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The meeting of the Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) was held on Thursday presided over by Chairman Dr Shahzad Khan Bangash, Additional Chief Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Thursday. The meeting was attended by Shahab Ali Shah Secretary P&D Department, its members and respective administrative Secretaries.

The forum identified 41 projects pertaining to different sectors including law & justice, relief & rehabilitation, energy & power, elementary & secondary education, higher education, sports, agriculture, forestry, road & bridge, building, urban development sectors for the uplift of the province. The forum approved 29 projects with an estimated cost of Rs 28.094 billion, while 12 projects were deferred due to inadequate design.

More over the forum considered 15 Nos. Concept Clearance pertaining to different sectors including Energy & Power, Road & Bridge, Water, Health and Education. The forum approved 13 Concept clearances with an estimated cost of Rs 363390.931 million while 2 No were differed.

Approved projects of Law & Justice sector were "Construction of Peshawar High Court, Bannu Bench", "Construction of Peshawar High Court Abbottabad Bench -ERRA Funded (GoKP Share)"," Construction of Bachelor Hostel Judicial Officers in 08 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (PC-II approved)".

Approved projects of Relief & Rehabilitation Sector were "Revamping of PEOC & MIS Section and Development of MIS for PDMA", "Construction of Warehouses in District Kohistan, Chitral and Dir Upper",

Approved projects of Energy & Power Sector were "Access to Energy - Construction of MHP on Rivers and Tributeries", Access to Energy - Construction of MHP on Canals" Access to Energy - Solarization of Schools and BHUs" & "Petroleum institute of Technical in Karak (PSDP project)"

Approved projects of Elementary & Secondary Education Sector were "Schools Improvement Program in two districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Phase-II", "Provision of Stipends to Secondary Schools Girls students of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa", "Provision of free Text books to all students up to Intermediate level", "Establishment of Hangu Model School" & GGHSS Shingara".

Approved projects of Higher Education sector were "Provision of furniture/library books and development of computer labs for BS Commerce programe" & "Construction of Building for 2nd Commerce College at Nowshera" Approved Project of Sports Sector was "Promotion / Holding of competitions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa"

Approved projects of Food Sector were "Construction of Food Grain Godowns of 2000 Ton Capacity in District Kohistan", "Construction of Food Grain Godowns of 3000 Ton Capacity in District Bannu", "Construction of Food Grain Godowns of 2000 Ton Capacity in District Torghar" & "Construction of Food Grain Godowns of 250 x 16= 4000 Ton Capacity in District Chitral"

Approved Projects of Forestry, Environment & Wildlife Sector was "Conservation, Development and Management of Wildlife in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Under Green Pakistan.

Approved Projects of Road & Bridges Sector were, "Constrn/rehabn of Oghi to Ahl, Malkan Bridge KalBan-ShakoraGali & LalWali, Shahkot Chulandrain&Jishkot, Chattar-Raitra, Khabal NambalGali-Bangla, Khabal near HQ Malaik Fazal, Patarian-Patarian Mor-Kangan Shairf, Chappra Bala & Payan Jacha Rd Chajri,Mansehra.", "Const./Rehab. Of Roads in Village Kotar Pam Village Bara Banda UC Bara Banda, G T Road to Fazal Gange and Hassan Abad Risalpur GT Road to Mohallah Hassan Abad Rashakai, Kandar, Risalpur to Ghala Dher, UC Zara Miana, UC Pir Sabak,UC Mughalky, Nowshera" & "Construction of Roads from Phalra to Tamad Serian & Sehra Gali to Darband (5 Km),District Mansehra"

Approved projects of Buildings Sector was "Construction of Hanger for MI-17 at Peshawar Airport". Approved projects of Urban Development Sector were "Improvement/Construction of Asphalt Road from Bab-e-Gomal to Sheikh Yousaf Chowk D.I Khan", "Installation of Solar Street Lights at four Bazars and other different locations in district D.I.Khan", "Construction of Tourist sites at River Indus bank, parking area and walking track from Masjid at Mosmiyat road to Eye Hospital towards Kachi Paind Khan D.I Khan" , "Construction of food street at river Indus Bank D.I Khan" "Design and construction of interchanges on Peshawar Ring Road.Sub Head: Construction of Pir Zakori Flyover Level-II) Ring Road-G T Road intersection) Peshawar" & "Beautification and uplift of Municipal Areas on GT Road from Pabbi to Jhangira"

Concept clearance:
Approved Projects of Energy & Power Sector were "Construction of 225km long 500KV (HVAC) Transmission Line along with two grid stations of 500 KV", "Construction of 409MW Torcamp-Godubar HPP, Chitral" & "Construction of 446MW Kari-Mus Khur HPP, Chitral".

Approved projects of Road & Bridges Sector were "F/S Design and Construction & Supervision of Bypass road from Auib Bridge Havelian (N-35) to Dharmtour at Abbottabad" & "F/S Design and Construction of Makhnial road from Changla to Islamabad, Dualization of Tajazai-Lakki-Section of Provincial High way S-11(40 KM), Improvement and Rehabilitation of road from Karapa to Shakardara (35-KM) District Kohat., Construction of Southern link road (Circular Road), Bannu.

Approved Projects of Water Sector were "Construction of 17 No. small dams in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa" & "Rehabilitation and improvement of canal patrol roads in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa".

Approved projects of Health Sector was "Standardization of all DHQs/THQs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa" Approved Projects of Elementary & Secondary Sector were "Standardization of 200 Higher Secondary schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa" & "Establishment of IT Lab in Government High Schools of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa"

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