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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s Speech Full Text - Which He Addressed to EU’s Political and Security Committee

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s Speech Full Text - Which He Addressed to EU’s Political and Security Committee

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s Speech Full Text - Which He Addressed to EU’s Political and Security Committee

Following is the full text of  Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s address to the Political and Security Committee of the European Union (EU) in Brussels on June 25, 2019; 

Madam Chairperson,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is indeed a great pleasure for me to be here at this important forum and share Pakistan’s perspective on Regional Security.

Since this Committee has a significant role in shaping the Union’s Foreign, Security and Defense strategies, I hope that today’s interaction will enable you to further understand the political and security dynamics of the South Asian Region. I will be happy to respond to any questions that you may have after the conclusion of my remarks.

But before I formally begin my discourse on the topic, let me state that Pakistan highly values its relationship with the European Union and its member states.

The EU is a traditional ally and a major economic partner for Pakistan. Our cooperation is based on shared values of democracy, pluralism, mutual understanding and respect. We are satisfied that our relationship is moving steadily in a positive direction, in all spheres of cooperation.

As you all are well aware, this day marks an important event in Pakistan-EU relations, as High Representative Federica Mogherini and I would be signing the Strategic Engagement Plan. The SEP will usher in a qualitatively new phase in our relationship, and further deepen this partnership through an all-encompassing framework of cooperation.

Collaboration in the sphere of peace and security, through a structured Security Dialogue, is an essential pillar of this plan. Although discussions in this area are not new, the envisaged new format, which will be built upon our previous engagements, would help the two sides engage in a more comprehensive manner.

Our two sides also maintain high level military-to-military contacts. Pakistan-EU Staff Talks provide the framework for this engagement; and enable both sides to understand respective threat perceptions, challenges and regional security dimensions. The Third Round of these talks has commenced here in Brussels this morning.Full Text of Pakistan’s FM Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s address to EU’s Political and Security Committee

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The world is witnessing seismic shifts. Multilateralism, rules-based international cooperation and respect for international law, is under threat. Yesterday’s entrenched norms are today’s tenuous truths.

The geo-political fault-lines are not only reviving but are getting deeper; strategic stability is threatened in almost all regions; mutual trust and respect among states is eroding; existing conflicts are getting complex and new disputes are emerging; threats from terrorism are ever evolving; challenges emanating from hybrid and cyber threats are reshaping the security paradigm across the world.

The international political and security approaches cannot be divorced from the economic and financial underpinnings. Rather, I would say that geo-economic factors and interests are actually shaping the geo-political and strategic interests in today’s world. Protectionist impulses are growing stronger, undermining the global rules-based trading system.

Within societies, the dynamics are rapidly changing as well. Intolerance and extremism are on the rise; nationalists and right-wing forces are gaining strength; xenophobia and Islamophobia are reinforcing the misplaced notion of clash of civilizations.

All these trends constitute an imminent threat to peace and stability, within and across regions.

Ladies and Gentlemen,   

This brings me to the security situation in South Asian Region, which remains under acute stress due to the region’s peculiar geo-strategic environment. The challenges of poverty, illiteracy and underdevelopment further compound the predicament.

Pakistan is perhaps the only country in the world that has successfully turned the tide in the fight against terrorism, albeit at great human and material cost.

The Pakistani nation is determined to eliminate the scourge of terrorism and extremism. Operations Zarb-e-Azb and Radd-ul-Fasad have achieved remarkable success. Through implementation of the National Action Plan, peace and security has largely returned to our cities and towns.

The recent boom in tourism, both domestic and international, is a testimony of our success. So is the recent reclassification by the UN of Islamabad as a family station.

Under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan is well poised to assume an even greater role as a responsible and responsive member of the international community.

Pakistan believes in the policy of peace, restraint and peaceful coexistence. Hence, our regional perspective is guided by the principles of the Father of the Nation, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who said, “Our foreign policy is one of friendliness and goodwill towards all the nations of the world.”

The offer of engagement and initiatives for peace with India, our readiness to discuss all matters, including terrorism and Kashmir, and operationalization of the Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS), are manifestations of our foreign policy vision put into practice.

The recent opening of the Kartarpur corridor by our government is yet another milestone in our quest for a peaceful and connected neighborhood.

Pakistan remains firmly committed to improving its relations with all neighbours, including India, on the basis of mutual respect, sovereign equality and mutual benefit.

India has frequently leveled terrorism-related allegations against Pakistan. We have said that Pakistan has no issues in discussing “terrorism” with India, as we have our own serious concerns on the terrorism issue vis-à-vis India.

We have in our custody a serving Indian Naval officer, Commander Kalbhushan Yadav, who has provided the most incriminating evidence by accepting that he, at the instructions of his government, financed, planned and executed acts of terrorism and violence in Pakistan.

In addition, strategic stability in South Asia is threatened by the growing conventional asymmetry between Pakistan and India; pursuit of discriminatory approaches by certain states to supply advanced military hardware and sensitive technologies to India; and adoption of offensive force postures and doctrines by India, which imagine conflict beneath a nuclear threshold. Under these destabilizing circumstances, Pakistan has no option but to maintain a minimum credible deterrence, while aspiring for a Strategic Restraint Regime in South Asia.

