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UP: Pregnant Dalit woman touches upper cast’s bucket; killed along with unborn child

New Delhi (Web Desk) In an appalling incident, a pregnant woman was punched repeatedly in the stomach, her head was banged against the wall for touching the bucket of an upper cast Thakur. According to sources, the incident occurred on the morning of October 15, when Savitri Devi, a Dalit woman accidentally ‘touched’ a bucket belonging to Anju, an upper caste Thakur while collecting garbage from homes in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr district. 

The wire with reference to Indian Express, has quoted Savitri’s neighbour Kusuma Devi, as saying ‘Anju stormed towards her, punched her repeatedly in the stomach and banged her head on a wall. She kept accusing Savitri of ‘defiling’ her bucket by touching it.” Later, according to Kusuma Devi, Anju’s son Rohit joined his mother in beating Savitri with sticks.

Savitri was rushed to the district hospital by her husband, Dilip Kumar. The hospital gave no treatment to her, saying that there was no external bleeding and she was fine. However Savitri’s condition worsened on October 21, and when Kumar took her to hospital she was declared brought dead.

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