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Islamabad: Representatives of Pakistan Dairy Association (PDA) met with Senate Standing Committee on Science & Technology on Monday and gave presentation to clear misconceptions associated with tea whiteners. 

PDA members explained that tea or coffee whiteners are established category across several advance countries for years and comply with international food laws. In Pakistan Tea whitener’s category is also compliant with Pakistan Standards laid down by (PSQCA) Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority.

Director General and Chairman National Standards Committee of PSQCA also presented the Pakistan standards which are in harmony with international standards and are based on scientific evidence. They reiterated that tea whiteners are actually a healthy option which best serves the market need. 

Senior technical experts namely Prof. Dr. Javaid Aziz Awan Ex-Chairman Dept. of Food Technology and Prof. Dr. Tahir Zahoor Director General National Institute of Food Science & Technology representing Pakistan Society of Food Scientist and Technologists were invited by Senate Standing Committee to give their independent technical and scientific view on the standards and safety of tea whiteners.

Both the scholars reiterated the fact that tea whiteners are specialized products meant for tea creaming and having milk solid and vegetable fats. They also explained the forum that Vegetable fats is a healthy option as it contains no cholesterol and it adds stability to end product.

Standing Committee members said 
“We have had detailed presentation on tea whiteners by PDA members. We are well satisfied and also now we have much improved understanding over the recipe and composition of tea whiteners along with scientific evidence and other international standards. Undoubtedly Tea whiteners are suitable alternative for tea creaming and it’s also a healthy choice. ”

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