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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Children of #Al-Shifa Trust are waiting for YOUR Help!

The Children of #Al-Shifa Trust are waiting for YOUR Help!

The Children of #Al-Shifa Trust are waiting for YOUR Help!

Al-Shifa Trust is a Special School & Rehabilitation Centre providing special education, therapies and rehabilitation services to more than 100 indoor children inflicted with neuromuscular disorders belonging to VERY humble backgrounds. An average of 50 outdoor clients per day are also provided therapeutic treatment on subsidized rates and even pro bono in deserving cases. 

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Civil Aviation have been supporting these beautiful children since 1967. In an effort to further improve the facilities and help given to these children, PIA is holding a Fundraising event on June 26, 2019 at the DHA Golf Club from 8:30 pm. The event will be aired live on the PIA Facebook page.
The honorable Governor Sindh, Mr. Imran Ismail will preside as the Chief Guest. Federal Minister for Aviation, Mr Ghulam Sarwar Khan, and other eminent personalities from civil society, corporate sector, Directors of PIA, Trustees of Al-Shifa Trust and senior executive from PIACL and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will also attend the event.

PIA also maintains an account for those who would like to donate to improve the lives of these children. Anyone can donate any amount at any time at  A/c Title: AL-SHIFA TRUST. Bank A/c #:00480009646101; IBAN Number: PK36 HABB 0000 4800 0964 6101
Bank / Branch: Habib Bank Limited, PIA Airport Branch, Near Ramada Plaza, Karachi Airport

The special children of Al-Shifa Turst are completely dependent on funds by others for their survival. These young souls who are differently abled require special education, therapy, food and rehabilitation to survive in this world. 

It is heartbreaking to see hungry children who do not get adequate care arrive at Al-Shifa as a last hope for their survival in a world that is a constant struggle for them. It is not that the parents don’t want to care for their child, it is that they are not able to.

Two socially responsible corporate citizens namely PIA and Civil Aviation incepted this charitable institution in 1967. It was subsequently converted in to a Trust in 1981. Currently, it provides special and conductive education besides physical, speech and occupational therapies to cases of cerebral palsy, down syndrome and other neuromuscular as well as skeletal disorders.

The aim of Al-Shifa Trust is to recover and rehabilitate our very special children to normal life. These children are otherwise suffering because of negligence and lack of facilities. We educate and equip them with necessary skills to embrace life lively and to be as independent as possible in managing themselves.

Al-Shifa Trust is dedicated to ensuring that these children, adults, young and old with disabilities, receive opportunities to achieve their maximum potential for independence within their families and their communities. In recognition of the essential uniqueness of each client, Al-Shifa Trust strives to provide services and treatment keeping in view the individual needs. 

The primary role of Al-Shifa Trust is to provide rehabilitation services which contribute towards physical, education, communication, psychological and social needs of special children and persons. Over the decades they have rehabilitated thousands of children, who have gone on to become contributing members of society. This is the greatest achievement of the Trust and this is what it would like to continue doing. It can only happen if you open your hearts to fund their survival.

Friday, February 2, 2018

The Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) celebrates 35 years of services

The Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) celebrates 35 years of services

`Knowledge can speed up process of development`


ISLAMABAD: The Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) celebrated 35 years of interventions to enhance the capacity of local communities in GilgitBaltistan and Chitral with a panel discussion and an expo at Serena Hotel on Thursday. The day-long expo included crafts and produce from the northern areas.

AKRSP was established in 1982 by the Aga Khan Foundation with a mandate to improve the quality of life for local communities through social and economic development efforts, AKRSP Chairman Aziz Boolani told participants of the event.

`We have three principles which are organizing communities, generating capital and enhancing human resource. The aim is to improve the quality of life of the underserved,` he said, adding that though a lot of improvements have come about in the target regions, a lot more needs to be done.

`Change cannot be brought about by a single organization and we are grateful toour donors. The AKRSP model of working with communities has been replicated across the region. As of today, we work in 10 districts of GB and Chitral. When are looking into how to mitigate unemployment, achieve gender empowerment and address the changes posed by opportunities like the China Pakistan Economic Corridor,` he said.

The keynote speaker, Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Sartaj Aziz said: `My struggle to find a meaningful development model started in the 1960s when everyone was euphoric about the growth model. By the end of the 60s, people realized that with growth the bottom 40pc do not benefit. I visited China and saw a model where they were focusing on rural development alongside the urban development. I realized that someone had to do some political engineering to understand what needs to be done in Pakistan.

In 1983 on a visit home, I went to see the AKRSP model Shoaib Sultan had started and saw that we had a viable rural development model and I returned subsequently to help create the National Rural Support Programme.

He added: `The question before us iswhat about the future. We have to scale up, we have to multiply the coverage and even in terms of the activities we have to participate in opportunities like the digital economy and digitalisation could lead to a quantum jump in the reach of rural development through access to information and technology. When the knowledge reaches poor people, it will greatly speed the process of development.

The panel discussion included development practitioner Shoaib Sultan Khan, European Union Delegation Ambassador Jean-Francois Cautain, UN Resident Coordinator Neil Buhne, Pakist an Poverty Alleviation Fund CEO Qazi Azmat Isa and AKRSP general manager Muzaffar Uddin.

Mr Buhne said AKRSP is about the empowerment of people who do not have a voice while Mr Cautain stressed in the importance of believing in human capital.

`Social capital is the foundation of all our endeavours. The world is becoming more and more inequitable the women don`t have voice, the poor don`t have voice, the disabled don`t have voice and this disenfranchisement is painful,` Mr Isa said.Hussan Bano, a member of the AKRSP community organization in Rahimabad, a village beyond Gilgit, shared her story with the gathering and said she could not continue with her education because her parents could not afford to educate her and that she was married off at a young age.

