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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

What makes distance learning more viable?

What makes distance learning more viable?

What makes distance learning more viable?

In an age where students are actively seeking avenues for knowledge and training, the institutions are moving from brick and mortar structures to online learning.  This has become quite popular nowadays owing to the various benefits of distance learning that are otherwise not available in case of the banal classroom settings. is also one of those online distance learning programs conceived by the Minister of IT & Telecom that is available to anyone and everyone across Pakistan absolutely free of cost.  

The DigiSkills Program is aimed at equipping youth, freelancers, students, housewives, professionals, etc. with knowledge, skills, tools & techniques necessary to capture employment opportunities in the online market to earn a decent living for themselves. is revolutionizing the world of digital opportunities and opening doors for the local man in ways one cannot fathom. Here’s why distance learning is a viable option for all:

1.    Set your own pace of study

When you opt for a distance learning program, you are basically gaining more control of your study schedule, pace, and exam schedule as well. Sounds like a catch! Moreover, it allows you the flexibility of saving up time and doing the other important routine errands, such as other any and all work commitments, grocery shopping, and much more. 
2.    It costs less, in this case, not a penny!
Distance learning does not cost as much as a typical classroom learning model, because it cuts down on all of that unnecessary costs for both parties; producer and the consumer. In case of up-skilling with, you won’t have to pay a single penny! What else could you ask for?

3.    Learn from the comfort of your home

The best advantage of any distance learning program is that you don’t have to deal with getting up early in the morning, forcing yourself to change and get to your class. You can enroll in a course of your preferred timings and sleep all you want! Moreover, by staying at home and learning, you save up on the fuel costs. You won’t even have to buy too many clothes complaining that you’ve run out every month! What a relief!

4.    You have more choice

Distance learning offers you the much-needed choice when it comes to selecting courses as well as teachers. At, you can choose from the following variety of courses to suit your individual needs:
•    Graphic Design
•    Freelancing
•    Digital Marketing
•    Creative Writing
•    SEO
•    WordPress
•    QuickBooks
•    Digital Literacy
•    E-Commerce Management

5.    It saves time & money

Commuting is off the list, so you won’t be squandering money traveling from your house to the place of learning, back and forth. Commute time is also a subtraction from your otherwise busy life, so you get to save up money and time with distance learning. Sleep for a little longer; it won’t cause you to miss one of your classroom sessions!

6.    Personalize your course format as you like

Distance learning programs are designed to enhance how an individual studies. So, basically, you are helped in the analysis of your strengths and weaknesses before the course commences. Once you have understood where you lack, a personalized study format is drawn up to help you study and ace the choice of course you’ve enrolled in. 

When are you enrolling in one of the courses offered online at Hurry up! Enrollments for Batch 4 are now OPEN! Sign up at and enroll in your favorite courses!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Power of words !

The Power of words !

The Power of words !

by Kaleem Kavish

“Words can make you, break you, they can heal your soul and they can damage you forever”

In our day to day life, we come across many events. If one day we are successful in accomplishing something but there also happen many failures in our lives. The worthiness of these events will be much intense with the words which our society put in these events. So here we got two contrasting events; success and failure.

If we are successful in accomplishing an event one day then if the society specially our parents and family members will use positive words in our success then our success will be much more of worth for us and we will try with our every possible potential to be successful again and again, and eventually we will be most successful.

0n the other hand, God forbid! if we come across any failure then the very first person we recognize as they can encourage us are only our parents and family members. They are the last hope we have who can help us out in the hardship. If they use positive words in our failure, then we will never loss hope and will be strengthened for upcoming events..

Now, as we are already hopeless after coming across failure and want that they should give us hope by their powerful words; but, in such tense situation when they use negative words then we completely become hopeless. This can eventually lead to the suicide, and that only person and the words which had been uttered are responsible for losing a precious life from our society.

Words have power and words are power. We have power to bring someone from the slumps of life and make a successful person out of them or we can destroy someone life and happiness using only our words. Our single positive and inspiring word can give someone reason to live or we can destroy someone hope to live using negative words.

As a well-known philosopher says that 

“Snake has poison in its teeth 

Scorpion has poison in its tail

It’s only human being who has poison in its tongue”.

In conclusion, we should speak only when we feel that our words are better than our silence.

Thank you! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

عشق حسین ؓ |  یہ مضمون پڑھنے کے لئے لنک پر کلک کریں

عشق حسین ؓ | یہ مضمون پڑھنے کے لئے لنک پر کلک کریں

میں نے تو اپنی زندگی میں نہیں دیکھا کہ کوئی بھی بزرگ خواہ اُس کا مسلک تو دور کی بات ہے، غیر مذہب بدھ ، ہندو، سکھ بھی یوم عاشورہ پر آبدیدہ ہو جاتے ہیں اور عیسائیت تو ایسا مذہب ہے جس کی اپنی کتاب میں حضور صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کے بارے میں اور اُن کی آمد کے بارے میں واضح اشارات اور نشانیاں ملتی ہیں۔ حضور صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کے سفرِ شام کے بارے میں جب وہ چھوٹے تھے تو راہب نے وہ تمام نشانیاں دیکھ کر آپ کو پہچان لیا، اور حضرت حسین ؓ کے سر مبارک کو جب ظالم یزید کے پاس لے کر جا رہے تھے، تو عیسائی پادری کا عقیدت و احترام کے ساتھ سر مبارک کا دھونا، خوشبو لگانا، اور زیر خطیر خرچ کر کے ایک رات کے لئے اپنے پاس رکھنا، اس بات کی دلیل ہے کہ عیسائیوں کو ہمارے نبی محترم کے بارے میں اگر مکمل نہ مُسمی کسی حد تک علم و آگہی ضرور حاصل تھی۔

