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ISLAMABAD: Under the leadership of the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the country has been put on the path of sustained economic development and prosperity during the last four and a half years, by surmounting the challenges like terrorism and energy crisis. 

Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb stated this while addressing the 10th Corporate Social Responsibility Summit, held here Thursday under the auspices of National Forum for Environment and Health. 

She said that during the last 30 to 35 years the armed forces of Pakistan, law enforcing agencies, police and people had rendered unparalleled sacrifices in the war against terrorism. 

The minister said that the corporate sector had made a sterling contribution in the social domain and it should also invest in films and sports to refurbish the positive image of the country. 

She said that the government was taking all possible measures to facilitate the corporate sector and it should give implementable suggestions to the government and the parliament for ‘targeted social responsibility.’ 

Marriyum said that the government was very much interested in supporting and extending cooperation to the corporate entities and individuals who were engaged in socio-economic development of the deprived sections of the society. 

The minister said that the government and all state institutions would continue to assist and facilitate the business and industrial concerns which were promoting the projects pertaining to socio-economic development. She said that the government was working with utmost sincerity and commitment for development of the country and prosperity of the masses for which it had taken a number of concrete steps. 

The minister said that during the last four and a half years the government had created myriad of job opportunities in all national spheres with special focus on small enterprises. 

She said that the government had given comprehensive packages for every sector including agriculture, health and education. The minister said that due to the steps and strategies unfurled by the government in consonance with the vision of the former prime minister the scourge of terrorism had been subdued to a great extent. 

She said that the law and order situation in the country had returned to normal which was amply testified by the visit of international sportsmen, holding of international conferences and the arrival of different delegations in Pakistan. 

She said that the government had not only resurrected the identity of the country which had been badly obscured due to international terrorism but was also working dedicatedly in the domain of films, music, culture and literature to further improve it. 

The minister observed that in the ‘60s the Pakistani film industry was ranked among the best film industries of the world, but along with the corporate sector it was also badly affected by the rise of terrorism. 

She remarked that due to efforts of the government the positive image of the country was re-emerging at the global level. She said that the corporate sector must also focus on improving technical skills of the youth adding that the government and the private sector could collaborate in imparting technical education to them. 

In the end Marriyum Aurangzeb along with the Minister of State for Petroleum Jam Kamal also distributed awards among 52 companies and social organizations.  APP 

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