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مٹھائیوں، چاکلیٹ اور ٹافیوں میں زہریلے مواد کا استعمال: بچوں سے دور ہی رکھیں

Unhygienic ingredients being used in sweets, toffees, chocolates: report

LAHORE  – After unhygienic milk, the ingredients used in sweets, toffees and chocolates have also been declared substandard.

According to details, the authorities conducted laboratory test for sweets and found that cloth dying colors are being used in these eatables instead of healthy food colors.

The report said that these chemicals are spreading cancer, liver and stomach diseases. 

It was also revealed that shampoo chemicals are used in chocolates, ice creams and sweets while poisonous milk is also mixed in these items. 

The district government has exposed that the sale of unhealthy eatables is more than 65 percent in Punjab. 

Punjab Food Authority has formed teams to launch raids against mafia responsible for adulteration in food items however, a summery seeking amendment in the law and strict action against the culprits will also been prepared.

Moreover, the fake factories would be permanently sealed after the results of the samples.  (Daily Dunya)

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