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LAHORE: Pakistan’s most accomplished woman in music, Hadiqa Kiani, has officially released the first chapter from her earlier announced ‘Wajd’ - Volume 1 titled "Kamli Da Dhola". 

With an aim to revive each region’s core musical heritage, "Chapter 1" features the Indo-Aryan language of Western Punjab, Saraiki. Indeed WAJD represents a journey by Hadiqa Kiani into the sounds that form the bedrock of our nation, exploring a multitude of languages, instruments and styles to create an album intimately rooted in our own traditions and culture.

"Kamli Da Dhola" represents Hadiqa’s rendition of the iconic Saraiki folk song, which has been sung by various folk singers including the legendary Reshma and most notably Musarrat Nazir.

The audio for "Kamli Da Dhola" has been produced, arranged, mixed, mastered and recorded by Irfan Kiani. Recorded in a single-take live studio format, this mesmerising song can be experienced in its pure authentic untainted organic form of music. As ‘Wajd’ - Volume 1 is the first time Hadiqa is exploring Sufism, the opening verses of "Kamli Da Dhola" feature the words of mystic Sufi poet Baba Bulleh Shah with the opening melody composed by Hadiqa herself which further adds distinction, character and even more beauty to the iconic folk song. Chapter 1 features Steve George on the Turkish Lavta, Ustad Baqir Abbas on flute, Imran Ali and Irfan on the harmonium, Asif Ali Goga on dholak and Irfan, Sharafat, Sakhawat and Imran as the backing vocalists.

The song has been captured both on audio and video simultaneously at the courtyard of Mian Yousaf Sallahudin’s famous Haveli Barood Khana in the Walled City of Lahore. With visualisation, direction and post-production by Abdullah Haris, Chapter 1 has been shot in a single-take format in natural daylight and is indeed the first take as recorded and released, capturing the true spirit of the song. Styling for the video has been done by Noah Ibrahim with wardrobe by Hadiqa and hair and make-up by Hadiqa Kiani Salon. The video was released exclusively on Hadiqa’s Facebook fan page and Patari.pk on Monday.

"I was in love with this folk song as a child and used to sing it in children music competitions, this song holds a very special place in my heart and I hope my listeners can feel that as well when they hear it for the first time," said Hadiqa about "Kamli Da Dhola".

The aim of the song as told by Irfan was "to capture the soul of music and human feel, the soul of a song is often lost while recording in fancy studios with their fancy gadgets in the name of fusion music and for that reason to get the raw form out the entire video and song was captured live in a single take".

Wajd’s version of the folk song is almost like removing dust from a book lying in some old corner and giving it a new life while keeping the beauty and pragmatism intact. Every instrument is heard with precision while accompanying Hadiqa’s soulful singing. One can truly feel the raw expression, maturity and contentment in the powerful vocals. Alongside her talented musicians and lively qawwals, Hadiqa has made this folk song entirely on her own with the ease and grace that only she could have mastered. Indeed, "Kamli Da Dhola" is soothing to the ears and touches the soul with its simplicity of music and breathtaking video.

The audio has been released exclusively on Patari.pk.

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