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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Drug addicts, transgenders are the main source of HIV in Pakistan, official says

Drug addicts, transgenders are the main source of HIV in Pakistan, official says

Drug addicts, transgenders are the main source of HIV in Pakistan, official says

Pakistan medical experts call for a massive awareness programme for the prevention of HIV

Dubai: Drugs addicts and transgenders are the main source of spreading HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) in Pakistan, said a senior official.

Medical experts in Pakistan stressed that mass awareness campaigns should be launched to educate people about preventive measures and treatment options for HIV.

Dr Sikandar Memon, the Program Manager of HIV/AIDS Control Programme in Sindh province, said there is urgent need for creating awareness about HIV infection, saying people in Pakistan are either unaware of their infection or hiding it due to social and cultural taboos.

He explained drug addicts and transgenders are the main source of spreading HIV and AIDs and claimed individuals were spreading the infection in Sindh. Unsafe, but common, practices such as reusing syringes and drips caused children being infected with HIV diseases in country, he said.

Acording to World Health Organization , unsafe injection practices and poor infection control is likely to be the most important driver of the outbreak,”

people registered in Aids control programmes

“Awareness is very much needed in general public at large and specifically healthcare providers and awareness programme have been launched in Sindh to minimise the infection of HIV and AIDS”, he added.

He also highlighted the importance of media in creating awareness among masses, saying public awareness seminars should also be organized in this connection.

There was a need to work with parents, and health-care professions, to warn against the rampant overuse of syringes and drips, reportd APP, the official news agency of Pakistan.

Dr Memom said the federal government was in touch with the Sindh health department to provide all out assistance to overcome the alarming situation in the province.

Expert said the disease was also spreading in other part of the country because of quacks as they used instruments which were not sterilized.

Dr Shobah Luxmi, Infectious Diseases consultnat at Aga Khan Hospital in Karachi, said that patients were at particular risk of contracting diseases or viruses at such clinics, where injections were often pushed as a primary treatment option.

“Sharing a needle or syringe for any use, including injecting drugs under the skin (skin popping), steroids, hormones or silicone, could put you at risk of HIV and other infections found in the blood like hepatitis C, she added.

She stressed the need to enforce ban on the reuse of syringes and called for the provision of safe blood transfusions.

children between 2 and 5 contract HIV in Sindh outbreak

Dr Sikandar said tha iternational and national health authorities and organisations working in Pakistan have already become active to curtail the HIV/AIDS outbreak in Sindh. He also stressed the need to control the fear among the people about spreading of the virus.

“Like the patients of diabetes and hypertension take a tablet each day, similarly the HIV positive patients can also take a single tablet daily to weaken the virus,” he added.

According to Dr Zafar Mirza, Pakistani Prime Minister’s Special Advisor on Health the reported cases of HIV in Pakistan are way less than actual numbers as according to conservative estimates, there are 163,000 HIV and AIDS cases in Pakistan, of which only 25,000 are registered with the national and provincial AIDS control programmes, and of these 25,000 cases, only 16,000 are getting proper treatment.

He underlined the need to address the stigma associated with HIV and AIDS. “The spread of communicable diseases exposes the deficiencies inherent in our healthcare system and our cultural practices,” he noted.

He recentluy told Pakistani media that a high-level international rapid response mission has been dispatched to to various areas especially in the Sindh provinc of Pakistan to ascertain the cause of the HIV outbreak, to advise on mitigation measures, and to suggest ways to avoid similar recurrences in future.

Responding to the HIV outbreak in Ratodero in Sindh, Dr Zafar said that the Regional Director of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has acceded to Pakistan’s request for a thorough investigation into the outbreak, He added that the Sindh government, with the assistance of the federal government, has so far carried out blood screening of 21,375 people, of whom 681 have tested positive for HIV.

“The most striking feature of the outbreak is that of these 631 cases, 537 cases are children in the two to five years age bracket, followed by children aged between 5-15 years,” Dr Zafar said.

Referring to the potential underlying causes of HIV and Hepatitis outbreaks, Dr Zafar cited reuse of syringes, use of unscreened blood for transfusion purposes, non-adherence to protocols for infection prevention and control, and unprotected sexual practices as the key challenges.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Dettol continues clean-up drives in support of Clean Green Pakistan movement

Dettol continues clean-up drives in support of Clean Green Pakistan movement

Dettol continues clean-up drives in support of Clean Green Pakistan movement

Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan Limited (RB), makers of Dettol in Pakistan, have been supporting the Government of Pakistan’s ‘Clean Green Pakistan’ movement through its campaign “Hoga Saaf Pakistan” by conducting a series of cleanathons across the country. As a part of the series of cleanathons, RB collaborated with Patients Aid Foundation (PAF) and Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) to create a cleaner and healthier space within the Medical ICU unit of JPMC. RB employees and volunteers supported the janitorial staff in cleaning the vicinity and painting public service messages to encourage visitors to maintain cleanliness.

