» » » » Veena Malik alleges husband abused her, agrees to 'forgive' him - via Dawn

Actor Veena Malik in an appearance on a television show on Monday alleged that her husband had been physically abusive towards her, days after news surfaced that she had filed for khula from Asad Khattak in January.

ARY News programme 11th Hour host Waseem Badami had invited Malik and Khattak on his show in what he said was an attempt to reconcile differences between the two, and also called on Maulana Tariq Jameel to 'facilitate' the process.

Although her husband asks her for forgiveness "every single day", Malik told Jameel and the host that there are two things she could not forgive.

"First, that he [Khattak] beat me; second, that he disrespected me... not once, but repeatedly," she alleged.

Jameel assured Malik that his 'vote is with her' but also encouraged her to forgive her husband and "give him another chance".

"Your happiness is dear to me, but I also wish to see you raising a family," he told Malik.

"If he is asking you for forgiveness, give him one chance," he said. "He is saying it before so many people, he should be given another chance."

"I cannot question you Maulana sahib," Malik responded to Jameel's suggestion.

She then asked the religious scholar to obtain a guarantee from her husband in the form of a written contract, to which Khattak agreed, saying he would provide a written guarantee.

Jameel warned Khattak not to give Malik reasons to complain in the future. "You are saying these things on such a massive platform, you must ensure you don't give her a cause for complaint now."

"He has been asking my forgiveness for a long time, but I had told him something clearly. The sun could rise from the west, but I would not be ready to reconcile with him," she said.

"He has annoyed me a great deal in three years, he has worried me so much," added the actor.

"I am ready to give him another chance but it will all be done through court," Malik said.

The couple were married in Dubai on December 25, 2013. They have two children together.

Malik had filed a plea in a Lahore court on January 6, 2017 for a khula (dissolution of marriage) from her husband, which was issued in favour of the actress on January 31, 2017.

The couple have 90 days to reconcile and if the defendant still fails to show up in court, the divorce will not be reversible," the actor's lawyer earlier told DawnNews.

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