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In line with its commitment to provide digital solutions to the needs of today’s customers, JazzCash has partnered with Daewoo Express. JazzCash to Digitize Transportation Payments with Daewoo Express. Under the agreement, travelers can now pay for their reserved Daewoo ticket through JazzCash.

Talking about the partnership, Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, Chief Digital & Financial Services Officer – Jazz said, “This agreement allows Daewoo Express to offer payment convenience and security to its customers. Travelers no longer need to stand in long queues nor reach the station an hour or two prior to book their tickets.  With a vision to digitize financial solutions, this is just one of the many partnerships we are in to ensure end users experience the benefits offered by digitization.”

To utilize this service, customers can visit Daewoo’s official website. And choose JazzCash Mobile Account as their mode of payment. Or customers can also book the ticket through Daewoo’s UAN (111-007-008). They will receive the booking number via SMS. Now They can pay for the ticket using the Mobile Account. Moreover, they can also pay the bill by visiting the nearest JazzCash retailer. Moreover, customers can then visit the dedicated JazzCash terminals at Daewoo stations to receive their ticket.

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