جیسا کہ میں نے اپنے ابتدائیہ میں عرض کیا ہے کہ ہر مسلمان مسلک سے ماورا ہو کر احترام حسین ؓ ابن علی ؓ، اور یاد نواسہِ رسول کی وجہ سے محرم کا چاند نظر آتے ہی بے کل بے ہمہ و با ہمہ و بے نظیر بن کر بے ہمتا اور بیابان گرو بلکہ خود کو بیامان مرگ کا باسی بنا لیا ہے، کیونکہ نبی آخر زماں محمد رسول اللہ علیہ وسلم کے فرمان کے باوجود کہ میرے اہلِ بیت ، یعنی خاندان رسول صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کی عزت کریں۔ حتیٰ کہ حضرت امام حسین ؓ کے بارے میں فرمایا کہ میں حسین ؓ سے ہوں اور حسین ؓ مجھ سے ہیں۔ جن کو ہم اہل بیت اور پنجتن پاک کہتے ہیں، حضرت محمد رسول اللہ صلی علیہ وسلم ، حضرت علی ، بی بی فاطمہ الزہرا، حضرت امام حسن ؓاور حضرت حسین ؓ ۔

حضرت عثمان علی ہجویری ؒ سے لے کر صوفی برکت علی ؒ تک سبھی بزرگان دین نے سانحہ کربلا پر اپنے خون جگر سے دِل نگار کی بے اختیار ہُو کر جو عکاسی کی ہے، وہ الفاظ قابل کشید ہیں۔ عشق جب اپنے امام کے حضور میں نیاز مندانہ خراج عقیدت پیش کرنے کے بے مثل منظر پہ حاضر ہوا، کہرام مچ گیا، زمین و آسمان کی طابیں ٹوٹنے لگیں، ہوش و حواس کھو بیٹھا تھر تھرا کر پوچھا یہ کیا؟

ندا آئی کائنات کے پروردگار کے حبیبِ اقدس و اکمل ، اکرم و اجمل ، طیب و اطہر روحی فدا صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کی بیٹی کے لخت جگر شہزادہ کونین ؓ کے جسدِ اطہر کا لاشہ ہے۔ جسے شہادت کے بعد گھوڑوں کی ٹاپوں سے رُوندا گیا

ایک عرض پھر کی یہ کِس نے کیا؟

پھر ندا آئی یہ قصہ ِ کفار کا نہیں ، حضور اقدس کے اُمتیوں کا ہے۔

اُن کی اِس تکرار نے کہ شہزادہ کونین کے قتل میں جلدی کرو، جمعے کی نماز قضا نہ ہو، عشق کو ورطہ حیرت میں ڈال دیا، قبا نوچ کر تار تار کر ڈالی پامالِ ناز نے مُنہ پر راکھ ملی، سر پر خاک ڈالی ایک دِلزور مرثیہ پڑھا، اور ہمیشہ ہمیشہ کیلئے اِس منظر کو نظروں میں یُوں سمیٹ لیا، کہ پھر کبھی اِس کو نظروں سے اُوجھل نہیں ہونے دیا۔

جب شامِ غریباں کے حضور غلامانہ خراج تحسین پیش کرنے کے لئے حاضر ہوا آپے سے باہر ہوگیا، حیرت سے اِدھر اُدھر دیکھنے لگا، آنکھیں پھٹی کی پھٹی رہ گئیں، اُس نے ایسا منظر کبھی نہیں دیکھا تھا، اُس کے سامنے ریت کے ذروں پر حُسن و عشق اور وفا و جفا کی داستان کا انوکھا باب خون سے لکھا ہوا تھا، سہمی ہوئی مقدس جانیں بوستانِ رسول کے کملائے ہوئے پھول ، گنج شہیداں کے کٹے ہوئے اعضاء، جلے ہوئے خیمے دُھواں چھوڑتی طنابیں ، لُٹا ہوا خانوادہِ رسول، بے بسی و بے کسی کے عالم میں جگر بند بتول ؓ حسین ؓ کا سر قلم ، جسم برہنہ ، لاشہ روندا ہوا، اہل بیت رسیوں میں جکڑے ہوئے، خاک و خون میں نہایا ہوا عشق ، دہشتِ غربت میں سربُریدہ، پیشوائےِ دین، ساقی کوثر کا تشنہ لب نواسہ ، سبط پیغمبر کا گھوڑوں سے رُوندا ہوا وجود اطہر ہر طرف گھمبیر اُداسی ، ایک وحشت خیز خاموشی، ایک الم ناک کرب، یہ درد ناک منظر اُس سے دیکھا نہ گیا، ہوش و حواس کھو بیٹھا، خوں کے آنسو رو دیا، بسمل کی طرح تڑپا، مذبوح کیطرح لوٹا، پھر یکایک اُس نے اَمارت کی عِمارت کی انیٹ انیٹ کر دی، لذت کا جام توڑ دیا، زینت کا عمامہ زمین پر دے مارا، راحت کا ترانہ بند کر دیا، عشرت کا رباب توڑ دیا، شہرت کی قبا تار تار کر دی۔

