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Friday, June 28, 2019

Crackdown against the anti social and criminal elements is continued and a large no of criminal elements has been arrested

Crackdown against the anti social and criminal elements is continued and a large no of criminal elements has been arrested

Crackdown against the anti social and criminal elements is continued and a large no of criminal elements has been arrested

Lahore, June 26, 2019: In this regard under the supervision of CPO Multan Imran Mehmood police conducted an operation in coordination with JTT, othe law enforcement agencies and Elite force from 21 to 24 June. Search operation was carried out in the areas of Maka Town and Baloch Colony in the jurisdiction of Police Station New Multan, and in Basti Jaleel, Chak no 90, in the areas of PS Budhla Sant and PS Qadar Pur Rawan. During search operation total 24 illegal weapon were recovered, 354 houses were searched and credentials of 149 citizens were verified through biometric.

29 culprits of betting on matches were arrested and an amount of 169000 were recovered while 25 persons were arrested for keeping illicit/vulgar videos. 7 LCD,s 7 UPS, 5 TP Link devices were recovered from these criminals. During search operation 6 local goons/gangsters were detained for 30 days under 3 MPO Act.

CPO Multan Imran Mehmood said that on the directions of IGP, operations are being carried out to purge district from criminal elements and illegal weapons in coordination with other law enforcement agencies, so far during the operation a large no of criminal elements arrested and according to the list of top 20 criminals special teams has been constituted for the arrest of these listed criminals.

He further added that I am monitoring the operation myself to ensure that during the action according to the SOP,s no botherance is caused to law abiding citizens because main objective of this operation is to purge the area from criminal elements and illegal weapons.

Plan9 launches Whizkids & Summer Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2019

Plan9 launches Whizkids & Summer Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2019

Plan9 launches Whizkids & Summer Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2019

LAHORE – To place the students in the preliminary stages of entrepreneurship by workshops and training, ‘Whizkids & Summer Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2019’ has been launched as part of a collaboration of Punjab Information Technology Board`s Project Plan 9 and Information Technology University (ITU), Punjab.

The core purpose of Whizkids is to enable children to discover their talents and develop their skills in the fast-paced, tech-driven world.

The theme of the three-week long summer camp started on Monday, at Arfa Software Technology Park, is celebrating diversity both in terms of age and social stratification. Packed with interesting and educative workshops, it also offers exciting activities to students from ages 8-18. The coaching and guidance given during this summer camp would help the children to catch up with the global technology trends and identify their future paths.

With a special focus on STEM learning, the courses offered will have a blend of technology and entrepreneurship. The courses include Scratch, Robotics, Snap Circuit, Graphic Designing, Marketing and App Development, etc. Additionally, Creative Content Writing will be offered to enhance the writing skills of children.

Punjab Whizkids 2019 are divided into two groups of children. One group have children with ages from 8-13 years and the second with ages 14-18 years.

The innovatively designed summer program being organised with the support of PITB`s HR wing aims at delivering and nurturing future STEM experts, helps our youth chart their future and has, since its commencement, offered workshops ranging from IT-based learning to personal development and confidence building.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Four more filtration plants to be added to the safe water initiative “PAANI”

Four more filtration plants to be added to the safe water initiative “PAANI”

Four more filtration plants to be added to the safe water initiative “PAANI”

Lahore, June 17, 2019: Water is a fundamental resource for the existence and survival of all life forms. UNICEF reports stunted growth in 38 percent of the children under five years in Pakistan. Stunting doesn’t only affect physical growth but also impacts the cognitive and mental development of children.

 To address this issue, CCI Pakistan collaborated with WWF Pakistan to set up safe drinking water filtration plants across the country under project name “PAANI”. Under this initiative, 24 water filtration plants have already been installed between 2013-2018 which continue to serve safe drinking water to approx. 750,000 underprivileged people. 

