» » » Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited commissions Catalytic Reformer at ORC-2

  • Byco’s reformer will increase motor gasoline production five-fold from 300 tons to 1,500 tons/day
  • Byco’s upgrade underscores the firm’s commitment towards innovation

Karachi: Pakistan’s leading energy company, Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited, has commissioned a catalytic reformer at its larger oil refinery, ORC-2. The reformer has successfully commenced its operations. This will enable the Company to convert 24,000 barrels per day of Heavy Naphtha into Motor-Gasoline, as per rated capacity. At the combined current level of crude processing at both of Byco’s Oil Refining Complexes (ORC I & II), i.e. 75,000 barrels per day, the cumulative motor gasoline production has increased 5 –fold from 300 tons to 1,500 tons per day. 

Mr. Mansoor Shafique Qureshi, Vice President of Operations at Byco remarked at the Inauguration Ceremony held at Byco’s premises, “Byco has invested much time, effort and resources to the commissioning of the catalytic reformer, which will give us the additional strategic advantage of producing significantly more high quality motor gasoline. Byco believes in continuous improvement of its capabilities and our customers will appreciate our commitment to bringing them the best quality products.” Byco has many additional upgrades and investments planned and these will be unveiled as they are rolled out. It already is Pakistan’s largest oil refining firm with a design production capacity of 155,000 barrels per day between its two oil refineries.

Byco’s commitment to investing in innovation is also reflected in its Single Point Mooring which is the first of its kind in the country and still Pakistan’s only floating liquid port which is a national asset: Byco’s SPM has improved the efficiency of fuel delivery for the nation. Due to its strategic position of being in the deep sea, the SPM allows much larger vessels to offload crude oil and refined petroleum products directly without any of the delays and associated demurrage charges. Additionally the SPM can also be used to export both crude oil and refined petroleum products. This affords great economies of scale to Pakistan’s economy, by avoiding the significant bottlenecks at the country’s other conventional ports.

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