Fahad Ashraf, CEO Reckitt Benckiser, said, “We appreciate JPMC’s trust on Dettol for providing a clean and germ-free environment for patients and their families. We encourage people and organizations to join hands with us in cleaning communal spaces around the country. As RB, we will continue to lead such activities to raise awareness and mobilize action, kyunke milkay lagayeinge jaan, tau Hoga Saaf Pakistan!”

On this occasion, Mr. Zahid Bashir, Chairman, Patients’ Aid Foundation (PAF) said, “I am pleased to see that corporate entities like RB are taking the responsibility of delivering hygiene and cleanliness messages through such initiatives. These activities encourage people to be cognizant of their habits and shift their lifestyles towards a healthier and cleaner living.”  

RB has been at the forefront to promote health and hygiene in the country through its campaign, Hoga Saaf Pakistan, and other national WASH programs since the announcement of Government’s Clean Green Pakistan movement. Earlier this year, the Company announced its commitment to support the Government’s Clean Green Pakistan movement by expanding on RB’s existing programs with the objective of spreading awareness about ensuring personal hygiene, toilet hygiene and most importantly, disposing waste properly.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tecno To Provide Camon I Sky 3 To The Punjab Emergency Rescue Servicemen (Rescue 1122)

Tecno To Provide Camon I Sky 3 To The Punjab Emergency Rescue Servicemen (Rescue 1122)

Tecno To Provide Camon I Sky 3 To The Punjab Emergency Rescue Servicemen (Rescue 1122)

TECNO Mobile the leading smartphone brand is providing its bestselling phone the Camon i Sky 3 to Rescue 1122 workers through its network partner Yellowstone. The access to smartphones will facilitate the first responders and will enable victims to receive swift aid and assistance. 

Yellowstone, the official distributing partner of TECNO Mobile in Pakistan, have already supplied 640 units of the TECNO Camon i Sky 3 to the rescue 1122 workers on 30th June, 2019. 

The Punjab Emergency Rescue Service, commonly referred to as Rescue 1122, is one of the largest and most well trained emergency operators in the country. They provide assistance to millions of individuals across the province through their emergency ambulance, fire and community rescue response teams. The Rescue 1122 team also deals with instances of natural disasters and victims of terror related activities. As such by equipping the operators with a smartphone, TECNO and Yellowstone hope to further help the people of Pakistan receive the best immediate care they can. 

Mr. Creek Ma, CEO of TECNO Mobile Pakistan shared his excitement for this project noting “At TECNO we aspire to help Pakistan and so by providing smartphones to rescue workers we hope to facilitate and empower the emergency response teams. We are very proud of this initiative and happy to supply one of our best phones, the Camon i Sky 3, to the Rescue 1122 teams in Pakistan”. 

The Camon i Sky 3 has a 6.2 inch touchscreen display and is powered by a 2.0 MHz quad core processor. It is a dual-sim smartphone that comes with 2GB RAM and a powerful 3500mAh battery. Additionally, the phone provides Wi-Fi connectivity, 4G networking and an internal storage of 32GB. 

The Camon i Sky 3 will be used by the rescue operators as a tool (through its GPS, Data and Bluetooth feature) for providing better aid and assistance to young peoples. By providing the first responders and their on-call supporting teams with the TECNO smartphone, we aim to improve upon response time and provide on spot assistance to the rescue operating team. Moreover, the phones will help in tracking location and providing better communication between the team and the Rescue 1122 headquarters.

TECNO Mobile is one of the leading brands in Pakistan which has seen a gradual growth in the market share. Earlier this year the brand launched a country wide campaign to provide quality education to orphans from Khubaib Foundation under the title of “Tecno Blue Chalk”. The company’s latest smartphone, the Camon i4 which was released earlier this year made a notable impact in the market as it’s the only smartphone in its price range to offer users a triple AI camera feature. TECNO aims to empower its users through state of the art technology and this recent initiative with Rescue 1122 is just one of it’s many projects aimed at helping Pakistan progress and develop.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

#Facebook steps up to control misleading health content - based on false, sensational and misleading claims

#Facebook steps up to control misleading health content - based on false, sensational and misleading claims

Facebook steps up to control misleading health content - based on false, sensational and misleading claims

Karachi: July 03, 2019: Facebook initiated measures to control the content on the topic of health, fitness, and nutrition based on false, sensational and misleading claims.

