» » » » The City #School stages “Thought Leaders”, Pakistan’s First Early Years Education Symposium

Caption for Saboohi and Philip’s photograph: Saboohi Irtiza, GM Early Years Academics alongside Philip Hallworth, Director Academics, The City School at ‘Thought Leaders’, Pakistan’s first Early Years Education Symposium.
  • The City School is Pakistan’s largest school system with 126,000 students in 500 schools in 53 cities and across 7 countries.
  • “Thought Leaders” Early Years Symposium convened to serve as a platform for exchange on best practices in Early Years Education
  • Philip Hallworth, Director Academics, TCS, delivered the Keynote Address and stated: “Child-centric Early Years education helps  develop the thought leaders of our future society.”

Karachi: Pakistan’s largest private school system, The City School (TCS), organized the nation’s first ever symposium on Early Years Education, entitled “Thought Leaders”. The symposium convened a platform for renowned experts and influencers to exchange best practices and cutting edge research in designing, developing and managing high performance learning environments for early childhood education. The Symposium drew on a combination of speaker sessions, panel discussions and workshops engaging local stakeholders, early years’ practitioners, schools and parents, to set the future direction for this critical area of education.  

In his keynote address, Philip Hallworth, Director Academics, The City School said, “Children only get one chance at childhood - it is both our privilege and our duty, whether as educators or parents, to ensure that they spend their childhood actively learning and not passively doing. Actively learning the knowledge, life skills and values that will be the foundation for their future - and that they must have fun doing so. We should never underestimate the influence we as educators can have on young lives. Child-centric Early Years education develops confident, resilient, sociable and tolerant young people who then grow up to be the responsible adult thought leaders of our future society.”

Saboohi Irtiza, GM Early Years Education at The City School, laid great emphasis on cognitive learning among young children through interactive play opportunities. The City School vows to innovate in early years education with teaching and learning methods that are an outcome of evolving technology and a stimulating environment in and out of the classroom. As the “Thought Leader” in Early Years Education, TCS is providing the best curriculum, thereby designing the framework best suited to address each child’s needs.

The focus of the symposium was on preparing children for the 21st century, which is characterized by great technological advancements. Technology has advanced education and is playing a vital role in personalizing learning, encouraging collaboration, and preparing students for the future. The City School is investing heavily in integrating technology in the classroom, employing innovative teaching and learning methods to ensure that its students are well prepared for the 21st century. The Symposium was broadcast live on YouTube on TCS' Official YouTube Channel, another first for Pakistan. 

Amin Hashwani addresses The City School's ‘Thought Leaders’, Pakistan's first ever 
symposium on Early Year's Education.

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