شامِ غریباں کے محبوبوں کی خاک پاسر میں ڈالی، ندامت کی قبا اُوڑھی، ملامت کی گڈری پہنی، صبر کا کاسہ تھاما، اور ایسا روپوش ہوا کہ پھر کبھی ، کسی روپ میں پرگھٹ نہ ہوا۔ اِس منظر کو کبھی نظروں سے اُوجھل نہ ہونے دیا اور حیات اُلدنیا کی منزل اِسی منظر کی پیشوائی میں طے کی۔

قارئین.... آج پھر جمعہ ہے ، یا الٰہی میرے وطن کی خیر ہو، اُمت مسلمہ کے مقدر ، کو مَکدر دینے والی یہود وہنود ، موجودہ دور کی طاقتیں قیصر و کسریٰ ، گنبد خضریٰ پہ نقب لگانے کی منصوبہ بندی کرنیوالوں کی سر کوبی کیلئے کسی سلطان کی نہیں.... صلاح الدین کے ظہور کی منتظر ہیں کیونکہ ایام آلام کی تاریخ تیرے کلمہ گو مُسلمانوں پہ بار بار آتی ہے مگر ذوالجلال ولاکرام، تو تو گواہ ہے، کہ تو واحد بتول ؓ جیسی ہستی بھی ایک ہے، اور حسین ؓ ابنِ علیؓ بھی ایک ہے، جن کی وجہ سے تیرا نام زندہ ہے، اور ہم زندہ ہیں شیرِ خدا، کا شیر حسین ؓ

بشر تو کیا فرشتوں سے نہ ایسی بندگی ہوگی

حُسین ؓ ابن علی ؓ آئینگے دُنیا دیکھتی ہو گی

ہمارے خون کے بدلے میں اُمت بخش دے یا رب

خدا سے حشر میں یہ التجا شبیر ؓ کی ہوگی

آخر میں مولانا طارق جمیل صاحب سے سُنا ہوا ایک واقعہ ایمان تازہ کرنے کیلئے قارئین سُن لیں واقعہ کربلا کے تین سو سال بعد اہل بیت کی عزت و عفت مآب بی بی اپنے بچوں سمیت ہجرت پر مجبور ہوئیں، کیونکہ تنگ دستی کے باوجود سید ہونے کی وجہ سے وہ کسی سے صدقہ خیرات لینے پر تیار نہیں تھیں، ہمارے نبی محترم توکل کی انتہا دیکھیں کہ انہوں نے اپنی اہل بیت اور قیامت تک کیلئے اُن کی اُولاد پر پابندی لگا دی کہ وہ ذکوة ، صدقہ خیرات نہیں لے سکتی وہ بی بی ہجرت کر کے دوسرے ملک چلی گئیں، معلوم کرنے پہ پتہ چلا کہ شہر میں ایک عیسائی اور ایک مسلمان خاصے صاحب حیثیت ہیں، وہ یہ سوچ کر کہ پہلے مسلمان سے مِلنا چاہئے، وہ جب اُس کے پاس پہنچیں تو مسلمان نے اُن سے اہل بیت ہونیکا ثبوت مانگا، جو اُن کے پاس نہیں تھا، مجبور ہو کر پھر وہ عیسائی سے ملیں اور اپنا تعارف کرایا کہ میں اہل بیت میں سے یعنی اُولادِ رسول ہوں، تو اُنہوں نے نہایت گرمجوشی سے استبقال کیا، اپنی بیوی کو بلایا، اور بچوں کو نہایت پیارو احترام سے گھر لے گئے، رات کو حضور صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم مسلمان اور عیسائی کو خواب میں ملے، اور مسلمان پر سخت غصے کا اظہار فرمایا کہ جب میری بیٹی تمہارے پاس آئی، تو تم نے ثبوت مانگنے شروع کر دیئے، اور عیسائی کو نہایت تپاک سے ملے اس پر بہت خوش ہوئے، حضور جنت کے محل میں کھڑے تھے، جو نہایت خوبصورت اور قابل دید تھا۔ عیسائی سے فرمایا کہ یہ اب تمہارا ہے، عیسائی نے کلمہ پڑھا اور اہل بیت کی قدر افزائی کے صلے میں وہ مُسلمان ہوگیا۔

