» » » You are not 'handsome' - Newly-wed Indian woman kills husband for not being 'handsome'

You are not 'handsome' - Newly-wed Indian woman kills husband for not being 'handsome'

A woman in India has allegedly murdered her husband because she was upset that he wasn’t handsome, police has claimed.

The 22-year old woman, who tied the knot about a week ago, attacked her husband fatally following a quarrel. She smashed his head with a grinding stone, which led to his death.

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The woman’s husband was a wood sculptor in his mid 20s. According to police, the 22-year-old harboured hatred for him because her friends and family said he was not handsome and not a good match for her.

After she attacked him, she claimed someone had murdered her husband. However, after investigations, she was arrested on the charge of killing him.

The woman was remanded to judicial custody after appearing before a local court.

Times of India

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