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Islamabad: Ufone remains true to its promise of It’s all about U,  by focusing on the needs of its customers and empowering them with the most convenient communication tools and services enabling them to remain connected, at a price that suits them the most. 

Ufone’s new incredible offer validates this claim as Ufone consumers can now call on all Etisalat Afghanistan numbers for as low as Rs. 0.11 + tax/second. This is by far the most cost-effective rate offered by any telecom service provider in Pakistan for International Direct Dialing calls to Afghanistan. The new offer is applicable exclusively for Ufone’s sister affiliate network in Afghanistan (Etisalat). 

 Available by-default to the entire Ufone family, with no subscription and no daily charges, this offer is a limited time offer valid from January 9th 2018.

Ufone is also the only network in Pakistan to offer ‘Per Second’ charging for International Direct Dialing calls to Afghanistan. This deal combines convenience and affordability providing Ufone customers with a product that connects them to loved ones in Afghanistan.

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