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McDonald’s Pakistan has taken an initiative to introduce the use of renewable energy sources in their business operations in Pakistan. “At McDonald’s we firmly believe that it’s our sole duty to protect and preserve the environment for future generations and incorporate sustainability practices in our businesses, that is why at McDonald’s we always strive to explore the opportunities to use renewable energy sources, said Chief Officer McDonald’s Pakistan while addressing the congregation at McDonald’s Sea View Restaurant Karachi, during the inauguration of Solar system installation at the restaurant.

McDonald’s with the help of Greenewable Solar Company installed the partial Solar system in its restaurant on August 14, 2017. Now the fast food chain is expanding its initiative it started a few months ago.

The Solar systems would help the company to save energy along with making the environment safe and pollution free, we are playing our part to reduce the energy shortfall in the country as well, CO added.

Chairman Greenewable Solar Pvt. Ltd. Also attended the ceremony and said, “We are excited to work with McDonald’s and we will continue to do so in the future.”

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