» » ‘Third political force’ to emerge soon: says Pervez Musharraf

DUBAI: All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Chairman Pervez Musharraf on Thursday said several politicians were in contact with him and soon there will be a third political force to solve people's problems. He was briefing the media team of his party headed by APML's joint secretary information Shehzad Arabi Satti at Dubai. The former president said that his party would fully participate in the country's politics and the people of Pakistan through electronic, print and social media should know about his progressive and reforming agenda. Satti briefed the party chairman about the communication strategies that APML media wing has evolved for establishing links between party and the people via three contemporary and conventional forms of media.

APML Senior Vice President Major General (r) Rashid Qureshi, APML Secretary General Dr Muhammad Amjad and UAE APML Chief Organizer Ghous Shehzad were present there in the briefing session. General (r) Musharraf said, "We have plans and strategies to pull Pakistan out of a crises situation. What we need to create is more awareness among the masses about our agenda and program. We also need to make people of Pakistan understand a direct link between poverty and bad governance." He said that APML would use all the modern communication techniques to reach out to people before 2018 elections. "At the moment there are few challenges that I expect we could overcome with hard work and planning."  (Daily Times)

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