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Islamabad: Zong 4G, Pakistan’s No.1 4G network has maintained its edge as the data carrier of choice in the country through its unbeatable postpaid packages. Offering the most competitive call and data rates in the country, the company is offering on average 50% more data than its closest competitor on the largest and most sophisticated 4G network in the country. 

While the company’s supremacy in data is already well established, the decision to offer some of the most competitive call rates on its postpaid packages also speaks volumes of the company’s focus on customer centricity. All postpaid packages have been designed based on extensive customer feedback taking into account network quality, competiveness and 4G coverage all leading to the company setting the industry standard for wireless connectivity. 

Keeping in line with the company’s commitment of creating a complete 4G ecosystem, Zong 4G’s promise of unleashing ‘A New Dream’ and digitally revolutionizing every-day life in Pakistan serves as the underlying impetus behind its position as the No.1 4G network in the country. - END 

For more details on Zong 4G’s unbeatable postpaid packages, log on to:  Zong

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