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ISLAMABAD: Safe blood supply is a challenge worldwide which makes blood donation the most precious of all donations.  Unfortunately, Pakistan also appallingly suffers from a lack of blood donors. In lieu of this despondent situation, PTCL conducted a nationwide Blood Donation Drive under its “Razakaar Programme” bringing together 9,726 generous donors from across the country providing thousands of deserving people a chance at survival. Hosting the largest blood donation campaign of the year PTCL set up 100 camps across the country, extending from Khyber to Mehran, encouraging its employees, their families and community partners to lend an arm.

The drive kicked off with an ambitious target of 5,000 pints of blood. PTCL partnered with the best blood collection agencies like AFIT, Thalassemia Center and Pakistan Red Crescent Society among some other trusted sources. The astounding jump to 9,726 pints attributes to the volunteers encouraged via a series of outreach programs i.e. social media campaigns, awareness sessions, video messages and roadshows conducted across the country, defying common myths about blood donation and encouraging many first time donors.

PTCL Chief Human Resources Officer Syed Mazhar Hussain said on the occasion, “Each pint of blood we have collected is going to save up to three lives and touch the lives of so many more connected to them. This milestone record was only made possible through the combined efforts of everybody involved. The key objective of this campaign is to create awareness and spirit of volunteerism in the society”.

PTCL CSR Nazimabad Naimat Ullah Khan said on the occasion “I have lost three siblings who died fighting a battle with blood cancer. I understand the value of this life-saving commodity. I hope my donation allows somebody to be alive and healthy and a family to be complete”.

The gracious commitment from PTCL employees has laid the foundation of a lifesaving legacy, as the company has decided to make this drive an annual thing. Their contribution has ensured a sustainable supply of blood to many deserving souls.

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