Furthermore, the concept of India serving as a “Net Security Provider,” “Economic Anchor” or “counter weight to China” seek to offset the strategic balance in South Asia, undermining regional stability. At the same time, enhanced strategic space for India in Afghanistan seriously impacts Pakistan’s security.

The Jammu and Kashmir dispute remains the single biggest obstacle towards building durable peace and stability in South Asia.

Pakistan has been extending its diplomatic, political and moral support to the people of the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, who want to exercise their right to self-determination, guaranteed by the UN Charter and various Security Council Resolutions. India, however, has been suppressing their genuine and indigenous struggle by terming it as “terrorism”, and through brutal use of force, resulting in gross human rights violations.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, in his report in June 2018, comprehensively documented the gross and systematic violations of human rights by the Indian security forces in the occupied territory. The report, termed as the voice of the UN by the UN Secretary General, calls for the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry under UN auspices to investigate and apportion responsibility.

The Pulwama incident of 14 February 2019 involved a local Kashmiri youth, abused repeatedly at the hands of Indian occupation forces, and maltreated and disillusioned by the incessant highhanded repression.

Pakistan condemned the incident and offered full cooperation if actionable intelligence was made available; but India chose to ratchet up war hysteria, ostensibly under domestic political compulsions.

The violation of our airspace, and subsequent bombing of sovereign Pakistani territory on 26 February, was a blatant violation of UN Charter, norms of inter-state conduct and international law.

In the face of this unacceptable aggression, Pakistan reacted with reason, restraint and resolve.

The world community, once again, acknowledged and applauded Pakistan’s conduct during this crisis. We are grateful to the international community for its positive role in averting a possibly catastrophic situation.

Any confrontation between two nuclear armed states is not only unthinkable, it is simply suicidal. We hope there will be greater wisdom and sagacity in handling these matters. In our considered view, there is no alternative to sustained engagement, structured dialogue, and peaceful resolution of outstanding disputes, including Jammu & Kashmir.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Afghanistan has long suffered at the hands of global power contestations and strategic miscalculations.

After decades of conflict, peace in Afghanistan still remains elusive. The resistance forces still retain the capability to influence the politico-strategic landscape in the country. According to independent reports, the areas under Taliban control or influence have grown further, to almost 70 percent. Da’esh and TTP, with trans-national agendas, are increasingly exploiting security vacuum in north and north-eastern Afghanistan. Civilian and military casualties are mounting. The situation is further aggravated by acute ethnic polarization, fragmented political landscape, limited leadership capacity, corruption, misuse of authority, war economy and ballooning of revenues from narcotics drugs.

Instability in Afghanistan directly impinges upon Pakistan’s security and stability.

For the last 19 years, Pakistan has been providing multi-faceted support to international efforts in Afghanistan. We continue to provide secure Ground and Air Lines of Communication for the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

We have been hosting millions of Afghan Refugees for four decades now. It is the longest protracted refugee presence of modern times. On our part, besides several development projects, we have imparted education to some 50,000 Afghans in our universities and professional colleges.

Our challenge could be well understood in view of the influx of migrants and the rising tide of anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe, which is far more resourceful and had to face the problem for a much shorter timescale.

We look forward to an early and dignified return of Afghan refugees to their homeland. This would also address the issues of “cross border movement” of criminals and other undesirable elements.

We are developing a comprehensive border management system along our western border. The capacity and strength of our Civil Armed Forces deployed, along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, is also being significantly enhanced. The government has already started converting the tribal areas on the border into regular districts, to improve governance and increase participation of the local communities in nation-building activities.

With a view to strengthening our bilateral cooperation, we have also jointly operationalized the Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS). Its progress was recently reviewed by both countries in Islamabad.

Pakistan seeks a closure to the Afghan conflict through a negotiated settlement. We have long maintained that there is “no military solution” in Afghanistan. We remain committed to an “Afghan-owned and Afghan-led” peace process in Afghanistan.

We are extending full support to the peace efforts in Afghanistan. Pakistan, through its limited role and influence, facilitated direct talks between the US and the Taliban through “authoritative representatives.” We also released Mullah Baradar and other Taliban prisoners to provide impetus to this process.

Pakistan has also intensified diplomatic efforts at all levels to bring synergy to the peace process and overcome deadlocks. Besides regular engagement with our US and Afghan counterparts, I have been meeting with the Foreign Ministers of Russia, China and Iran to advance the peace process. I had a detailed and meaningful discussion with High Representative Federica Mogherini during her visit to Islamabad in March.

In our view, there are four key considerations that must not be overlooked while working out a roadmap for the future of Afghanistan:

First, the Afghan conflict is a complex interplay of ethnic and tribal rivalries, war-lords, resistance forces and political factions. All indigenous actors must be brought on-board for a sustained peace process. An inclusive and mutually acceptable power sharing formula would pave the way for the formation of a national coalition government.