`A year later, my in-laws threw my husband and I out along with our newborn child. We had nowhere to go and we stayed in a cattle-shed where I started selling second-hand clothes even though the women in our community do not go out and worl(. I went to the AKRSP women`s organization and the manager helped me get a Rs20,000 loan to help by business. I also got a Rs25,000 grant with which I started selling new clothes. Since then, I have taken out a loan of Rs200,000 and my business supports my family and my seven children are getting an education as well. I dream of owning an even larger business,` she said.

The evening ended with music and dinner as seven impeccably dressed students from the Bulbulik Music School in Hunza performed a traditional song and musicians from Chitral played the sitar.

Read on Dawn

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

#AKDN takes interest in Bangladesh’s basic education development

#AKDN takes interest in Bangladesh’s basic education development

The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) takes an interest in the development of Bangladesh’s basic education to prepare students to become global citizens so that they can address new challenges both nationally and internationally.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they co-hosted a ‘Forum on International Education for Global Citizens’ in Dhaka on Friday bringing together all stakeholders including students.

The AKDN said this was in keeping with the goal 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals which tells to “revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development”.

AKDN’s Resident Diplomatic Representative to Bangladesh Munir M Merali welcomed participants and shared the Network’s “continued interest and commitment” to the education sector in Bangladesh through additional investments, including the establishment of the Aga Khan Academy in Dhaka.

Foreign Secretary Md Shahidul Haque was present as chief guest. Secretary for Primary and Mass Education Mohammad Asif-Uz-Zaman also spoke at the forum.

Former Research Chair of Canada’s Red River College Janet Jamieson and Global Manager for Professional Development of the Aga Khan Academies Jonathan Marsh made key-note presentations.

Jamieson emphasised the importance of the early years in setting the foundations for all future learning and behaviour, including the knowledge, skills and values required for students to become global citizens.

Marsh spoke about ways in which public-private partnerships in education can be effectively leveraged to improve teaching and learning outcomes for all students.

Students from the Aga Khan School, Dhaka, Bawnia Badh Islamia Alia Madrasha, Holy Cross, Sunbeams and Viqarunnisa Noon School and College, among others, later took part in a roundtable discussion.

Students, teachers and other participants discussed ways to draw out their ideas on how education in Bangladesh can be improved to be more interactive, experiential and values-based, and how they can inculcate life skills.

Monday, September 18, 2017

TAF Foundation, changing lives of women, one skill at a time

TAF Foundation, changing lives of women, one skill at a time

Karachi: TAF Foundation, a not-for-profit organization working for women empowerment through its Vocational Training Institute (TAFF-VTI), has commenced its second 3.5-month training course for marginalized women from all across Karachi. This rigorous course will impart classroom and practical training in culinary and housekeeping skills, preparing the trainees comprehensively for a career as professional domestic helper. 

There is an overwhelming demand for well-trained, groomed and reliable domestic helpers with structured skills. The higher socio-economic segment of Pakistani society presently addresses this need through domestic help imported from other countries like Philippines, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. TAFF-VTI is now all set to bring about a paradigm shift, by institutionalizing the domestic help industry in Pakistan through skills development of our own women, who are willing to build a career for themselves in this field. Not only will there be an assured supply of local skilled domestic helpers for those who need it, but sustainable livelihoods will be created for our society’s marginalized women.

Aatiqa Lateef, CEO TAF Foundation, said, “Our program engages women through a three-tier model – recruitment, training and placement. Thus, the objective is not just providing professional training, but also ensuring placement of our graduates, with premium remuneration. This program is developed to enable women in Pakistan not only with a professional skill set but to also empower them with a legal and financial understanding of their rights as women. We have seen that these additional skills have had a transformational impact on their personal lives.”

Previously TAFF-VTI has rolled out two terms from which majority of the graduates have been placed into meaningful employment. These graduates who were earning PKR 4,000 to 8,000 per month before joining TAFF-VTI are now working in contractual employment at PKR 20,000 to 30,000 per month, with their contracts being based on the labor laws in Pakistan and managed by the VTI’s Career Placement Center.

“Today I consider myself extremely fortunate to have received this training from TAFF-VTI,” stated Sultana, TAFF-VTI trainee from the pilot batch, adding: “It has been a life-changing experience, which only someone who has remained marginalized and exploited their whole life can really understand. The quality and efficiency of my work has improved drastically, my self-confidence is sky-high, and I have a new respect and dignity not only from my own family and in-laws but from my whole community. With my much larger income now, I am able to achieve at least one dream – provide a good education to my son, which was previously impossible.” 

As the project gains attention, corporates and institutions from around Pakistan have identified TAFF-VTI as one of the more innovative integrated social development projects in the country.

About TAFF: TAF Foundation (TAFF) began as the Abbassciy Family Foundation in the year 2010 and served as a charitable organization to the underprivileged. In 2015, the Abbassciy Foundation was restructured into a philanthropic organization focused on long-term development initiatives. Renamed the TAF Foundation, TAFF aligned its mandates to Education, Health, and Social Consciousness and now concentrates on sustainable programs which help to create upward social and economic mobility. 

TAFF-VTI is a long-term and scalable project of the TAF Foundation established to meet the demand. 

TAFF-VTI developed a ‘first of its kind’ intensive training program, and has partnered with reputable Corporates, Foundations, Law Firms, Banks and other organizations that aligned themselves to women’s empowerment initiative which closes the gap between supply and demand in a non-institutionalized industry.  To learn more about TAFF-VTI, please visit:

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