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KARACHI: In continuation of its efforts to digitize the country’s financial services landscape and promote financial inclusion here, Pakistan’s top banking institution, Bank Alfalah Limited, has partnered with CSquare Consulting to install self-service banking kiosks. Using these IntellekT kiosks, anyone can open a Bank Alfalah digital/wallet account powered by UnionPay Debit Card within merely three minutes and all that is needed for processing is the person’s CNIC number. 

The IntellekTkiosks bring innovative hardware and software functionality that enables the opening of accounts, through both self-service and/or video assisted technologies; it also uses biometric authentication from Nadra for customer validation and KYC as per regulatory guidelines. 

The kiosk, in addition to instant wallet opening, also offers other services including provisioning of instant issuance of BAFL UnionPay debit card for an associated wallet account, cash deposit, PIN generation and activation, funds transfer, bill payments and much more. 

“At Bank Alfalah our digital strategy revolves around working with partners that can help our bank launch innovative products and services. These self-service kiosks will undoubtedly help us in reaching out to the growing digitally savvy customer base and financially including them,” said Mehreen Ahmed, Group Head – Retail South & New Initiatives, Bank Alfalah. 

“We are glad to have partnered with one of Pakistan’s most prominent banking institutions and hope that our association will result in large-scale financial enablement of the masses, a goal that we share with Bank Alfalah and the Government of Pakistan,” said Ahsan Mashkoor, CEO, CSquare Consulting. “Our IntellekT Banking Kiosks are fully capable to automate multiple banking services and enable banks to seamlessly engage and service customers in the best possible way.

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