Second, apart from international ownership of the peace process, wider regional consensus is also needed. Role of Afghanistan’s neighbours is important in the ongoing peace process. Regional processes, QCG, SCO-Contact Group, Kabul Process, Moscow Format, and the recently initiated Lahore process, are all important to complement peace efforts. Wider acceptability of talks at international, regional and domestic levels, through identification of common grounds, is needed.

Third, without sponsoring any favourites, adopting an apolitical approach to grant maximum participation and representation to the native demographic and ethnic mix of Afghans, in the upcoming political dispensation, is a requirement. We must never lose sight of the history of Afghanistan.

Fourth, given the unfortunate record of previous peace efforts, there is a need to be vigilant about detractors, who would try to undermine the peace efforts. Certain geographically non-contiguous countries have no role, other than of being a spoiler, in the Afghan political settlement.

Pakistan is fully committed to a peaceful and stable Afghanistan that denies space to any terrorist networks; including Al-Qaeda, TTP and Da’esh. As a shared responsibility, Pakistan remains ready along with other stakeholders to do whatever is possible to facilitate the peace process. However, it must be understood that there is a shared responsibility of all concerned.

We recognize EU’s clear and consistent efforts as well as stakes in the Afghan peace process. Its contributions have been significant and multifaceted.  In this regard, we welcomed the 5-point offer of assistance made by High Representative Mogherini at the November 2018 Ministerial Conference in Geneva. We hope to maintain close cooperation with the EU in advancing our shared ideals of peace in the region.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Pakistan has been pursuing a comprehensive approach to tackle terrorism. The National Action Plan provides the overarching framework in this regard. All elements of national power have been deployed to eliminate this scourge. With the deployment of over 200,000 troops, Pakistan has conducted the largest and most effective counter terrorism campaign in the world.

Our law enforcement agencies and armed forces have demonstrated extreme courage, resolve and professionalism in reversing the tide of terrorism in the country.

With the return of stability in the country, we are now consolidating the hard-earned gains. However, the principal threat from terrorism that Pakistan continues to face is primarily financed, facilitated and orchestrated from abroad.

Pakistan firmly believes in cooperative and partnership-based approaches in countering terrorism. We, therefore, value our cooperation and engagement with the EU in this regard. We envisage that this collaboration will further enhance under the new Security Dialogue established by the Strategic Engagement Plan, replacing the existing annual Counter Terrorism and Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Dialogues.

We also appreciate EU’s counter-terrorism capacity-building support to Pakistan. At our end, we stand ready to share our counter-terrorism experience and expertise, which our law enforcement and armed forces have gained with the EU member states, to collectively defeat the menace of terrorism.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lastly, the situation between the US and Iran is becoming a matter of serious concern for regional and global peace and security.

The developments, including the unilateral withdrawal from JCPOA by the US; re-imposition of US economic sanctions on Iran; announcement by Iran that it has removed cap on production of highly-enriched uranium and heavy water; attacks on ships and the deployment of US aircraft carrier group in the Persian Gulf; are all adding to the risks and threats to peace and stability.  

Any instability in Iran is potentially detrimental to Pakistan’s security given the multiple challenges it can pose, including influx of refugees and presence of extra regional forces in our neighborhood. The conflict will be highly detrimental to the Afghan peace process as well.

Pakistan believes that JCPOA is a significant achievement and must be preserved, especially when IAEA had repeatedly verified that Iran was strictly adhering to the terms of agreement. We recognize and welcome the EU’s efforts aimed at preservation of the agreement and ensuring the implementation of agreed commitments.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In conclusion, I would reiterate that Pakistan believes that a new consensus on peace, security and development, can and should be developed. A new paradigm for universal peace and prosperity is both desirable and achievable. Pakistan will be a willing and able partner of the international community in this worthwhile pursuit.

            I thank you.

Plastic to Feul - Hyderabad's Engineer produces ‘fuel’ from ‘plastic’, sells at Rs. 40 per liter

Plastic to Feul - Hyderabad's Engineer produces ‘fuel’ from ‘plastic’, sells at Rs. 40 per liter

Plastic to Feul - Hyderabad's Engineer produces ‘fuel’ from ‘plastic’, sells at Rs. 40 per liter

Hyderabad: An Engineer developed a technology which not only saves the environment from getting polluted but also converts ‘end-life’ plastic into fuel. 

According to the report published in New 18, a 45-year-old mechanical engineer by name Satish Kumar has developed this novel idea. He has also registered his company with the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

Giving the details of the process, he said that it converts plastic into fuel in three steps. The process is known as plastic pyrolysis. 

Talking to the media person, Mr. Kumar said that the process neither needs water nor pollutes the air. Mr. Kumar further said that he is ready to share the technology is any entrepreneur is interested in it.

Daily, the company produces 200 liters of petrol from 200 kg of plastic. It sells petrol to local industries at the cost of Rs. 40/50 per liter. 

It may be noted that the fuel is yet to be tested in order to find out whether it can be used in vehicles or not.