Keeping in view the success of “PAANI” project, Mr.  Ahmet Kursad Ertin, General Manager CCI-Pakistan, and Mr. Hammad Naqvi Khan, Director General WWF-Pakistan, have signed an agreement to install four more water filtration plants in 2019 across Pakistan. 

CCI Pakistan is a subsidiary of CCI- a multi-national beverage company operating in Turkey, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Tajikistan. CCI is a key bottler company in the Coca-Cola system which produces, sells and distributes the Coca-Cola Company beverages.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurates the 400-year-old historic “Picture Wall” of Lahore Fort

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurates the 400-year-old historic “Picture Wall” of Lahore Fort

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurates the 400-year-old historic “Picture Wall” of Lahore Fort

Aerial view of the Lahore fort, looking from north-west corner, showing full length of Picture wall which is nearly 1,500 feet in length and some 50 feet in height, (450 x 15 meters), Pakistan.

Lahore, Pakistan: - Imran Khan, Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, inaugurated the restoration of the 400-year-old “Picture Wall” of Lahore Fort. The Picture Wall is one of the principal features of the Lahore Fort UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The conservation of the 240-foot-long western façade has been carried out by the Aga  Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC), and its country affiliate, the Aga Khan Cultural Service-Pakistan (AKCS-P), in collaboration with the Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA).

Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister Imran Khan emphasised the need for educational institutions to develop archaeology as a subject and the importance of preserving heritage sites in Pakistan. Citing sustainable conservation models from other countries where heritage sites are made economically viable by converting to hotels, the Prime Minister applauded how this model has been successfully implemented by the Aga Khan Development Network in northern areas of Pakistan.

Together with the Shah Burj Gate (Hathi Pol), the Picture Wall forms the original private entrance to the Fort. The wall is exquisitely decorated with imagery of hunting, battle scenes, angels and demons, human figures, animals, birds, as well as geometric and floral patterns.  Built approximately 400 years ago during the Mughal era, it is one of the largest murals in the world. It is embellished in cut glazed tile mosaic work, filigree work, fresco, painted lime plaster and cut brickwork.

Salman Beg, CEO, Aga Khan Cultural Service, Pakistan said, “The process of conservation included the stabilisation and consolidation of the Picture Wall’s structure, as well as its decorative elements, and warranted the expertise of both heritage crafts as well as conservators. It also included archaeological excavation in order to expose the original Mughal era floor level which is seven feet below the present ground level.”

Prototype conservation of a 35-foot-long section of the Picture Wall was initiated in February 2017. The approach was validated in an international workshop in January 2018. Physical conservation of the western façade of the Picture Wall was carried out from July 2018 to March 2019, with funding from the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the Government of Punjab, the Federal Republic of Germany, and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture.

In 2016, the Walled City of Lahore Authority took up the conservation of the historic Imperial Kitchens, as well as its adaptive re-use, in order to bring it into the Fort’s touristic circuit. The conservation work has been carried out in collaboration with Aga Khan Cultural Service–Pakistan, who conserved and rehabilitated the ruined eastern wing. Today, the historic structure has been conserved and put back into use, which is expected to enhance the cultural environment of the Lahore Fort complex.

AKTC, part of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), focuses on the physical, social, cultural and economic revitalisation of communities in the developing world. AKDN provides a broad range of services in Pakistan – and has been doing so for over 100 years. Endeavours of AKDN in education, health, rural development, poverty alleviation, restoration of Islamic heritage, tourism, and microfinance have tried to create a critical mass of integrated development activities that offer people in a given area not only a rise in income, but a broad, sustained improvement in the overall quality of life. 

