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Monday, July 22, 2019

Pepsi Battle of the Bands season 4 – Episode 4

Pepsi Battle of the Bands season 4 – Episode 4

Pepsi Battle of the Bands season 4 – Episode 4

The fourth episode of Pepsi Battle of the Bands season four continued the first round, with the remaining six out of twelve bands performing in three one-on-one battles.

First up was Auj vs Jhoot. Auj performed their original ‘O Jaana’ in a fantastic first move in what, according to Jhoot, was to be a tough battle akin to a Pakistan vs India match. However, the judges begged to differ as Jhoot’s performance of their original ‘Sona Chandi’ didn’t knock Auj out cold. They praised Auj for their versatility, Bilal Maqsood was even afraid how they would follow it up after setting such a high bar for themselves. Pointing out the weak vocals in Jhoot’s performance, the jury awarded this round to Auj.

The next battle was between Marjaan and Black Hour. Marjaan fired the first shot with their original ‘Rang Jaa’. And Black Hour responded with an impeccable, transcendental performance of ‘Aik Nayi Subh’, prompting Fawad Khan to give them a standing ovation. Fawad said Marjaan’s original could be a super hit song if they released it as a soundtrack and praised the band’s songwriting and vocals. He also said he thought Marjaan would overpower and outperform Black Hour but they proved him completely wrong and gave a mind-blowing performance.

The jury, overall, agreed that Marjaan was a more vocals-driven band, while Black Hour shined in all aspects and showed a strong footing as a unit with a diverse set of music and abilities. Faisal Kapadia said this was the toughest decision they have had to make so far, and the judges took a minute to make the decision, which eventually went in Black Hour’s favor.

Seismic Tremors and Uraan faced off the final showdown of the episode. This was an interesting battle as Uraan’s bassist Irfan was Seismic Tremor’s mentor in their university days, therefore making it a sort of mentor vs student contest.

Seismic Tremors performed an original ‘Dil ki Baat’, mixing narration and rap, claiming to be the first song of its kind to use both. Uraan responded to Seismic Tremor’s power-packed performance with a mellow, Ed Sheeran-esque song ‘Gol’. The jury decided to award this battle to Uraan, thanks to a more coherent, harmonic showing.

It was time to declare the best performance of the day. Meesha Shafi asked the audience to cheer for whom they think was the winner. The jury, as well as the audience, were in agreement when Meesha gave a new Ibanez guitar to Auj.

Lastly, the judges had to decide which band will fill the last spot in the top eight. Marjaan, Seismic Tremors and Jhoot lined up on stage. The jury praised the diverse sound of each band in the danger zone – from rock to rap to Eastern and soft and melodic, evidence of how Pepsi Battle of the Bands offers the prestigious platform to a vast variety of local talent.

Faisal finally announced that Marjaan would be joining the other seven bands in the top eight and move to the next round.

Friday, July 12, 2019

The much awaited Web Series BFFs (Best Friends Forever) set to release on the 19th July 2019

The much awaited Web Series BFFs (Best Friends Forever) set to release on the 19th July 2019

The much awaited Web Series BFFs (Best Friends Forever) set to release on the 19th July 2019

Imagine Nation pictures (IN) is a new venture by 4 upcoming filmmakers namely Sami Rehman (of Bekaar Films fame), Rida Zahra, Ghania Asad and Sidrah Jamil. IN was formed in the hopes of further exploring the web series market in Pakistan and later dabbling into films and other media. IN’s goal is to present a range of different genres and exciting content that would inspire the Pakistani youth.