Realme Unveiled the World’s First 64MP Sample Photo, Raising the Quality of Image to a New High

Realme Unveiled the World’s First 64MP Sample Photo, Raising the Quality of Image to a New High

Realme Unveiled the World’s First 64MP Sample Photo, Raising the Quality of Image to a New High

Lahore: Realme, an emerging smartphone brand, today unveiled the world’s first 64MP sample photo taken With Cell Phones, and officially announced its plan to launch a flagship 64MP smartphone featuring unprecedented quad-camera in the H2 of this year, empowering its users to explore more possibilities in smartphone imaging. This move fully shows great endeavor has been made by realme to fulfill its commitment to bringing the Dare-to-Leap experience to consumers all over the world.

- 64MP sample photo taken With Cell Phones

With larger size and higher resolution, realme to raise image quality to a new level The 64MP sensor, which realme is going to use in its first flagship product, is also known as ISOCELL Bright GW1 that was recently revealed by Samsung. It is among the leading sensors of the highest resolution customized for high-end smartphones.

With Samsung’s optimized ISOCELL Plus technology, GW1 significantly improves the color fidelity along with an enhancement in light sensitivity. The technology also enables image sensors to equip 0.8μm and smaller-sized pixels without any loss in performance, making it an optimal solution for developing super-resolution photography. GW1 also comes with the industry-leading size of 1/1.72-inch, making it of more powerful light sensitivity compared to 1/2-inch.

With pixel-merging Tetracell technology and remosaic algorithm, GW1 produces brighter 16Mp images in low-light environments and highly-detailed 64Mp shots in brighter settings. 

- GW1 sensor

64MP and quad-camera allow for more possibilities

As photo and video shooting becomes part of our daily life, people have increasingly diversified and high needs for it. The commercial use of 64MP and quad-camera will enable more possibilities and convenience in daily shooting and re-creation. The addition of quad-camera and AI imaging are expected to satisfy users in a broad variety of scenes, freeing them to shoot as they like and allowing more advanced imaging experience.

Today photography has become the key factor for the consumers’ purchase decision. Taking users first, realme is committed to developing the storytelling capabilities of its product with Dare-to-Leap imaging experience. And the ever first 64MP sample photo taken With Cell Phones highly shows realme’s resolution and determination in technology development and innovation. Also realme will bring more surprise to the consumers in H2 2019.

Since its entry in to the Pakistani market less than 6 months ago, realme powered by Oppo, has already launched 5 products across different price segments from premium flagships to trendy mid-rangers, all designed particularly for the youth. realme is proving it has planned an even steeper growth trajectory than its parent company through a targeted focus on the youth. Pakistani realme fans have been given a taste of fast paced innovation by the brand through various features like the new technology of a superior VOOC charger in 3pro or an extremely powerful processor that plays freefire in its price range for the first time beating every other competitor. They have continuously taken a leap forward in both design and performance but the golden egg is still keeping the price affordable for the youth. The brand has a youthful identity not only in its devices but also in its business and sales tactics. Realme accomplished tremendous growth records by creating flash sales and primarily selling products online. This is also in tune with its snappy young customers who get a stylish and fast partner that suits their style in realme. Daraz has seen new sale records with each price drop with the entire stock being sold out in minutes or even seconds at instances.

Attack on live TV Show -  President PFUJ GM Jamali condemns attack on Imtiaz Faran

Attack on live TV Show - President PFUJ GM Jamali condemns attack on Imtiaz Faran

Attack on live TV Show -  President PFUJ GM Jamali condemns attack on Imtiaz Faran

KARACHI: President Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) G M Jamali has strongly condemned the attack and torture on President Karachi Press Club (KPC) Imtiaz Faran by a PTI leader.

GM Jamali noted that after harassing and threatening journalists the ruling party (PTI) had now resorted to attack and torture the Media Workers. Reminding that journalists worked under pressure and risked their lives to keep the public informed he praised the way Media Workers united to figure a strategy out in order to protest against the incident. He said that if the journalists come together in such a way most of their problems would be solved.

Hailing the decision to bar PTI leaders from entering all the Press Clubs of Pakistan for three days, he felicitated President KPC Imtiaz, Secretary General KPC Arman Sabir, President Lahore Press Club Arshad Ansari, President Islamabad Press Club Shakil Qarar and Secretary General PFUJ Rana Mohammad Azeem along with all the UJs in Pakistan for the resolve.

GM Jamali warned that if the ruling party failed to shun this kind of approach against journalists’ fraternity, stern action would be taken against it. He stated that journalists’ fraternity had always played its due role to strengthen the democratic institutions and would continue to do so.

President PFUJ GM Jamali stated that the International Federation of Journalists had also been informed about the attack and torture by PTI leader on KPC President Imtiaz Faran and it is expected that, like all over Pakistan, globally voice would also be raised.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Meezan Bank partners with IBM Analytics to Create Data-Driven Customer Experiences!

Meezan Bank partners with IBM Analytics to Create Data-Driven Customer Experiences!

Meezan Bank partners with IBM Analytics to Create Data-Driven Customer Experiences!