قائین ، اب اِس بحث میں پڑنے کی کیا ضرورت ہے کہ شہادت حسین ؓ کے ذمہ دار کِس مسلک سے تعلق رکھتے تھے؟ میرے خیال میں حضرت علی کرم اللہ وجہہ اور حضرت بی بی عائشہ ؓ کے درمیان جنگ جمل کرانے والے منافقین ہی اس کے ذمہ دار تھے۔ جن کا نہ کوئی دین ہوتا ہے اور نہ ایمان .... جب یزید ثانی مرزا غلام احمد قادیانی حُرمتِ رسول پر نعوذ بااللہ زبان درازی کر رہا تھا۔ اُس وقت کروڑوں مسلمانوں کا ایمان کہاں تھا؟ کیا نواسہِ رسول کو شہید کرنیوالے مسلمانوں کا ایمان ، اور آج کے مسلمانوں کے ایقان میں کچھ فرق ہے؟ شام ، فلسطین ، عراق ، افغانستان، ایران، سعودیہ کی جنگ کس سے ہے؟ بقول مظفر علی شاہ

ہر جہت سے شاہ کو پرکھا گیا

کربلا تھا امتحان ایمان کا

جان مال و نسل در راہ خدا

مرحبا اے پیکر صبر و وفا

با عمل نفسیر تھی معراج کی

کربلا سے قافلہ چلتا ہوا

نواسہِ رسول سر اقدس اور اسیرانِ اہل بیت کو دربار یزیدی میں پیش کرنیکا سیاہ داغ نہ تو قیامت تک دُھویا جاسکتا ہے نہ بھلایا جاسکتا ہے.... روزِ محشر مسلمان اپنے دین اور ایمان کی پہچان کیسے کرائیں گے؟

اصل سورس پر پڑھیں : نئی بات

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Newly Launched OPPO Find X with specs bound is a real futuristic phone

Newly Launched OPPO Find X with specs bound is a real futuristic phone

OPPO, the Selfie Expert is once again in the limelight with its offering of the bezel-less, notch free flagship smartphone. With a keen focus on each detail, color, production, you will see the careful deliberation, testing and refinement in every OPPO product. For the last ten years, OPPO has been focusing on manufacturing camera phones, while innovating mobile photography technology breakthroughs. 

It’s amazed to see how OPPO has rejuvenated its ‘FIND’ series and has launched the futuristic flagship phone, ‘Find X’ which is marked as the most expensive phone in Pakistan till date. The OPPO Find X offers a traditional design that fuses modern technology making it visually appealing. Their focus is on delivering the most breathtaking products to their consumers and no wonder they are flourishing as the future Smartphone manufacturer in the world. 

OPPO Find X has been launched in Europe with a whooping price of 999 Euros. This new model, which features bezel-less notch free 6.42-inch screen is OPPO’s attempt to compete with smartphone giants like Apple and Samsung. The most notable feature is its front and rear pop-up camera in place of a front-facing module fitted inside a display notch, as is the case on the iPhone X and a number of Android copycat devices.

The new OPPO Find X has a natural design which shows no redundant element in the body and is truly a piece of art. OPPO Find X is a flagship smartphone with unified design, panoramic arc screen and gradient glass design and stealth 3D camera. Some of its other amazing features include O-Face recognition, 25MP front camera, AI-enhanced dual camera; ColorOS 5.1 System, SnapDragon 845, 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM. What’s the price of such an amazing product? OPPO Find X with VOOC Flash Charge edition is 129,999 Rupees and will be available for sale in Pakistan from August.  

Thursday, May 10, 2018

How A Better Supply Chain is Possible with IoT Technology

How A Better Supply Chain is Possible with IoT Technology

by Catherine Metcalf 

It is now possible for a wide range of items to connect to the internet. Everything from your car to your coffeemaker can get online and engage in some level of data exchange. This is what many people refer to as the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Most consumers may have a vague idea of how this technology applies to the products in their home, but they are probably even less aware of how the IoT can be integrated into the processes that supply those products.

Inventory Management
A modern business must be able to manage inventory effectively in order to run an efficient operation. In the past, that meant paying employees to take time out from their normal responsibilities in order to manually count and record each product. 

With IoT technology, businesses can simply hire a programmer to create a linked system for them. For example, the coder could build a system of sensors that will automatically monitor inventory levels. This could prove helpful as it will allow human employees to remain focused on the jobs that keep the business going. The potential for human error from the inventory process would be a forgotten memory, and a more efficient system for inventory management would be introduced. 

Quality Control
Shipping companies have been using asset-tracking solutions for some time now. Under most of the current models, barcodes and scanners are used to manually track the progress of items. While this system does provide organizations with some basic information, there are IoT solutions that can do much more.

By installing sensors in all of the shipped items, the company can track the exact location of them all without the need for manual scanning. Sensors could even be used to identify the potential for damage that may occur during transportation. By reducing the potential for damaged items being sold to consumers, businesses could save money on returns and improve their customer relations.

Supply chain inefficiencies are often the result of maintenance issues. If there is a breakdown or failure at any stage in the process, it can result in items being delayed to their intended destination. If it takes a considerable amount of time to perform the necessary repairs, the supply chain will suffer until things are up and running as they should.

With the Internet of Things, companies can run more efficient preventative maintenance programs. Sensors can be installed to identify performance issues and to monitor the condition of different parts. Maintenance teams can be notified before a breakdown occurs, allowing repairs to be performed before more severe problems arise. 

Up until recently, it wasn’t easy to find information about the origins of a product or the path it took to reach the consumer. Over the last few years, customers have started to show more of an interest in the supply chain. People want to know that companies are being ethical and producing goods in a way that is environmentally friendly.

