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Karachi: With another installment of exciting collaborations and enthralling music, Coke Studio 10 returns to the airwaves with Episode 4. The upcoming episode will feature 4 songs, including ‘Naina Moray’ by Javed Bashir and Akbar Ali featuring Amir Zaki as a tribute to Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan; ‘Latthay Di Chaadar’ by Quratulain Balouch and Farhan Saeed; ‘Julie’ by Ali Zafar featuring Danyal Zafar and ‘Jindjaani’ by Ali Hamza and Nirmal Roy. The Episode was released digitally on Friday, September 1 and aired on all leading television channels on Saturday, September 2. 

Often referred to as the 'Tansen' of the 20th century, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan was one of the greatest classical vocalists of the sub-continent hailing from the Patiala Gharana. Paying an ode to the musical icon, Javed Bashir and Akbar Ali will perform a classic thumri ‘Naina Moray’ composed by the illustrious Bade Ghulam Ali himself. 

‘Naina Moray’ also features the prolific guitarist and musician Amir Zaki, in what has unwittingly turned out to be his last performance. Amir Zaki, an ace guitarist was one of the most inspiring musicians of our country and performed alongside many renowned artists of Pakistan. A teacher and mentor to many, Amir Zaki left a void that is perhaps impossible to fill when he died of heart failure shortly after the recording of the song. 

Amir Zaki debuted in Season 7 of Coke Studio as a guest musician playing stellar, masterful solos on tracks with Asrar and Zohaib Hasan. Season 10 will bid farewell to one of the most celebrated artists of our time in his final performance in Episode 4. 

Javed Bashir made his debut on Coke Studio in Season 2, returning in Season 7 and again in Season 9 to prove his genius and gave us some magical renditions and incredible partnerships. In Season 10, Javed Bashir brings his bold voice with a dark, brooding take on a classic. Hailing from the Jalandhar Nalan Gharana, Akbar Ali uses his training and innate musicality on the sets of Coke Studio in his debut season. 

Singer and actor, Farhan Saeed returns to Coke Studio Season 10 after his highly praised performance of ‘Panchi’ on Season 4 with Jal. Farhan remarked “People all over the world love Coke Studio and it’s good to be a part of the show, working with some of Pakistan’s greatest artists. The most amazing thing about Coke Studio is the image of Pakistan being represented in the world.” 

Talking about his duet with Quratulain Balouch, Farhan shared “Last time I was on sets of Coke Studio with Jal, performing as a band but this time I’m doing it alone and it’s a great feeling. We’re doing a popular folk song ‘Latthay Di Chaadar’ and this type of music is something new for me. I’m excited about my performance and hopefully the audiences will appreciate it.” 
Sibling duo Ali Zafar and Danyal Zafar will come together for the song ‘Julie’. Ali Zafar affirms “I’m really proud of Danyal, he’s a talented musician and I think he has a lot more to offer.” Ali Zafar has been closely tied to Coke Studio since Season 1 with his renditions of Chal Dil Meray, Channo and Rangeen. From a powerful collaboration with Tufail Ahmed for the song ‘Allah Hu’ to adorning a sparkly jacket for Season 8’s ‘Rockstar’, Ali Zafar has never failed to entertain. He asserts “It always feels great to be on the sets of Coke Studio. The song ‘Julie’ is a combination of Pushto and western ballad song, and is an inventive mix of the two genres. I enjoyed performing it, and am anticipating positive reactions.” 

Ali Hamza and Nirmal Roy pair up for the song ‘Jindjaani’. Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, Ali Hamza is a veteran Coke Studio artist, appearing both as a featured artist and guest musician in prior seasons. Having previously taken on the role as part of Noori, Ali Hamza makes his solo debut in Coke Studio Season 10 as a music director. He comes into stride by tapping into his personal musical sensibilities and creating a collaborative, innovative environment to brew some fantastic music packed with energy. After her debut performance in Season 9’s multi-lingual ‘Ala Bali’ with Jabar Abbas which put Nirmal Roy on the map, she returns to Coke Studio 10 with her great diction and perfectly pitched harmonies to perform alongside Ali Hamza. 

Coke Studio Season 10 has enchanted audiences with its music featured in the last 3 episodes. The milestone 10th season is already breaking barriers and reaching more audiences than ever before. Music from Coke Studio has become intertwined with Pakistan’s identity and the influence that Coke Studio has had on the local music industry is incomparable.

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