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M&P Express Logistics is offering great rates for within city and across city shipping for its launch. With a vast infrastructure on the ground and a Chartered Boeing 737 in the air, the service makes overnight deliveries in record time. 

Formerly known as OCS Pakistan, after its acquisition by Muller and Phipps Pakistan (a 103 years old Distribution house specializing in Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Consumer product & financial services), M&P Express Logistics has gained an impressive market share in a short time.

In lieu of its launch, M&P is offering amazing rates for local shipping and delivery. Folks can send 0.5kg city to city shipment in Rs.100 & within city shipment in Rs.50 only.

The offer ends on the 31st of May, enough time for customers to try and test the new Courier service in town as well as this amazing offer. Be it overnight delivery of documents or parcels, M&P ships by air with its Chartered Boeing 737, thereby making Breakfast deliveries like no other.

In addition to this Muller and Phipps Pakistan has a well-established vast structure on ground with 480+ Courier centers and caters to 1300+ delivery locations. They are also equipped with more than 93 owned and rented vehicles that allows it to make millions of annual deliveries across Pakistan.

Apart from domestic Courier and Logistics services, M&P also has Cash on Delivery(COD), Print & Distribution and Gift Delivery services under its banner.

As far as International deliveries are concerned, M&P has partnered with FedEx to form the first FedEx Authorized Ship Center in Pakistan to book International shipments on behalf of FedEx (Gerry’s International, a licensee of Federal Express Corporation).

All this and the fact that Muller and Phipps have been and continues to make bulk deliveries by road, it remains the First Choice of anyone looking for Logistical Solutions. Having emerged only recently, the service is gaining momentum and is growing significantly and simultaneously giving its competition a tough time from the get go.

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