With IoT solutions, businesses can allow consumers to see every stage of the supply chain. For consumers that have concerns about manufacturing and shipping practices, a transparent supply chain can have a major impact on their purchasing decisions.

The Internet of Things is going to help create a supply chain that is more efficient and responsive. Not only will this boost revenue for companies that use this technology, it will also allow them to provide better service to their customers.

Friday, July 28, 2017

حضرت عزرائیل علیہ السلام کے دل میں کس پر رحم آیا : مکمل پڑھیں

حضرت عزرائیل علیہ السلام کے دل میں کس پر رحم آیا : مکمل پڑھیں

حضرت عزرائیل علیہ السلام کے دل میں کس پر رحم آیا : مکمل پڑھیں

ایک دفعہ اللہ رب العزت نے حضرت عزرائیل علیہ السلام سے پوچھا کہ تجھے کسی کی جان قبض کرتے ہوئے کبھی رحم آیا۔
حضرت عزرائیل علیہ السلام نے عرض کیا الٰہی میرا ہر ایک کی روح قبض کرتے ہوئے دل دُکھتا ہے مگر آپ کے حکم کی سرتابی کی مجال نہیں۔ہاں ایک ایسا واقعہ گزرا ہے جس کا دُکھ میں ابھی تک بھلا نہ سکا وہ غم تنہائی میں بھی میرے ساتھ رہتا ہے۔

عرض کیا کہ ایک جہاز سمندر میں سفر کر رہا تھا۔ وہ آپ کے حکم سے بھنور میں پھنس گیا۔تھوری دیر بعد وہ جہاز تباہ ہوگیا۔جہاز میں سوار کئی مسافر غرق ہو گئے جو مسافر بچے ان میں ایک ماں اور اس کا نوازئیدہ بچہ جو تباہ شدہ جہاز کے ایک تختے پر سمندر کی لہروں میں آپ کے رحم و کرم پر بہے چلے جا رہے تھے۔تیز ہوا نے انہیں سینکڑوں میل دور سمندر کے کنارے پہنچا دیا۔میں ماں اور بیٹے کے بچ جانے پر بہت خوش ہوا اسی لمحے آپ کا حکم ہوا ماں کی روح قبض کرلو ۔ مولا کریم میں نے آپ کے حکم کی تعمیل کی یا باری تعالیٰ آپ خوب جانتے ہیں کہ یہ حکم پاکر میرا کلیجہ کانپ گیااور جب مین نے اس طفلِ شیر خوار کو ماں سے الگ کیا تو مجھے کس قدر تکلیف پہنچی تھی۔ پھر حکمِ الٰہی ہوا کیا تجھے معلوم ہے کہ بعد میں وہ بچہ کہاں اور کس طرح پر ورش پاتا رہا؟
عزرائیل علیہ السلام نے عرض کیا کہ آپ عالم الغیب ہیں ظاہر اور باطن آپ پر عیاں ہیں ۔ اللہ رب العزت نے ارشاد فرمایا ہم نے موجِ سمندر کو حکم دیا کہ اس لاوارث بچے کو اُٹھاکر ساحل پر ڈال دے۔ ساحل کے قریب ایک سرسبز و شاداب جزیرہ تھا۔ ہم نے پھولوں کو حکم دیا کہ بچے کے نیچے سیج بچھادیں۔ سورج سے کہا اپنی تیز شعاوں سے بچے کو محفوظ رکھنا۔ بادل کو کہا بچے سے ذرا فاصلے پر برسے، درختوں کی شاخیں خود بخود جھک کر پھل اور ان کا رس اس کے منہ میں دال دیتی تھیں۔ جزیرے میں ایک شیرنی کی ہم نے ذمہ داری لگادی وہ روزانہ اسے دودھ پلاتی شیرنی کے خوف سے بچے کے پاس کوئی جانور نہیں آسکتا تھا۔ اس جزیرے میں ہم نے خوش نوا اور ھسین پرندے بھیجے جو ہر وقت چہچہاتے تاکہ بچے کا دل پریشان نہ ہو۔ ہوا کو حکم دیا کہ اس بچے پر آہستہ آہستہ سے گزرے تاکہ اس کو کوئی تکلیف نہ پہنچے۔
اے عزرائیل علیہ السلام ! وہ تنہا اور بظاہر بے یارومددگار بچہ پرورش پاکر خو ب صحت مند اور بہادر ہوگیا۔ ہم نے اس کے پاؤں میں کبھی کانٹا بھی نہ چبھنے دیا۔ دنیا کی دنیا کی تمام نعمتیں اسے عطا کیں۔ ایک بادشاہ شکار کھیلتے ہوئے اُدھر آنکلا وہ خوبصورت اور صحت مند بچے دیکھ کر بہت خوش ہوا اسے اٹھا کر اپنے محل لے گیا ان کے ہاں اولاد نہ تھی انہوں نے اسے اپنا بیتا بنا لیا۔ بادشاہ کی موت کے بعد وہ اکیلا تخت و تاج کا مالک بن گیا۔ غرور و تکبر سے ہمارے بندوں پر ظلم کرنے لگا، ایسا سرکش نکلا کہ خود ہی خدا بن بیٹھا، اپنے بُت بنوا کر انہیں سجدے کرانے لگا۔ خاک کا فانی پتلا ہمارا شریک بن بیٹھا آخر ہم نے اس کی بہتری کے لیے اپنے خلیل ابراھیم علیہ السلام کو اس کے پاس بھیجا اس ظالم نے ہمارے پیارے کو بھی آگ میں پھینک دیا۔ اے عزرائیل علیہ السلام ! اس بطے نے میرا کیا شکریہ ادا کیا؟ وہ بچہ نمرود بن کر اس وقت ایک بڑے ملک کا بادشاہ ہے اور اسی نے میرے خلیل ابراھیم علیہ السلام کو آگ کے الاؤ میں جھونکا ہے اور اب خدائی کا دعوہ کرکے لوگوں کو میری راہ سے ہٹاتا ہے اور حکم نہ ماننے والوں کو سخت سزا دیتا ہے۔

