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NEW DELHI: The stand-off between India and China on the Doklam issue may not have blown into an armed conflict, but a Sino-Indian war is on. India is fighting this war against China on an unusual battleground — the five-inch screen of your smartphone. 

Most of the Indians using Chinese smartphones are not aware how their phones have turned into a battleground for two countries. 

After reports, including a research by University of Toronto, that Chinese smartphone companie are sending user data of Indians to China, the Indian government has started cracking down on these companies. China can exploit Indian user data transmitted by Chinese smartphone companies for commercial as well as strategic purposes. 

The government has responded to these security risks with a flurry of moves in the past few days. 

The Ministry of Electronics and IT has directed 21 smartphone makers, most of which are Chinese, to inform it about the procedures and processes they follow to ensure the security of mobile phones sold in India, following reports of data leakage and theft. The government will verify the details provided and act against companies that have failed to meet security requirements. 

The government may also ask Chinese handset makers to set up servers in India as the next step in ensuring the protection of user data, following concerns about security breaches, especially as most Chinese smartphone vendors have servers in t .. 

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