Karachi, June 25, 2019: Meezan Bank, Pakistan’s leading Islamic bank and the Best Bank in Pakistan, has recently announced its partnership with IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) Pakistan, to accelerate its digital transformation. The new solution shall enable real-time analysis of data and help the Bank uncover customer behavioral insights. With a network of over 676 branches in more than 180 cities in Pakistan, Meezan Bank will utilize IBM’s data analytics to improve and personalize customer experience, provide new efficiencies to the Bank's operations and mitigate financial risks. 

Meezan Bank serves more than two million customers currently. The new partnership will enable the Bank to develop insights to improve customer acquisition, servicing as well as overall productivity. 

“Meezan Bank is acutely aware of the increasing importance of leveraging technology to deliver solutions for both customers and the Bank’s own processes. We continue to invest heavily in technology and I am confident that this Data Analytics project will be a game changer,” said Mr. Ariful Islam – Deputy CEO of Meezan Bank. “Technologies are disrupting our lives at an accelerated pace, and it is our endeavor to deliver as per the expectations of our customers using the tools that new technologies will give us. The future of banking depends on the speed with which we can adapt these new realities.” 

The implementation of this Data Analytics project will give Meezan Bank the ability to ingest and analyze data in real time from various sources, including social media and mobile, and in turn, uncover customer behavioral insights, such as past purchasing behaviors, and make more informed data-driven decisions. 

"Data has become the biggest differentiating factor in the constantly evolving and competitive financial services industry," said Mr. Ghazanfar Ali - Country General Manager of IBM Pakistan." Through IBM’s analytics and cognitive solutions, Meezan Bank will be able to benefit from a data driven approach to create personalized customer experiences, expand the business and drive efficiencies that will extend its leadership in the banking marketplace."

‘Sindh Rescue and Medical Services’ launched at the Sindh Secretariat

‘Sindh Rescue and Medical Services’ launched at the Sindh Secretariat

‘Sindh Rescue and Medical Services’ launched at the Sindh Secretariat

Karachi, June 25, 2019: ‘Sindh Rescue and Medical Services’ (SRMS), a project of Government of Sindh, in collaboration with Aman Health Care Services, was formally launched at the Sindh Secretariat today. Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho, Minister for Health and Population, Government of Sindh graced the occasion and cut the ribbon to inaugurate the newly branded ambulances. This marks the official launch of Karachi’s first ever government backed, free of cost, life-saving ambulance service. This welcome development is the actualization of Sindh’s government’s earlier promise of providing quality & free of cost emergency medical service to the citizens of Karachi. 

It is to be noted that Government of Sindh initiated its formal support to Aman Ambulances, which had been operating in Karachi through a fleet of 60 lifesaving ambulances, in October 2018. During this period 74,776 life-saving interventions have been made and 11 babies have been delivered inside the ambulances, which now bear the emblem of Government of Sindh and are branded as Sindh Rescue and Medical Services. The provincial government intends to expand the size of this fleet incrementally to 200 to cater to the twenty million population of this mega-polis. 

A successful project by the name of Sindh Peoples Ambulance Service is already underway in the districts of Thatta & Sujawal with 25 life-saving ambulances since 2017. During the last two years, 51,120 lifesaving interventions have been made, including delivery of 151 babies in the life-saving ambulances enroute to the health facilities. 

Health Minister reiterated Government of Sindh’s endeavour towards exemplary public service during the ceremony, “Today is a great milestone for the people of Karachi and fruition of Sindh Government’s unwavering efforts and resolve to facilitate the citizens of this province. We greatly look forward to expanding this lifesaving ambulance service to all districts of Sindh in an incremental manner at the earliest.” 

CEO, Aman Foundation, Mujahid Khan, also expressed his gratitude at the launch of the Sindh Rescue and Medical Services. “We are very excited to continue working with the Sindh Government towards this pioneering partnership for setting up world class emergency medical services in Karachi and Sindh. Today marks for us the true actualization of Aman Foundation’s founding vision of bringing about systemic change by incubating public service initiatives for the under-served, and scaling them through strategic partnerships. ”

The ceremony was attended by Secretary Health and other senior officials from the Ministry of Health; CEO and senior team members of Aman Health Care Services.

The Sindh Rescue and Medical Services ambulances will continue to be run by the able team of Aman Health Care Services whereby the quality control and protocol will remain consistent to their decade-long experience in the field of emergency medical services, for the benefit of the public.

As before, the pre-hospital emergency care ambulance service is available by dialling 1021. As has been the practice in the past, and in line with global best practices, the service will prioritize critical and lifesaving interventions across Karachi.