عزرائیل علیہ السلام نے عرض کیا اے مخلوقات کے کالق میں اس سرکش بچے کی حالت سے بے خبر ہونے کی وجہ سے دل میں خیال اور ملال لاتا رہا۔آپ کے راز آپ ہی جانیں۔

سبق کیا ملا: اے خدا کے بندے تواپنی اصلاح کرلے ،نفس کو قیدو بند میں رکھ ۔ نفس یقیناََ ایک خونی درندے کی مانند ہے اگر یہ احسان فراموش ہو جائے تو مثلِ نمرود بن جاتا ہے۔

(حکایات رومی، حکایت نمبر34ص:143)​

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Kaghan and Naran in 4 days: Travel Guide - Read Full >>

Kaghan and Naran in 4 days: Travel Guide - Read Full >>

Kaghan and Naran in 4 days: Travel Guide

For those of you who have the opportunity to visit the gorgeous Kaghan valley and Naran,these are the spots you must visit to ensure the most pleasurable trip.Kaghan valley is at its best to visit July through September and for the best rates as hotels such as Hotel de Manchi and Parhena Cottages 


Day 1:
1.Lake Saif-ul-Muluk 

This is the region’s main attraction (located 10km from Naran) and can be reached by jeep, a horse-ride or an 8km hike up a trail for those who wish.At a height of 10500 feet from sea level, surrounded by snow-clad mountains and crowned by the Malika Parbat summit,Saif-ul-Muluk is best to visit in June. 
Lake saif-ul-Muluk is also a famous trekking location due to the crystal waters and picturesque views and it would be worth the wait to stay and watch the sunset there.

The evenings and nights in Kaghan can be spent exploring the shopping districts all over the valley and buying handicraft products conducive to the region such as woolen shawls, rugs,and handmade jewelry and souvenirs.Products here are distinctive and reasonably price,it is a unique shopping experience.

Day 2:

1. Shogran 
Shogran(34 km from Balakot) is a green plateau in the Kaghan valley about 8000 feet above sea level famous for its view. The ideal season to visit Shogran is summer, like the rest of the valley, since it is most accessible then. 

2. Kawai Village 
On the way to Shogran if you set out early you could enjoy a meal at the famous village Kawai situated at a waterfall.

3. Sari Payee
Shogran connects to many beautiful places like Sari Payee(to which you can trek for 2 hours or take a jeep) and even from the lush lawns of the Forest Rest House at Shogran Sari Payee Lake is visible if you do not wish to trek

Day 3:

1. Lulusar Lake and Dudipatsar lakeand Lulusar Dudipatsar National Park  

Most people visiting this region do not venture beyond the Saif-ul-Muluk lake, but there a number of other lakes to see such as the Dudipatsar lake called the White Lake,though it melts from July to September.Another beautiful lake is the largest lake Lulusar which mirrors surrounding mountains. At the site of these two a national park exists in which you can stroll while enjoying the view.

2. Babusar top-highest point in the valley
The Babusar pass and top are 125km from Shogran and travel time is just under two hours,and the drive is extremely beautiful.You can stop on the way to visit the two beautiful lakes and national park.

3. Noori top and Neelum valley
Those who want to drive further can visit Noori top(only 26km from Babusar)and Neelum valley in Kashmir encountering valleys, gorges, glaciers and streams on the way.

Day 4:
1. Lalazar
Lalazar (about a 1 and a half hour drive from Naran) is a picturesque plateau at a 3200m elevation. It is the habitat of thick forests of pine and fir and wild flowers. Due to its beauty it is a popular camping spot. On a clear day “Falak Sonia” peak associated with famous fairytales can be seen.

2. Kunhar River
The mountain roads leading up to Lalazar have the Kunhar river on one side,famous for its hydro power generation.Kunhar river flows through the center of the Kaghan valley and it is possible to raft here.

3. Trout fishing
The Kunhar River is famous for brown trout and Rainbow trout, although a fishing permit is needed to fish which can be received at the Fisheries department in Naran.   

