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KARACHI:  This year Cadbury Dairy Milk celebrates Eid with the residents of Dar-ul-Sukun bringing them the joy of togetherness.

As part of its Eid campaign, the Cadbury Dairy Milk team devoted a day of fun filled activities for the young and elderly at Dar-ul-Sukun and made their Eid more delightful. In partnership with TCS, they collected and distributed Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bars as Eidi to the residents of Dar ul Sukun while being their family for the day.

“Being a brand that stands for bringing the joy of belonging in consumers’ lives, Cadbury Dairy Milk finds a natural connect with the aspect of inclusion and what better way to celebrate this at Eid than within our community where the disabled and underprivileged rarely ever get the opportunity to celebrate it like the rest of the  country,” said Usman Muneer, Managing Director Mondelēz Pakistan Ltd, “Collaborating with Dar ul Sukun this Eid has facilitated in establishing this connect and has been an enlightening experience for us all.”

While welcoming the organization during Eid, Dr. Saanish, Manager Events and Training Dar-ul-Sukun said, “Dar-ul-Sukun is the safe haven for abandoned people with disabilities, this is where we empower them and inculcate the concept of inclusion irrespective of their cast, colour, creed, religion, gender, age, type and cause of disability. We are grateful to Cadbury Dairy Milk’s team and Mondelēz Pakistan for spending a day with us and treating us as family.”

According to an estimated figure, about 15–20%  of the world’s poorest people are suffering from disabilities and living in appalling conditions, particularly in developing countries. They often experience disgrace and discrimination with inadequate access to health care, education and livelihood opportunities. Dar-ul-Sukun was thus established to fulfill that gapas a home for the physically and mentally challenged children by a Dutch nun, Sr. Gertrude Lemmens in February 1969. It started from being the abode for 8 children to almost 250 now .

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