“BFFs” (meaning Best Friends Forever) is their first web series and will be premiering on the 19th of July 2019 on Youtube. KFC Pakistan has teamed up with IN and is on board as the official food partner for the web series. BFFs comprises of a total of 6 Episodes. They will release each Episode every Friday respectively.
BFFs is a light-hearted, youth centric and a fourth-wall-breaking, experimental comedy. Something to be enjoyed by friends and family alike. The series focuses on two crazy best friends (Rida & Sami), who chose friendship over love – when given an ultimatum. In order to save their 20 year friendship, the two decided to get married and stay ‘best friends forever’, without even having an ounce of romance between them. Life after marriage was of course, not as easy as the both of them had imagined. The series contains some special appearances by a few well known youtubers (namely Bekaar Films).
The teaser was released on the 2nd of July and has received a lot of love from the people – it has reached more than 115,000 views on Facebook alone.

IN launched the official trailer with KFC on the 10th of July 2019 at KFC ittehad outlet.  KFC Pakistan exclusively hosted the official trailer launch event.

 Mr. Noor Alam, the Chief Marketing Officer – KFC, graced the event with his presence and shared his thoughts on the partnership. He stated:

“KFC Pakistan has always been highly spirited to explore avenues that connect KFC with youth and the brand is enthralled to support local content like BFFs. Through this partnership, we once again remind our audience that KFC is a brand that is young by heart and feels pride to promote and support local entertainment industry. We accolade the hard work of the young talented individuals and wish them all luck for the venture’s success.”

Monday, July 8, 2019

Shabana Azmi reignites intolerance debate, says anyone who criticises govt is branded 'anti-national'

Shabana Azmi reignites intolerance debate, says anyone who criticises govt is branded 'anti-national'

Shabana Azmi reignites intolerance debate, says anyone who criticises govt is branded 'anti-national'

Indore: Reigniting the intolerance debate, veteran actress Shabana Azmi during an event in Madhya Pradesh's Indore said that anyone who criticises the government is branded as an "anti-national" while asserting that nobody needs a certificate of patriotism from the government. 

"It is always necessary that we point out our flaws for the betterment of our country. If we do not, how can our conditions improve? But the atmosphere is such that if we criticise the government we are branded as anti-nationals. We should not be afraid, nobody needs their certificate," Azmi said. 

Shabana was speaking after being honoured with 'Kunti Mathur Award' instituted by the Anandmohan Mathur Charitable Trust in recognition of her work for women.

Speaking at the event, Shabana asserting that people should fight the situation and not kneel before it. "India is a beautiful country. Any attempt to divide people cannot be good for this country," she said.

Notably, senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh was present during the event and used the opportunity to take potshots at the government. Slamming the recently elected Bhopal MP - BJP's Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur who defeated him in the Lok Sabha polls, Congress veteran Digvijaya Singh said, "Today the person who killed Mahatma Gandhi is being hailed as a patriot. There are reports that Nathuram Godse's statue is being constructed. Can we not raise our voice against this?"

The Congress leader also slammed BJP MLA Akash Vijayvargiya for attacking a municipal corporation officer with a bat. Singh said, "Akash's father (Kailash Vijayvargiya) shows a shoe while his son shows a bat." Singh also cited economist Amartya Sen's statement on Lord Ram to corner the BJP, terming its ideology as "anti-women." 

"Sangh is anti-women. Why don't they take Lord Ram's wife Sita ji's name? Why don't they say Jai Siya Ram?" Singh was quoted by ANI as saying. 

Last week, Nobel laureate Amartya Sen had hit out at RSS over the rising Hindutva politics in West Bengal. "I haven't heard Jai Shri Ram earlier. It is now used to beat up people. I think it has no association with Bengali culture. Nowadays, Ram Navami is celebrated more in Kolkata which I haven't heard earlier," Sen had said. 

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Thursday, July 4, 2019

SMC host’s an open forum for the Entrepreneurs Women Business Program

SMC host’s an open forum for the Entrepreneurs Women Business Program

SMC host’s an open forum for the Entrepreneurs Women Business Program

Karachi, 3 July 2019: Shajar Management Consultant (SMC) held an open forum for the Entrepreneurs Women Business Program in collaboration with Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network and Osmani & Company at the Osmani House.