Only in Pakistan - read full >>

Only in Pakistan - read full >>

If you’re a Pakistani, there must be so many things coming in your mind already after looking at the title. Naturally, we can totally relate to it because we know that we can find the most unique things in our country and nowhere else. Often put in the negative limelight, it’s important to highlight and appreciate specific characteristics of Pakistan that put a smile on our faces. Jovago has come up with a short but hilarious list of a few things that are sure to make us smile:

Rickshaws with mysterious quotes painted
If you don’t own any kind of transport, we have some exceptional ride for you, Rickshaws. Rickshaws are a must-try if you’re living in or visiting Pakistan. It’s a small vehicle that can only fit 3 people, but we as Pakistanis have solutions for everything, families that are bigger than 3 persons also manage to fit in one small rickshaw somehow. The best part, however, is the enigmatic and facetious poetry and quotes we get to read behind every rickshaw.

Pakistan has also kept updating rickshaws by coming up with new designs, bigger and spacious models to an extent that the first ever Wi-Fi supported rickshaws were launched. Can you believe it? Have you ever had this facility in any other conveyance? No! But only Pakistan is home to these three-passenger, bolus-shaped public transport with Wi-Fi facility.

Local canals as swimming pools
Though it sounds strange, but it is a common tradition that can be seen in summers where men take public baths together in proximate canals. We have heard of animals taking a good water bath in the rivers or canals, but in Pakistan, we can see the similar scenes, but involving humans.

It is one of oldest customs which has now become essential for people because there is often a scarcity of water supply to various areas along with sweltering hot weather that forces them to swim in local canals. These canals act as a source of surplus water to our people.

Walls used for advertising
We observe walls around the cities decorated, painted and protected in the rest of the world while in Pakistan, you will never find an empty and clean wall. Walls around the cities in Pakistan are simply used for advertising each and every kind of product and/or service. These include medical assistance, matrimonial ads, house fumigation services, weight loss/gain remedial treatments and unlimited amount of random phone numbers.

These are just some of the unusually interesting things that can only be found in Pakistan. Of course we have the best food, the most hospitable people, unlimited talent and not to forget, a Nobel peace prize holder and winner of an Oscar award (both being females) and hospitable guest houses and hotels.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Fun facts about Balochistan

Fun facts about Balochistan

  1. Balochistan translates to ‘the land of the Baloch’, in many regional languages
  2. The country is dominated by natural resources, especially its natural gas fields which supply natural gas to the entire country
  3. Balochistan is Pakistan’s biggest province in terms of its area, covering 44% of Pakistan (134,050 square miles)
  4. The camel is the provincial animal of Balochistan
  5. A vast variety of languages are spoken in Balochistan, ranging from Makrani, Rukhshani, Sulemani, Pashto, Brahui, Lasi, Urdu, Punjabi, Hazargi, Sindhi, Saraiki, Dehvari, Dari, Tajik, Hindko, Uzbik, and Hindki
  6. The climate of Balochistan is very extreme. The highest temperature recorded was 53 degrees in Sibi in 2010 
  7. The Gwadar Port is located in Balochistan and is an operator for the China Overseas Port Holding Company
  8. The Sulaiman Mountains are the southern extension of the Hindu Khush Range.In Balochistan its highest peak is Zarghun Ghar at 3,578 meters (11,739 ft.)

Delicacies of Balochistan

Sajji is a Balochi specialty, where a whole lamb or chicken is roasted on coals after being marinated in salt and green papaya paste. 

Kaak is made from flattened dough, which is heated until the shell hardens and becomes crispy.

Meat is sealed in containers, left over a low flame to cook slowly in its juices and bone marrow. Dampkhut is a cooking technique that dates back to over 200 years!  

Khaddi Kabbab
A whole lamb or goat is stuffed with rice, and cooked over a fire. The rice is cooked by the fats of the lamb, and enjoyed.  

A soothing green tea, usually served with breakfast. 

Explore Balochistan to know what you are missing in life!

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Psychological tricks to get people to do what you want - read more >>

Psychological tricks to get people to do what you want - read more >>

لوگوں سے من مانا کام لینے کے لئے  11 نفسیاتی چال….

تفصیل جاننے کے لئے لنک کھولیں

11 psychological tricks to get people to do what you want

You don't need to be the CEO to get people to listen to you.

Psychological research suggests there are plenty of ways to get people to do what you want - without them even realizing you've persuaded them.

We've rounded up 11 science-backed strategies for getting people to like you, to buy stuff, and to give you what you're after.

Also Read: One word successful people never use at work

All of them will leave you feeling more powerful.

1. Use a "decoy" option to get people to buy your product. In his TED Talk, behavioral economist Dan Ariely explains the "decoy effect" using an old Economist advertisement as an example.

The ad featured three subscription levels: $59 for online only, $159 for print only, and $159 for online and print. Ariely figured out that the option to pay $159 for print only exists so that it makes the option to pay $159 for online and print look more enticing than it would if it was just paired with the $59 option.

In other words, if you're having trouble selling the more expensive of two products, consider adding a third option whose only function is to make the "expensive" product look more enticing. 

2. Tweak the environment to get people to act less selfish. "Priming" is a powerful psychological phenomenon in which one stimulus produces a particular response to another stimulus, often unconsciously.

