» » » » » #Haleeb launches new brand FLAVA, energetic flavoured milk

#Haleeb launches new brand FLAVA, energetic flavoured milk 

Lahore:- Haleeb Foods today announced the launch of its new flavoured milk brand FLAVA, which is initially launched in banana flavour. Soft creamy taste of FLAVA makes it a delicious choice for children and adults alike.

Speaking at the launch of new product, Haleeb Foods Marketing Director Mansoor Nawaz said, “We are positioning FLAVA as an energetic flavoured milk brand. I call it a premium family drink because not only kids but people from every age group are looking for such flavoured milk which is not only nutritious and healthy but also offer great taste.”

Milk is extremely beneficial for every individual as it contains high level of calcium that helps to strengthen bones, and joints. But usually people prefer other drinks over milk due to their craving for better taste. The delicious FLAVA in banana flavour offers a unique blend of taste and nutrition to consumers. 

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