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RAWALPINDI: A young man shot dead three of his friends on suspicion that one of them was having an affair with his sister, Gujar Khan police said on Wednesday.

Four friends, 19-year-old Muhammad Umar, 21-year-old Muhammad Shehbaz, 20-year-old Abdul Rehman and 20-year-old Badar Ali were walking down Sarwar Hayyat Road after having tea at a local hotel in Gujar Khan late on Tuesday.

As Shehbaz and Umar fell behind, the former suddenly pulled out his 30 bore pistol and shot the latter, killing him on the spot. Police added that Shehbaz then proceeded to kill his two other friends, Rehman and Ali, who were walking ahead.

After killing his friends, Shehbaz went home where he hid his gun.

He then returned to the crime scene and helped in shifting the bodies of his victims to a nearby hospital, police said.

When contacted, Gujar Khan SHO Sheikh Qasim said that they had managed to apprehend Shehbaz and recovered the murder weapon. Moreover, he said that police had also recovered some seven bullets casings from the crime scene.

Qasim said that Shehbaz had initially tried to hide his crime by distorting facts and misdirecting the authorities.

First, Qasim said, Shehbaz told police that some unidentified boys had opened fire on them and killed three of his friends but that he managed to escape unhurt.

But with investigations unable to corroborate his story, the SHO said Shehbaz finally confessed that he had murdered Umer because he was in love with his sister.

Qasim claimed that Shehbaz told investigators that he had killed his two other friends to ensure there were no witnesses of the crime.

Meanwhile, Umer’s father Muhammad Sarfaraz lodged an FIR against Shehbaz for the murder. However, Sarfaraz also accused Shehbaz’s father Shahzad, and his uncle Muhammad Sami for the crime.

Killed for love marriage
In a separate incident, Amjad Islam was murdered on Girja Road in the Saddar Berooni area, allegedly because he had married of his own choice.

According to Saddar Berooni police, Islam was going to buy bread and milk at around 10:30pm on Tuesday when three men, including Samar Gull, Asif and Zubair, shot him.

As a result of the gun attack, Islam died on the spot while his assailants fled, police added.

Officials said that Islam had probably been killed because he had married Gull’s sister against the wishes of their families.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 19th, 2017.

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