In our ongoing efforts to improve the quality of information in News Feed, Facebook considers ranking changes based on how they affect people, publishers and our community as a whole. We know that people don’t like posts that are sensational or spammy, and misleading health content is particularly bad for our community, said Travish Yeh, a Facebook’s product manager.

So, last month we made two ranking updates to reduce the posts with exaggerated or sensational health claims and to reduce the posts attempting to sell products or services based on health-related claims, he added.

For the first update, we consider if a post about health exaggerates or misleads — for example, making a sensational claim about a miracle cure. 

For the second update, we consider if a post promotes a product or service based on a health-related claim — for example, promoting a medication or pill claiming to help you lose weight. 

We handled this in a similar way to how we’ve previously reduced low-quality content like clickbait: by identifying phrases that were commonly used in these posts to predict which posts might include sensational health claims or promotion of products with health-related claims, and then showing these lower in News Feed, he added.

We will continue working to minimize low-quality health content on Facebook. 

It is anticipated that most Pages won’t see any significant changes to their distribution in News Feed as a result of this update.

Posts with sensational health claims or solicitation using health-related claims will have reduced distribution. Pages should avoid posts about health that exaggerate or mislead people and posts that try to sell products using health-related claims. If a Page stops posting this content, their posts will no longer be affected by this change.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

‘Sindh Rescue and Medical Services’ launched at the Sindh Secretariat

‘Sindh Rescue and Medical Services’ launched at the Sindh Secretariat

‘Sindh Rescue and Medical Services’ launched at the Sindh Secretariat

Karachi, June 25, 2019: ‘Sindh Rescue and Medical Services’ (SRMS), a project of Government of Sindh, in collaboration with Aman Health Care Services, was formally launched at the Sindh Secretariat today. Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho, Minister for Health and Population, Government of Sindh graced the occasion and cut the ribbon to inaugurate the newly branded ambulances. This marks the official launch of Karachi’s first ever government backed, free of cost, life-saving ambulance service. This welcome development is the actualization of Sindh’s government’s earlier promise of providing quality & free of cost emergency medical service to the citizens of Karachi. 

It is to be noted that Government of Sindh initiated its formal support to Aman Ambulances, which had been operating in Karachi through a fleet of 60 lifesaving ambulances, in October 2018. During this period 74,776 life-saving interventions have been made and 11 babies have been delivered inside the ambulances, which now bear the emblem of Government of Sindh and are branded as Sindh Rescue and Medical Services. The provincial government intends to expand the size of this fleet incrementally to 200 to cater to the twenty million population of this mega-polis. 

A successful project by the name of Sindh Peoples Ambulance Service is already underway in the districts of Thatta & Sujawal with 25 life-saving ambulances since 2017. During the last two years, 51,120 lifesaving interventions have been made, including delivery of 151 babies in the life-saving ambulances enroute to the health facilities. 

Health Minister reiterated Government of Sindh’s endeavour towards exemplary public service during the ceremony, “Today is a great milestone for the people of Karachi and fruition of Sindh Government’s unwavering efforts and resolve to facilitate the citizens of this province. We greatly look forward to expanding this lifesaving ambulance service to all districts of Sindh in an incremental manner at the earliest.” 

CEO, Aman Foundation, Mujahid Khan, also expressed his gratitude at the launch of the Sindh Rescue and Medical Services. “We are very excited to continue working with the Sindh Government towards this pioneering partnership for setting up world class emergency medical services in Karachi and Sindh. Today marks for us the true actualization of Aman Foundation’s founding vision of bringing about systemic change by incubating public service initiatives for the under-served, and scaling them through strategic partnerships. ”

The ceremony was attended by Secretary Health and other senior officials from the Ministry of Health; CEO and senior team members of Aman Health Care Services.

The Sindh Rescue and Medical Services ambulances will continue to be run by the able team of Aman Health Care Services whereby the quality control and protocol will remain consistent to their decade-long experience in the field of emergency medical services, for the benefit of the public.

As before, the pre-hospital emergency care ambulance service is available by dialling 1021. As has been the practice in the past, and in line with global best practices, the service will prioritize critical and lifesaving interventions across Karachi.

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