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Last month the news of actor Naila Jaffri battling cancer took social media by storm. While a few online portals misreported her being completely bedridden, Jaffri was quick to clear the air. She said that she was suffering from ovarian cancer which is now in its third stage but she is regularly getting her chemotherapy done and is in high spirits.

However, she remained open to the option of any government assistance in receiving her expensive treatments.

In a recent turn of events, Naila has decided to forego the financial support she was about to get from the government as a protest.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, the actor said that she had applied to get help from President Mamnoon Hussain’s Artist Welfare Fund and a cheque of rupees 500,000 is in the process of being issued to her but she will no longer accept it since the government has allowed an Indian tycoon in Pakistan with a no-police-inquiry visa.

“I cannot accept a dime from the government that entertains people from the very country that has been plotting against us our interests and our people,” she told The Express Tribune in a telephonic conversation while referring to Indian tycoon Sajjan Jindal’s recent arrival in Pakistan.

“I am glad that the government decided to offer me help but I really can’t accept this fund under present circumstances. The love, respect and prayers I have received from my people when they came to know of my illness is unimaginable and I won’t do anything that hurts their feelings. "

Source: Tribune

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