Cracks in PMLN Leaders inside family - Maryam Nawaz's Press Conference in Lahore

Cracks in PMLN Leaders inside family - Maryam Nawaz's Press Conference in Lahore

Cracks in PMLN Leaders inside family - Maryam Nawaz's Press Conference in Lahore

Cracks in PMLN Leaders inside family - Maryam Nawaz's Press Conference in Lahore
Cracks in PMLN Leaders inside family - Maryam Nawaz's Press Conference in Lahore

Clear Divisions in PML-N - To The Point With Mansoor Ali Khan | Maryam Nawaz Exclusive interview | 22 June 2019 | Express News

Clear Divisions in PML-N - To The Point With Mansoor Ali Khan | Maryam Nawaz Exclusive interview | 22 June 2019 | Express News

Clear Divisions in PML-N - To The Point With Mansoor Ali Khan | Maryam Nawaz Exclusive interview | 22 June 2019 | Express News

Clear Divisions in PML-N - To The Point With Mansoor Ali Khan | Maryam Nawaz Exclusive interview | 22 June 2019 | Express News

The Children of #Al-Shifa Trust are waiting for YOUR Help!

The Children of #Al-Shifa Trust are waiting for YOUR Help!

The Children of #Al-Shifa Trust are waiting for YOUR Help!

Al-Shifa Trust is a Special School & Rehabilitation Centre providing special education, therapies and rehabilitation services to more than 100 indoor children inflicted with neuromuscular disorders belonging to VERY humble backgrounds. An average of 50 outdoor clients per day are also provided therapeutic treatment on subsidized rates and even pro bono in deserving cases. 

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Civil Aviation have been supporting these beautiful children since 1967. In an effort to further improve the facilities and help given to these children, PIA is holding a Fundraising event on June 26, 2019 at the DHA Golf Club from 8:30 pm. The event will be aired live on the PIA Facebook page.
The honorable Governor Sindh, Mr. Imran Ismail will preside as the Chief Guest. Federal Minister for Aviation, Mr Ghulam Sarwar Khan, and other eminent personalities from civil society, corporate sector, Directors of PIA, Trustees of Al-Shifa Trust and senior executive from PIACL and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will also attend the event.

PIA also maintains an account for those who would like to donate to improve the lives of these children. Anyone can donate any amount at any time at  A/c Title: AL-SHIFA TRUST. Bank A/c #:00480009646101; IBAN Number: PK36 HABB 0000 4800 0964 6101
Bank / Branch: Habib Bank Limited, PIA Airport Branch, Near Ramada Plaza, Karachi Airport

The special children of Al-Shifa Turst are completely dependent on funds by others for their survival. These young souls who are differently abled require special education, therapy, food and rehabilitation to survive in this world. 

It is heartbreaking to see hungry children who do not get adequate care arrive at Al-Shifa as a last hope for their survival in a world that is a constant struggle for them. It is not that the parents don’t want to care for their child, it is that they are not able to.

Two socially responsible corporate citizens namely PIA and Civil Aviation incepted this charitable institution in 1967. It was subsequently converted in to a Trust in 1981. Currently, it provides special and conductive education besides physical, speech and occupational therapies to cases of cerebral palsy, down syndrome and other neuromuscular as well as skeletal disorders.

The aim of Al-Shifa Trust is to recover and rehabilitate our very special children to normal life. These children are otherwise suffering because of negligence and lack of facilities. We educate and equip them with necessary skills to embrace life lively and to be as independent as possible in managing themselves.

Al-Shifa Trust is dedicated to ensuring that these children, adults, young and old with disabilities, receive opportunities to achieve their maximum potential for independence within their families and their communities. In recognition of the essential uniqueness of each client, Al-Shifa Trust strives to provide services and treatment keeping in view the individual needs. 

The primary role of Al-Shifa Trust is to provide rehabilitation services which contribute towards physical, education, communication, psychological and social needs of special children and persons. Over the decades they have rehabilitated thousands of children, who have gone on to become contributing members of society. This is the greatest achievement of the Trust and this is what it would like to continue doing. It can only happen if you open your hearts to fund their survival.

Quality Education For Orphans With Tecno Blue Chalk

Quality Education For Orphans With Tecno Blue Chalk

Quality Education For Orphans With Tecno Blue Chalk

Khubaib Foundation which is a social welfare organization that houses and educates orphans across Pakistan was recently honoured with a substantial donation by Tecno Mobile Pakistan. The smartphone brand reached out to Khubaib Foundation because of the organization’s repute in providing a safe and nourishing environment to orphans. In addition to the donation already given the company has announced that a portion of profit from the sale of each of their mobile handset will also be given to the orphanage for the benefit of the children.

Tecno Mobile Pakistan launched in 2016 and is the manufacturer of a number of popular smartphones and tablets. The Tecno Blue Chalk campaign aims to deliver quality education to orphans and was initiated under an MOU signed by Tecno Mobile and Khubaib Foundation. The campaign began in the hill city of Haripur late last month where hundreds of orphans gathered to celebrate the partnership. 

Creek Ma, the CEO of Tecno Mobile Pakistan, arrived at the orphanage and was welcomed by the drum beats of the children’s marching band. He then went on a tour of the campus after which he and Nadeem Ahmad, the Chairman of Khubaib Foundation, carried out a tree plantation with the orphans. 

Creek Ma was also shown the foundation’s impressive Tækwondo facility that is used by the students to learn and practice martial arts. He was happily surprised to hear that the orphanage boosts more than a 100 black belts along with 60 gold medalists. In commending the efforts of the orphans, Creek Ma spoke about their talent and hard work and emphasised that education is the key to success. He noted that the children should take advantage of this new partnership to excel in their academics and help their country prosper and progress. He later went on to present gifts to the top students from the different campuses. 

