» » » Over 156,000 students from private schools switch to govt schools: Atif Khan

PESHAWAR: The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government on Monday claimed that they had managed to convince over 156,000 students to switch their private schools for government-run schools in the province.

Minister for Elementary and Secondary Education Atif Khan, in a statement released on Monday, claimed that the migration over the past academic year was proof of the improvement the government has brought in not only the services provided at these schools but also of the improved educational standards on offer in the province.

Noting that corruption remains one of the main issues afflicting the country, the minister said that if the scourge is dealt with, Pakistan has everything in abundance including the availability of natural resources along with hardworking and talented human resource and the weather conditions to develop the country.
“Eradication of corruption is at the top of the agenda for the PTI government in the province,” Atif said, as he ranked improvement of the law and order situation on second.

“Justice for the people at large without any discrimination, improvement in the police force and then concentration on education and health sectors, both of which were in shambles there,” he explained.

Atif said that the police system had brought at par with most modern independent systems practised elsewhere in the world while the health and education sectors, like all other institutions, have been fully and permanently cleared of political interference.

“So much so that over 40,000 people were recruited on merit and not a single of them is even alleged to have been recruited without merit. The same can be said of the health situation,” he said while pointing out that 32 highly qualified specialists and surgeons returned to the Lady Reading Hospital after completing courses abroad.

The minister also said that the party faced immense resistance in its efforts to eradicate corruption and political interference in the province, but PTI withstood the pressure and remained steadfast in their commitments – a move appreciated by the public as they see the results of that move.

Talking about the party’s oft-repeated stance about the country’s growing debt burden, Atif said that giving up the begging bowl was a pre-condition for development.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 17th, 2017.

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