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New Delhi: Three men, who were allegedly roughed up by members of an animal rights group in Kalkaji area on Saturday night for transporting buffaloes in a truck, have been arrested for inhumane transportation of animals. 

Following the incident, two FIRs were filed — one against the three men transporting cattle and another against those who assaulted them.

The trio have been booked for mischief by killing or maiming cattle and under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act as they were carrying more animals in a truck than rules permit. The men said they had legal transit papers.

The second case of voluntarily causing hurt and wrongful restraint was registered against members of the People For Animals (PFA).

As per the complaint filed by those transporting the cattle, the unidentified assailants were members of the PFA — an NGO founded and chaired by minister Maneka Gandhi.

However, the animal rights body has denied any association with the incident. Maneka Gandhi's office, too, sought to deny any link between the incident and the PFA's activities.

According to the police, they received a PCR call on Saturday night from Gaurav Gupta, an animal rights activist and member of PFA, claiming that buffaloes were being transported illegally to Ghazipur. Later, a few animal rights activists arrived in three cars with PFA stickers and intercepted the truck.


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