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PepsiCo and the MCR Group celebrating their 25 years partnership. Senior leadership from both the entities was present at the event, where a 5 year extension in the partnership was also announced. MCR Group is the master franchise operator for Pizza Hut, Burger King and TGIF restaurants in Pakistan.

“I congratulate the PepsiCo Pakistan family and the MCR Group on this landmark occasion”, said PepsiCoCEO for the Asia, Middle East and North Africa sector, Mr. Mike Spanos.

While commenting on the extended partnership, Furqan Ahmed Syed, VP and GM for PepsiCo Pakistan said that this silver jubilee is a celebration of the achievements made thus far, and presents us with tremendous opportunities for the future also.

“We are pleased to extend our long association with PepsiCo. We, and our customers,greatly enjoyed this partnership”, said Mr. Aqueel Hassan, Chairman and CEO, MCR Group.

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