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Islamabad: Zong 4G Pakistan’s No .1 4G Network, has achieved yet another milestone in the telecom industry according to the latest PTA figures. Staying true to its focus on customer centricity, Zong 4G is leading the telecom industry with a 99.3% success rate in customer resolutions for the month of August 2017. 

This success rate measures the percentage of customer complaints that were resolved, out of the total number of complaints for a given period. It represents a broad picture of the importance given to customer care services, taking into account customer satisfaction, turnaround times and overall ease of accessibility. 

Considering how this aspect of the industry has been under-represented in the past, the inclusion of such indicators in the PTA’s monthly report bodes well for the industry. Customers form the core of Zong 4G’s business model and take center stage throughout the company’s decision making process. 

Zong 4G remains committed to this approach and looks forward to translating this into added value for the industry as a whole. By hosting more than 75% of Pakistan’s 4G subscriber base, the company aims to leverage its leadership through its state of the art network and unrivaled approach to customer centricity throughout the country. 

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