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EcoStar is a nationwide brand of LED televisions and electronics that reflects technological excellence. This technology leader recently participated as a Co-Sponsor in MARCON 2017 – the prestigious annual marketing conference, organized by the Marketing Association of Pakistan (MAP) – Lahore Chapter at the PC Hotel in Lahore on 13th and 14th March, 2017. Being the Co-Sponsor of this insightful event – EcoStar’s marketing department participated very actively to enrich this insightful event.

The organizing committee of MAP acknowledged EcoStar’s valuable patronage, while Mr. Rizwan Butt, Chief Operating Officer of DWP Group was also presented with a shield as a token of appreciation from MAP. MARCON is an international conference organized for marketing practitioners in Pakistan. Leading experts share their wisdom, ideas and experiences at this forum every year. Thus, it plays a key role in the advancement of professional Marketing in Pakistan’s competitive business environment.Mr. Rizwan Butt (COO, DWP Group) while talking to media officials commented that, 
‘’it’s always nice to hear and appreciate success stories of other marketers as it took them a long period to be here and being a responsible organization EcoStar believes that investing in such events enhance exposure and learning experiences.’’

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