A very diversified group of panelist related to media, textiles, health and social media influencers
attended the event. The discussion was based on startups and women entrepreneurs and revolved
around the impact of Entrepreneurship in Pakistan, the reason why startups fail in the first six months
and the way forward in terms of challenges and opportunities.

Sana Zain from ISEM contributed, “Businesses should be started for the right reasons, they should cater to a need instead of just focusing on money, and failures should be taken as lessons.”
Annum Salman the author of ‘Sense me’ said, “I use my words to empower women. Everyone has knowledge, passing it on is where your opportunity lies”.

Raheel Lakhany the CEO of Lakhany Silk Mills voiced his opinion, “We should promote ‘made in Pakistan’ and should be willing to explore the local market and brands”.

Tajwar Baig, CEO Peacock Events and PR stated, “The exposure in the Pakistani market is very limited, people are afraid to try new things, as a community as we need to develop and not only to go to highend brands.”

Aleena Khawaja said, “Technology is where we are challenged and that is also where there is scope”.

Such open forums for promoting social enterprise will be held on a regular basis by SMC every six weeks.  These Forums are an excellent opportunity for the attendees to educate themselves about the
entrepreneurship environment, ecosystems, challenges and their solutions.
Later this year SMC and Osmani & Company under the Commonwealth platform is launching an
incubation program for young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and entrepreneurial mind set to start and to successfully run, their own ventures by providing training and mentorship and also will assist in developing business plan models to assist them in monetary requirements.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Pakistan’s First Vlog Summit 2019 Concludes

Pakistan’s First Vlog Summit 2019 Concludes

Pakistan’s First Vlog Summit 2019 Concludes

Vlog Summit 2019 is held at Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai Auditorium Islamabad where prominent local and international Vloggers for the very first time came on the same platform and shared their success stories and current vlogging trends. They elaborated how a vlog can be used to influence the opinion of masses. Participants of the summit came from both government and corporate sector in addition had many student participants.

Chief Guest of the event Mr. Lijian Zhao – Deputy Chinese Ambassador shared his views about the event saying, “Such sessions are so much healthy and must be organized regularly to make people aware about the trending mediums”. Further he said, Pakistan is now among the top travel destinations around the world and it is very safe to travel with in Pakistan. In the end he said, “I highly appreciate the efforts made by team AlphaPro and congratulate them on success of vlog summit 2019.”

Mubashir Siddique another speaker and a famous vlogger from a remote village of Pakistan shared his experience about how he started and how his journey has been throughout, Mubashir had this very motivational message for all the new vloggers, “You need to be very patient with vlogging. It is all about making mistakes and then learning from your own mistakes. There is no age for learning you learn new things throughout life.” Mubashir has his own YouTube channel Village Food Secrets based on village cooking having more than 1 million Subscribers.

Jordan Taylor, a very well-known vlogger who specially came to Pakistan for this event and for exploring the hidden beauties of Pakistan shared her views regarding the people and the land of Pakistan saying, “Pakistan is a place where the word stranger doesn’t seem to exist, where everyone you meet treats you like a long lost friend. I heard things about Pakistan but I decided to come and see for myself. I found the people and the land beautiful and full of love. I felt loved, I felt safe!”

Huubvander Mark who a vlogger from Netherlands, he was along with the local vloggers in the Summit. He is visiting Pakistan on his bus. He said during his speech in the Summit, “Pakistan is a beautiful place to visit and I have found it very safe for tourists to travel and Enjoy full hospitality of the local people.“

The summit had other famous and famed vloggers on the panel of speakers who talked about their own journey as Vloggers and encouraged more people to join. Both national and international vloggers told about the basics of vlogging, some useful tips and motivated more people who are interested in vlogging and making money for themselves through simple vlogging. The Vloggers included many known names like, Siddique Jan, Faisal Warraich, Zain Ul Abideen, Marsha Lui, Amel, Skooty Girls – Sana Shakoor & Afra Hussain and Sareesha.

