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Of the 150 cities covered in the study by UK-based dry-cleaning and laundry service Zipjet, Dhaka ranks 144.

The study has revealed the world's most and least stressful cities of 2017, based on traffic, public transport, green space, debt per capita, physical and mental health, and sunshine hours per year.

Dhaka falls behind Karachi and New Delhi, both among the most stressful cities.

Baghdad was the worst, followed by Kabul, Lagos, Dakar, Cairo and Tehran.

The survey studied 500 locations based on data tied to 17 categories covering infrastructure, pollution levels, finance and citizens' wellbeing.

Dhaka is the worst city in terms of density and 16 in traffic congestion. In air pollution, it ranks nine.

Besides, the city was the second worst city in physical health and family purchasing power, an indicator of a city's financial health. A high family purchasing power indicates balance between average household salaries and the cost of living.

Four out of the ten least stressful cities are in Germany. The southern city of Stuttgart comes out on top, with Hanover in third, Munich in fifth and Hamburg in joint ninth place with Graz, Austria.

The tiny yet wealthy country of Luxembourg, home to fewer than 600,000 people, has the second-lowest stress levels.

Bern in Switzerland is fourth, while Bordeaux in France and Edinburgh in the UK make it to the sixth and seventh positions respectively.

Sydney in Australia is the only non-European city to break the top ten, while Seattle is the least stressful US city.

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