The event marking the campaign was filled with many fun festivities. Children of all ages could be seen running around in their colourful traditional outfits. Following a feast for the thousand plus attendees, the children performed cultural dances, sang songs and showcased their martial arts skills.

Khubaib Foundation’s Chairman Nadeem Ahmad noted in his closing remarks that the support given by Tecno Mobile Pakistan will allow the foundation to restock new textbooks and purchase stationary materials for the children. He also mentioned that the donation will help in solarising the orphanage so that the children’s daily schedule isn’t disturbed by issues of load shedding and the orphanage’s dependency on external electric supply is reduced. 

Following the campaign the President of Pakistan hosted an iftar dinner for the orphans of Khubaib Foundation. The dinner was attended by Nadeem Ahmad, Creek Ma and a number of other business leaders and educationists. President Arif Alvi welcomed the children and further emphasised the importance of supporting their education so that they aren’t disadvantaged because of their circumstances and can achieve all that they want. In light of this message by the President, the efforts of Tecno Mobile are noteworthy.

The Tecno Blue Chalk campaign is expected to help hundreds of boys and girls under the care of Khubaib Foundation receive quality education in the cities of Haripur, Muzafarabad, Skardu, Sargodha, Gilgit and Rawalpindi. 

Infinix to launch Hot 6X and amazing discounts during Daraz Mobile Week

Infinix to launch Hot 6X and amazing discounts during Daraz Mobile Week

Infinix to launch Hot 6X and amazing discounts during Daraz Mobile Week

Infinix Pakistans leading smartphone brand has partnered with daraz on the year biggest mobile event known as daraz mobile week. During mobile week Infinix is offering an exciting new device launch for the highly anticipated Hot 6X along with mind blowing discounts on a number of available products. HOT 6X is being offered at a special rate of only PKR 18,499 with 3GB Ram and 32GB Rom. 

Main features of Hot 6X include 13MP+2MP rear cameras along with 8MP front facing camera, 4000mAh battery that lasts up to two days, 3GB RAM/32GB ROM, face unlock & fingerprint sensor. Moreover the Dirac Speaker Sound, the slim design and large Full HD+ display of 6.2” provides users an immersive display that truly upgrades the entertainment experience. Whether it’s video clips, games, reading or online social entertainment, the HOT 6X lets you see it all. The Qualcomm Snapdragon processor provides users with a higher image quality and smooth video playback along with a faster gaming experience. The phone comes in 32GB along with an expandable memory that can cater to anyone’s mobile storage needs. 

The 13MP + 2MP dual camera allows PDAF fast focus, DSLR inspired imagery and has the state of the art editing feature of post photo shot refocus. Moreover the HOT 6X incorporates Dirac HD Sound technology, which provides a phenomenal quality whether you listen through the headset or even through the phone’s speaker. The power pack of 4000mAh battery is sufficient for long-term entertainment and enables a 2 day life. A powerful battery like this infused with a video resolution of 1080p is perfect for watching movies or for extensive gaming. 

Hot 6X will be launched on the 26th of June during the mobile week, however Infinix fans can avail the amazing discounts on other products from 24th June till 30th June! Discounts are being offered for a wide range of Infinix smartphones, let’s take a closer look at the details of the discounts

·         Hot 6 available for Rs.14,999 after a discount of Rs.4,500
·         Smart 2 [Black and Blue] upto Rs.2,500 off
·         Note 5 available for Rs.24,999 after a discount of Rs.8,000
·         S3 (3GB/32GB) available for Rs.18,199 after a discount of Rs.4,300
·         S3 Plus (4GB/64GB) available for Rs.21,999 after a discount of Rs.3000
·         Smart 2 HD available for Rs.12,699 after a discount of Rs.2,300
·         Zero 5 (6GB/64GB) available for Rs.27,999 after a discount of Rs.7,000
·         Hot 6 [3/32GB and 2/16GB] is being discounted from 20,999 and 18,999 to 18,599 and 15,699 respectively

·         Hot 7 available for Rs.13,999 after a discount of Rs.2,000

To avail these amazing discounts visit Infinix Official Store (https://www.daraz.pk/shop/infinix/) on daraz and get your favorite smartphone at an unbelievably low price.

Pak-Qatar Family Takaful opens new branch in Charsadda!

Pak-Qatar Family Takaful opens new branch in Charsadda!

Pak-Qatar Family Takaful opens new branch in Charsadda!

Karachi, June 24, 2019: Pak-Qatar Family Takaful Limited (PQFTL) opened  its Charsadda branch in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa recently. The new branch was inaugurated by the Deputy CEO of Pak-Qatar Family Takaful, Muhammad Menhas along with senior members of regional team. This new branch will create great convenience and provide a wide range of Takaful services to a vast number of consumers, living in Charsadda and its surrounding areas. 