The summit received huge appreciation from all the guests and participants. At the end Mr. Adeel Ayub, Managing Director AlphaPro expressed his views saying, “I am very happy to see such huge positive response from all these amazing vloggers, speakers and participants. AlphaPro has always come up with unique ideas like we have organized a successful social media summit in the past; we will keep on bringing such fruitful events which will help us promote the positive image of Pakistan. This Vlog Summit will promote a lot of tourism in Pakistan as the image of Pakistan gets clear to the world.”

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Fellow actress tried to kill Reema by poison

Fellow actress tried to kill Reema by poison

Reema claims fellow actress tried to kill her by poison

(WebDesk) Renowned Lollywood actress Reema Khan, who has always been an epitome of grace and aplomb, recently made some shocking personal revelations.

While speaking to a private TV channel, the veteran actress said that a fellow actress tried to kill her by giving her poison in her food.

Reema said that to date she knows the person who tried to take her life, adding that God saved her from the vicious attempt.

“The person was given Rs100,000 as a reward to poison me,” stated the actress. She also said that the culture of harassment is still prevalent in the entertainment industry.

After Reema Khan’s revelations, Punjab Information Minister Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan said that the actress should identify the person who tried to harass her so that action could be taken against them.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Arshad Varsi calls Pakistani actress Sara Loren a ‘fraud’

Arshad Varsi calls Pakistani actress Sara Loren a ‘fraud’

Arshad Varsi calls Pakistani actress Sara Loren a ‘fraud’

Bollywood actor Arshad Varsi said that his ‘Fraud Saiyaan’ co-star and Pakistani actress Sara Loren is a fraud. The actor said this about Sara jokingly during an interview. Stating that he came to know later on that she was from Pakistan, Varsi stated that he thought Sara was from Muscat at first.

“I always thought that she was from Muscat because I think I asked her once, she told me she was from somewhere there. So, I was like, oh, okay. So, I didn’t even know that,” he told Zoom TV.

Sara Loren has applied for an Indian visa three times so that she could promote it in the country but her request has been rejected thrice. Regarding that, Varsi said that he hoped Sara Loren’s visa application was accepted by the 18th when the movie released.

“I hope it [her Indian visa] happens before the 18th January [Fraud Saiyaan’s release date] because if she gets a visa for the 19th, it’s pointless,” he said.

Rising tensions between India and Pakistan after the Uri camp attack have led to a ban on Pakistani artists by Indian producers.

Ever since then, Pakistani artists have had to refrain from working in India owing to the deteriorating relations between the two nuclear armed states. WebDesk

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Jubilee Life Insurance teams up with Cinepax to support Pakistani Cinema

Jubilee Life Insurance teams up with Cinepax to support Pakistani Cinema

Karachi: Jubilee Life Insurance, Pakistan’s leading life insurance provider, has partnered with Cinepax Cinemas to promote the burgeoning film industry in Pakistan. Through this year-long agreement, signed by both organizations in July, Jubilee Life Insurance has cemented its role as a patron and supporter of Pakistani sports, arts and culture.   

Photo Caption: Jubilee Life Insurance, Pakistan’s leading life insurance provider recently partnered with Cinepax Cinemas to promote the burgeoning film industry in Pakistan. Picture shows Mr. Javed Ahmed (5th from left), MD & CEO Jubilee Life Insurance and Ms. Mariam El Bacha (6th from left) CEO, Cinepax Cinemas with senior representatives of both the organizations after signing of the agreement.

Jubilee Life Insurance has collaborated with Cinepax Cinemas, which is currently operating 13 cinemas with 30 screens in 9 cities across Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Hyderabad and Islamabad having a total of 6,000 plus seats nationwide. Cinepax Cinemas will provide Jubilee Life Insurance with opportunities for on screen advertising, premises branding, on ground activation and various offers for Saffron members such as buy one-get one free silver screen tickets with popcorn and drink. Saffron is a loyalty club for its high net worth customers, who have put their faith in Jubilee Life Insurance and are gratified to be associated with the company for a secured financial future. 

