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Mahvash & Jahangir Siddiqui Foundation (MJSF) and Developments in Literacy (DIL) join hands to support the right of education, for underprivileged children. To initiate this cause, MJSF provided laptops to DIL, to be distributed at various schools, managed and operated by the latter. The distribution event was held at a local school managed by DIL, where the management of both the organizations was present. Furthermore, MJSF is actively providing support to Pakistani citizens, through their ongoing and upcoming projects in the field of education 

Speaking at the occasion, COO MJSF, Muhammad Ali Charanya said, “Our partnership with DIL reflects our commitment of working towards the betterment of education in Pakistan. I’m very confident that this collaboration will play a huge role in overcoming the barriers to child education.”

Contributing towards healthcare, education and social enterprise, The Mahvash and Jahangir Siddiqui Foundation is a non-profit organization, which mainly focuses on development of women, children, minorities and disabled individuals. The aim is to promote economic development that will result in improved quality of life, by helping individuals explore their full potential and eliminating barriers to opportunity.

Operating 126 school campuses, across three provinces in Pakistan, DIL provides education from primary to matric level.  The organization actively promotes female education with an enrollment rate of 67% along with comprising nearly 90% of women, as part of the school staff. DIL model focuses on a child-centered approach, emphasizing on gender sensitivity and inclusiveness for all, relying heavily on community support and participation.

A ceremony was held between Mahvash & Jahangir Siddiqui Foundation and Developments in Literacy to provide educational support to underprivileged children.It was attended by Mr. Muhammad Ali Charanya (COO, MJSF), Mr. Jamil Memon (Head of Field Operations, MJSF) and Mr. Eijaz Mural (Project Manager, DIL).

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