Brands of the Year Award 2016. The airliner has been awarded Brand of the Year Award for 2015-2016 in the Airline Category, while it has clinched Brand Icon Award for2015-2016 in the same category.

The award ceremony was organized by Brands Foundation where the Honorable Senate Chairman Mr. RazaRabbanipresented the awards to Shaheen Air’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Zohaib Hassan.While expressing his jubilant views at this remarkable triumph, Zohaib Hassantated: “Allah has been really kind upon us and has blessed us with these accolades. This victory reflects the hard work of every individual who is intricately spun into the fabric of Shaheen Air. With this, we are poised to redefine the traveling experience for our valued passengers and set a new standard of air travel in the country.”Initiated in 2007,Brands of the Year Awards recognizebrands that are champions in their specific industries. Each year, the brands are evaluated on the basis of expert panel recommendations, qualitative and quantitative studies after which they are presented with different awards.

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