» » » #ShahidAfridi rescues 30 Pakistani prisoners detained in Dubai

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi wasn’t much of a rescuer on the field of cricket in the final few years of his career, but he does seem to have a bit of saviour about him off the field.

News is that “Boom Boom”, through his Shahid Afridi Foundation, recently helped secure the release of 30 Pakistani prisoners, who had been detained in Dubai.

Imprisoned for a variety of offences, the said prisoners would have likely spent more time behind bars had Afridi not stepped in to use his influence and secure their early release.

Shahid Afridi gives his two cents on politics

Following the prisoners’ release, the 36-year-old cricketer took to Facebook to thank the Dubai Police Department for their ‘generosity and cooperation’.

In his own words, Afridi believes the move gives the freed 30 ‘a chance to go back to their home country and to rebuild their life afresh’.

As his career has winded down, Afridi’s philanthropic activities have gone into overdrive.

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