» » » Shell extends re-imagined retail offerings at two filling stations in Lahore & Islamabad

KARACHI: Shell Pakistan Limited has extended its reimagined retail offerings at two filling stations in Lahore & Islamabad – thus marking a significant milestone in the company’s bid to revolutionise the forecourt experience for customers all over Pakistan. 

The revamped offerings were inaugurated by Royal Dutch Shell’s Executive Vice President for RetailIstván Kapitány accompanied by the British High Commissioner Thomas Drewalong with the Dutch Ambassador Jeannette Seppen and the Managing Director of Shell Pakistan, Jawwad Cheema. In Lahore, the Golf View Filling Station now offers Shell’s new generation format Select Store with Kitchen Cuisine’s on-the-go bakery along with HBL & UBL ATMs in a secure environment. 

The site has also been upgraded with 3 Helix Lane – a state-of-the-art oil dispensing facility that services your car in 12-15 minutes, while you relax in the free Wi-Fi-enabled customer lounges. An iPad lets you track your car’s oil change in real time. The filling station is all set to serve more than 500 customers per day from Zaffar Ali Road and adjoining areas from Mall Road and GOR 1. 

Triumphing on the launch of such an incredible retail experience, István Kapitány, Executive Vice President at Shell (Retail) said, “Royal Dutch Shell remains committed to growing its presence in Pakistan and to continue playing a bigger role in the energy landscape of the country. I am a great believer in the talent and potential of Pakistan and the eco-system we see here today is a great example of this. It is our belief that in order to create forecourts of the future that serve Pakistani customer needs, we must continue to provide fuelling options and non-fuels retailing needs” 

The British High Commissioner Thomas Drew also shared his thoughts and stated: “I am delighted to welcome this further upgrading of Shell’s investment in Pakistan. 

This announcement – at a time when we are celebrating 70 years of friendship between our countries – is a clear recognition of Pakistan’s potential for growth. It is a lead, I hope other British companies will follow”.


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