Thursday, April 18, 2019

The World’s Biggest 24-Hour Book Sale – The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Opens Its Doors for the First Time in Pakistan

The World’s Biggest 24-Hour Book Sale – The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Opens Its Doors for the First Time in Pakistan

The World’s Biggest 24-Hour Book Sale – The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Opens Its Doors for the First Time in Pakistan

Over one million brand new books of all genres will be at 50% - 90% discounts throughout the 11-day sale

Lahore, April 18, 2019 - The World’s Biggest Book Sale – the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has officially launched its very first sale here in Pakistan at the Lahore Expo Centre. The event was officiated by the Provincial Minister for Higher Education and Tourism, Mr. Raja Yasir Humayun alongside the Founder of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, Mr. Andrew Yap, and Organiser of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, Mr. Awais Akhtar Butt. The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale’s partner from Punjab Group of Colleges Ms Hajra Afzal, Director of Punjab Group was also seen at the event. Known for its unique feature of being open for 24 hours, non-stop, the Sale will be in Lahore for 11 days, starting April 19, 2019 from 9.00am onwards till 11.59pm of April 29, 2019 at Hall 3, Lahore Expo Centre. Entrance to the event is free. 

“Reading is a tool to understand the world better. It helps you create a better version of yourself, inspires people to learn new things, and empowers them to dream big. At the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, we aim to continuously make affordable books accessible so that more people can read and we are really happy to be here in Lahore.”, said Andrew Yap, Founder of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale.

Visitors will get a chance to browse through their favourite genres, in multiple categories. The Sale features the best books available in the world’s literary market – from art, architecture and history, to science, poetry, and fantasy. A huge variety of children’s books including activity books as well as augmented reality storybooks will also be available. 

“We are also bringing in the Little Hippo Augmented Reality (AR) books for children. We understand that technology is something we cannot deny and children in this generations are more in tune with technology. Its “come-to-life” feature gives children a magical experience as they see their favourite characters talking and engaging with them,” he added.

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is known as Asia’s biggest and exclusive seller of the Little Hippo AR books. These AR books feature a variety of children’s stories such as Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and many more. Its interactive learning feature makes learning fun and entertaining using its cutting-edge AR technology to revolutionise reading for young ones.

“We are overjoyed to bring the World’s Biggest Book Sale to Lahore, the city that has produced many of the world’s greatest minds – writers, poets, thinkers, intellectuals and orators. We believe that everyone wants to read – it’s just a matter of choice. The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale helps empower people to make that choice and with books at heavily reduced prices, now everyone can get into the hobby of reading” said Awais Akhtar Butt, Director of Big Book Private Limited, Organiser 

Aside from bringing the best books to all book lovers, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale also believes in giving back to the community. This is made possible through its Corporate Social Responsibility arm, the Red Readerhood Programme – an initiative designed to donate brand new, quality books to the underprivileged. 

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will be pledging 500 books to the cause and customers are encouraged to participate in the Red Readerhood Programme to play a part in giving back to the community. All the books that are collected through this initiative will benefit underprivileged children under the care of Slumabad. The Big Bad Wolf Books Their aim to make education available to these underprivileged children coincides with Big Bad Wolf Book Sale’s mission. Those who are keen to donate to this cause are encouraged to visit the Red Readerhood Corner located after the cashier counters to purchase books that have been specially curated for the children and drop it into a box prepared at the Sale.

This year, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in Lahore is also supported by local organisations such as the Punjab Group of Colleges, Association for Academic Quality and Slumabad who are aligned with the Sale’s mission of changing the world one book at a time. 

From its very first sale in Malaysia in 2009, Big Bad Wolf Books has been on a mission to introduce non-readers to new reads and cultivate the never-ending love for books across countries. It has since established itself as a must-visit book event in Kuala Lumpur, as well as in countries around the world. The Sale’s first stop in Pakistan this April gives people in the country a chance to experience and explore the wonderful and magical world of books.

The World’s Biggest Book Sale – the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has officially launched its very first sale here in Pakistan at the Lahore Expo Centre. Picture shows Mr. Raja Yasir Humayun (Center), Provincial Minister for Higher Education & Tourism with the organizers at the inauguration ceremony”.

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