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Politics doesn’t suit honest people: ex-CJP

LAHORE: Former Chief Justice of Pakistan Jawwad S Khawaja says Pakistani politics doesn’t suit the honest people.

“Unfortunately, honest people are not successful in Pakistani politics,” he said while speaking at the annual prize distribution ceremony of a welfare high school, run by the TECH Society Club, here on Sunday.

Mr Khawaja said judges should listen and not speak.

Unfortunately, he said, education was not on our priority list in Pakistan.

“Constitutionally, Urdu is our national language but a small group of people don’t understand this. Though the British rulers left this region 70 years ago but we are still living as their slaves and speaking their language,” he added.

Mr Khawaja deplored that ethical, moral and human values were diminishing day by day in Pakistani society.

Manzoor A. Shaikh, Abdul Majeed Khan, Mian Muhammad Jamil, Mrs Naheed Sheikh, Dr Muhammad Sadiq and others also spoke.

Published in Dawn, April 10th, 2017

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