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Rice exporters’ body says Indian companies fraudulently using Pakistani brands

Indian origin companies are trying to export Pakistani rice to Indonesia with their label. Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) has expressed serious concern on export of Pakistani rice with Indian label/address and accordingly informed the ministry of commerce for appropriate action.

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REAP has also asked its members to be aware of such companies and refrain to such unlawful activities. Recently, Indonesian state owned body-BULOG, issued a rice procurement tender and awarded to companies of different origins including India. As the successful bidder are required to ensure supply in 30-day, some Indian companies have approached Pakistani exporters for procurement of Irri-6 for timely dispatch of consignment to Indonesia.

In term of quality and price, Pakistan Irri-6 is much better than India's, therefore they are trying to procure Pakistani rice, exporters said. "It has come to the knowledge of REAP that some Indian origin companies are trying to procure rice from Pakistani companies with the condition that they (Pakistani Company) will not print any mark of product of Pakistan on rice bags," said Rafique suleman Senior Vice Chairman REAP.

Rice procured from Pakistan by Indian companies will be exported to BULOG Indonesia with Indian label and address, which is extremely against the law and REAP strongly condemn such act, he added.

In this regard, he informed that, REAP has sent letters to Dr Miftah Ismail, Federal Adviser on Finance, Revenue and Economic Affairs, officials of Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of National Food Security & Research, Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Secretary Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), Chief Collector Custom (Enforcement), Collector Custom Exports and others so that preventive measures may be taken rightly.

Presently, Pakistani rice export trade has come out of the crisis and REAP members are struggling and working day and night for the betterment of rice export trade. At this stage export of Pakistani rice with Indian label may hurt Pakistani rice exports, Rafique said.

This is not only illegal but also not in the interest of our country Pakistan and must not be tolerated by Pakistani authorities, he said. "We have also asked Ministry of Commerce about the legal status for use of Indian Label on Pakistani Rice Bags and they have confirmed that it is 100 percent against the law and strict action may be taken against those who will do the same," Senior Vice Chairman REAP informed.

Rafique said that REAP is making all out efforts for the promotion of rice export to achieve $2 billion export target by the end of this fiscal year. REAP has initiated several foreign tours to explore new markets for Pakistani rice. In this regard, a high profile REAP trade delegation will be visiting Mauritius from 18th March 2018, which is a very potential market for Basmati rice.

During the visit, on Pakistan Day (23rd March 2018) with the support of Pakistan High Commission, REAP will organize Biryani Festival, in which various dishes made by Pakistani rice will be presented. A large number of dignitaries, Top government Officials as well as leading rice buyers will be invited in this event, he informed.

"We hope that the Biryani Festival will play a vital role to capture the rice market in Mauritius, as currently we are facing tough competition in this market," he added. Exporters have urged the ministry of commerce and other government officials to take action against this illegal act so that Pakistan's rice export can be protected.

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