Mr. Menhas said that he is very pleased to inaugurate the new branch and appreciated the regional team’s commitment and dedication to the long-term promotion of Takaful across Pakistan. He said that, Pak-Qatar Family Takaful being the first and the largest Takaful Company in Pakistan is committed to the long term prosperity of Pakistan and Takaful industry as a whole. 

Mr. Menhas further added that, the new branch in Charsadda aims to deliver a complete suite of services to its participants. The branch is the result of PQFTL’s vision of providing financial protection through Takaful, to everyone. It will be a one-stop shop for the Takaful needs of its participants, and hope to further augment our members experience through this branch.

Emirates refreshing its summer - brings summertime zest to its menus

Emirates refreshing its summer - brings summertime zest to its menus

Emirates refreshing its summer - brings summertime zest to its menus

Karachi / Dubai –June 24, 2019 – Emirates is refreshing its summer menus to incorporate seasonal fruits. With over 110 million meals served a year, Emirates chefs constantly create destination-inspired menus using fresh, seasonal ingredients that cater to a global palate.

In the next two months, Emirates will launch a range of seasonal menu items on select routes. The special offering will incorporate flavors from the summer harvest - from strawberries and cream paired in Eton Mess for United Kingdom routes to Alphonso mangos in kheer and layered cakes for flights to India.

In July, First and Business Class customers travelling to the UK and Ireland can sample treats featuring seasonal strawberries including the classic British summer dessert Eton Mess. Strawberry eclairs, a strawberry cream delice and a deconstructed mille-feuille with poached strawberries, white chocolate cream, pastry crisps and basil tuille will also be served. Emirates’ selection of desserts for its UK and Ireland routes in July alone will require more than 200 kilograms of fresh strawberries.

Customers travelling to India in July, will enjoy the seasonal flavours of the Alphonso mango as the airline makes the tropical fruit the star of its desserts in all classes. First and Business Class customers will be treated to an Alphonso Mango layer cake while Economy Class customers will enjoy an Alfonso mango and sago kheer. The special month-long menu will see almost 6 tonnes of Alphonso Mangos and mango puree sourced from India.

Emirates’ First and Business Class passengers travelling to and from Italy in August can look forward to an appetizer of the season’s heirloom tomatoes paired with burrata, an Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream. Burrata, whose name translates to “buttered,” has a solid outer layer of curd made from fresh mozzarella, which is then formed into a hollow pouch and filled with soft, stringy curd and fresh cream. The cheese served onboard is made fresh daily and locally in Italy and the UAE by artisanal cheese makers using traditional methods. The burrata is paired perfectly with the sweet and tangy flavours of the heirloom tomatoes that have ripened in the summer.

Emirates delights customers with special menus year-long for global events like Chinese New Year, Ramadan and Easter and according to the availability of seasonal ingredients. In the last month, the airline also introduced meals around delicacies like white asparagus on flights to Germany, Amsterdam and France, aligning with the European harvest season. Hanami-inspired menus were introduced on flights to Japan during the cherry blossom season in April.

The airline prides itself on its longstanding global partnerships with fresh local providers and artisans. This emphasis on high quality ingredients stems from Emirates’ focus on simple, well-cooked dishes that highlight their destinations’ regional cuisine. Its round-the-clock kitchen provides meals for 520 flights a day, serving 209 meals a minute - a feat accomplished by Emirates’ 1,800 chefs and their arsenal of 12,450 recipes.

Food enthusiasts can go behind-the-scenes of Emirates’ on board menus and global partnerships with the Emirates Food Channel available on ice, the airline’s award-winning in-flight entertainment system. 

#UrduLateefay – Aik maza ka joke hi.....  #UrduLateefa …☺..

#UrduLateefay – Aik maza ka joke hi..... #UrduLateefa …☺..

#UrduLateefay – Aik maza ka joke hi.....  #UrduLateefa …☺.. 

 #Jokes #SardarJoke #UrduJoke #UrduJokes #PathanJoke #PunjabiJoke #LatestJokes #UrduLateefa #Jobs #FunnyPhotos #FunnyVideo #UrduLateefay #LateefonKiDunya

#UrduLateefay – Aik maza ka joke hi.....  #UrduLateefa …☺..

#UrduLateefay – Aik maza ka joke hi..... #UrduLateefa …☺..

#UrduLateefay – Aik maza ka joke hi.....  #UrduLateefa …☺.. 

 #Jokes #SardarJoke #UrduJoke #UrduJokes #PathanJoke #PunjabiJoke #LatestJokes #UrduLateefa #Jobs #FunnyPhotos #FunnyVideo #UrduLateefay #LateefonKiDunya

#UrduLateefay – Aik maza ka joke hi.....  #UrduLateefa …☺..

#UrduLateefay – Aik maza ka joke hi..... #UrduLateefa …☺..

#UrduLateefay – Aik maza ka joke hi.....  #UrduLateefa …☺.. 

 #Jokes #SardarJoke #UrduJoke #UrduJokes #PathanJoke #PunjabiJoke #LatestJokes #UrduLateefa #Jobs #FunnyPhotos #FunnyVideo #UrduLateefay #LateefonKiDunya


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