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Chitral: The Kalash community has filed an application in the Peshawar High Court seeking their religion be mentioned separately in the form for the ongoing population and housing census.

Several representatives of the minority community renowned for their distinct lifestyle and culture submitted the application expressing concern that the census form does not mention them.

They demanded that the Kalash should be included separately in the minority list of the census form as they have a distinct culture and religion.

Kalash social activists Wazirzada, Lok Rehmat and Shah Hussain along with several councilors took the initiative to knock at the court.

They pleaded the court to include the name of Kalash in the census form, and instruct the government to ensure that the decision is implemented.

Kalash are considered the smallest religious community in Pakistan numbered at around 4000 residing in Chitral district. They claim descent from Macedonian soldiers associated with Alexander’s invasion but no research supports this claim.

Kalash are polytheists and nature plays a highly significant and spiritual role in their life. They have maintained their culture but in recent time have faced increasing threats from extremists.

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