» » » US police cracks down against drug from Pakistan (Tulsi Pan Masala)

COLUMBUS  – Public health officials in Ohio have warned central Ohio law enforcement to be on the lookout for a betel nut drug from Pakistan: Tulsi Pan Masala.

The World Health Organization labelled it a carcinogen, but police said teens are chewing betel nut to get high, Fox News reported.

According to the details by WBNS-TV, the matter came in to light after several students were caught chewing it at the Reynoldsburg High School Summit Campus and  Reynoldsburg police were alerted about it.

Police say the students were visibly ‘off balance’.

Tulsi is an oral stimulant used by millions in different regions of Asia. Areca nuts are wrapped in betel leaf and then chewed. Some betel products also contain tobacco.

Health officials have warned that researchers link it to oral cancer and tooth decay.

Public Health food inspectors are still scouring markets to remove the product. Officials say the Food and Drug Administration is now involved, 10tv reported. (Web Desk)

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