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HYDERABAD: In the name of ‘tradition’, a teenage girl was married off to another teenage boy in Hyderabad.

According to NDTV reports, the bride who wants to continue her studies is forced to leave school because she has now become wife of a 15-year-old husband.

The teen age couple did not choose to get married and is well aware of the fact that child marriage is a crime. In spite of that agreed for the wedding for the reason that it will bring prosperity in their lives and families.

“No, not interested. But we need to follow the traditions and practices of our forefathers,” replied the boy.

“My parents said that it will be good for my family and myself but I want to continue studies,” said the girl to NDTV.

Groom’s father Anjaneya Sharma said, “It is our family tradition. We have studied the Vedas and that is what is prescribed. We followed it and end up here.”

The bride and groom were moved to child protection homes and a case has been booked under the Prevention of Child Marriage Act.

“We upheld Hindu traditions and you brought us to police station from the temple,” said Ramesh Sharma, the bride’s father.

Achyuta Rao, child rights commission member, told NDTV it was not because of poverty but superstition. “The girl is not even mature but they believe superstitiously it will bring them prosperity,” he said. (Siasat.com)

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