One study, cited in the book "You Are Not So Smart," found that participants playing the ultimatum game opted to keep more money for themselves when they were seated in a room with a briefcase, a leather portfolio, and a fountain pen than when they sat in a room with neutral items. Even though none of the participants were aware of what had happened, the business-related objects may have elicited competitiveness. 

This tactic could potentially work when you're bargaining with someone - instead of meeting in a conference room, consider convening in a coffee shop so your partner is less inclined toward aggression.

3. Help advance someone's goals to get them to do you a favor. Psychologist Robert Cialdini says one way to influence people is to invoke the reciprocity norm. Basically, you help someone with something they need so they feel obliged to return the favor. 

And when you're thanked for helping out, Cialdini advises saying something like, "Of course, it's what partners do for each other," instead of "no problem," so they feel like they're expected to do the same for you.

4. Mimic people's body language to get them to like you. The next time you're trying to impress a hiring manager or the object of your affection, try subtly mimicking the way they're sitting and speaking - they'll probably like you more. 

Scientists call it the "chameleon effect": We tend to like conversation partners that mimic our postures, mannerisms, and facial expressions.

The strangest part of this phenomenon is that it happens largely unconsciously - most participants in the "chameleon effect" study weren't even aware that they were being copied.

5. Speak quickly to get an argument opponent to agree with you. How you communicate your ideas can be just as important as the substance of your argument. Research suggests that when someone disagrees with you, you should speak faster so they have less time to process what you're saying.

On the contrary, when you're delivering an argument that your audience agrees with, it helps to speak more slowly, so they have time to evaluate the message.

6. Confuse people to get them to comply with your request. The "disrupt-then-reframe" technique is a sneaky way to get people to cooperate. 

One study found that when experimenters went door-to-door selling note cards for charity, DTR helped them make twice as much money as when they simply told people they were selling eight cards for $3. In the DTR condition, they told people it was 300 pennies for eight cards, "which is a bargain."

Researchers say that DTR works because it disrupts routine thought processes. While trying to figure out how many dollars 300 pennies comes out to, people are distracted and so they just accept .. 

Read more at Source

Exploring Bahawalpur - One of the major cities of Punjab >>

Exploring Bahawalpur - One of the major cities of Punjab >>

by Ayesha Ghafoor

Bahawalpur is one of the major cities in Punjab. It is the capital of Bahawalpur district and the 13th most populous city of Pakistan. Bahawalpurhas a royal history, and is now a much developed metropolitan city. It can be considered as a mega city in terms of real estate, parks, markets and institutions. 

The city is situated near the prehistoric and ancient cities of Uch and Harappa, which were once a domination of the Delhi Sultanate and Indus Valley Civilization. As Bahawalpur has been home to most of the kings and nawabs, it is a vital attraction for tourists and history lovers. These kings built palaces for themselves which are a basis of tourist attraction.

Bahawalpur is well-known for its legendary carpets, embroidery and pottery. The Punjab government has given notice to such amazing hand work and has set up a Craft Development Centre from where handicrafts can be purchased. Some of souvenirs manufactured in Bahawalpur are Flassi, Gindi, Changaries, Khalti and more. 

Jovago’s Top 3

Noor Mahal 

The Noor Mahal is abeautiful palace in Bahawalpur which was owned by the Nawab of Bahawalpur. The palace was created by NawabSadiq Muhammad Khan (IV) who was passionate about constructing spectacular buildings. Most of the palace's raw materials were imported from England and Italy and was furnished with top quality foreign gears. The palace was complete in 1875.

It has 32 rooms altogether. The interior of the palace is an incorporation of Islamic and sub continental styles. The building was acknowledged a “restricted monument” in September 2001 by the Government of Pakistan's, Department of Archeology, but it is now one of the main attractions for anyone wanting to visit. 

Derawar fort 

Derawar Fort is a large square fortress in Bahawalpur located in Cholistan desert.Built by a Hindu Rajput, Raj JajjaBhatti, the fort has a majestic sight that one cannot miss if visiting Bhawalpur.It was. However, the fort has been depreciating over the years, and needs instant repair if not renovation. 

Bahawal Stadium 

The Bahawal Stadium is a very famous cricket ground in Bahawalpur. It is the second largest stadium in Asia in terms of area.This ground is used for many other sports, cricket being the core. The stadium has a capacity of 15,000 spectators. The first test match in Pakistan was held at the Bahawal stadium while the second test match held here was between India and Pakistan, a news that still excites the people of both nations. 



Bahawalpur has a rich culture of dining out. There is a range of cuisines and restaurants be it 5 star to roadside cafes. Names like Four seasons, Kebabish grill, The Grand regency are a must try! To complete the dining experience, the city has a wide variety of desert shops. 


A number of shopping centers are under construction in Bahawalpur. Shahi Bazaar, Machli Bazaar, Farid Gate and The Mall are the main shopping markets. Apart from that, major shopping malls, which are highly in trend, include Bobby Plaza, Takbeer Shopping Mall, Time and Prince.


Bahawalpur is host to many hotels that are a good choice for accommodation. There are 5 star hotels present including Pearl Continental. Other than that, there is a list of reasonable hotels that are perfect for planning a low budget trip to the city. You can check this list at Jovago’s website with further deals and great offers.

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