On this occasion, Javed Ahmed, CEO and MD, Jubilee Life Insurance said, “Film can be a powerful medium of mass communication and if used sensibly, movies can be used to convey a wide variety of messages to communities along with providing quality entertainment. We are pleased to be supporting Cinepax and hope our partnership can help the growth of Pakistan’s film industry. Jubilee Life Insurance is also actively supporting country’s development in areas of Sports, Education, Entrepreneurship and Arts.”

Ms. Mariam El Bacha CEO Cinepax Pakistan said, “Cinemas are becoming best entertainment hubs for families. We are undergoing a revival and everyone involved wants to make sure this evolution brings about a strong industry that every Pakistani can claim and own proudly. It is wonderful to have partners like Jubilee Life Insurance supporting the cause and we hope this will be a mutually beneficial partnership.” 

Jubilee Insurance is a global brand of Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) that offers diverse insurance solutions (life, health and general) in the Asian and East African markets. Jubilee Life in Pakistan offers uniquely designed range of life and health insurance plans, catering to various customer segments and needs. These include retirement, child education, marriage, saving & protection, wealth accumulation, life insurance plans for women, rural insurance plans and life and health insurance solutions for the less privileged of our country. The company is also amongst the leading Window Takaful Operator’s in Pakistan. 
Cinepax Cinemas is Pakistan's largest cinema network committed to provide unmatched quality entertainment. Cinepax Cinemas believes that be it comfort, indulgence or state of the art visual/sound is key to enhancing a customer's experience. They bring the future of cinema entertainment to your doorstep offering unsurpassed levels of service, online ticketing purchase at the comfort of your home mixed with the best digital experience. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Bata Fashion Weekend at Milan was a Spectacular Event

Bata Fashion Weekend at Milan was a Spectacular Event

Lahore: The second Bata Fashion Weekend was a superb event what was even more spectacular and stunning than last year. Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan was transformed into the centre of the fashion and design, which offered music performances and fashion shows. An event filled with lot of fun and entertainment.

The main event held at the prestigious Pallazzo Mezzanotte, a venue with the spirit of music, design and craftsmanship.  The Bata Fashion Weekend attracted fashion enthusiasts, influencers and ambassadors from all over the world, for example Maya Ali from Pakistan, Lornah Kiplagat from Kenya, Andrea Serna from Colombia and Anabel Angus from Bolivia.

Thomas Archer Bata, Chief Marketing Officer, Bata, while taking about this years event said
 "This year we built Bata Fashion Weekend in the spirit of the concept “The Sound Of Style” as an extension of the global campaign “Me & Comfortable With It”, which promotes healthy self-confidence while fighting against prejudice. The aim was to transform the campaign into real environment of the Bata Fashion Weekend in every point of view."

Jana Barbati Chadová, Head of Global Marketing, Bata, stated:
”Our goal was to expand the horizons and maintain the mood of the event. The main objective while creating this event was to inspire people, to surprise them and to create emotions and engagement with them through visual concept, music base and choreography of the show. We brought new ideas and innovations to the venue arrangements and also to the concept of the fashion show and the results was incredible. Thanks to Bata Fashion Weekend we had a chance to express what is our brand about to the whole world. We were able to show that we are a part of the conversation and a credible player when it comes to style and fashion. Bata is ready for the 21st century. Modern, innovative, technological and trendy."

Singer Lenny is the new face of Bata
Bata presented the new brand manifesto “Me & Comfortable With It” and the new Bata ambassador, the singer Lenny, was revealed. Enjoy the livestream video of the fascinating show here. Lenny's new song Enemy and her overall style and beliefs fit Bata brand perfectly, supporting female empowerment and the value of diversity. In the evening Lenny and her band performed the song Enemy in the unplugged version.

Young Designers Challenge
During the evening two winners of Bata Young Designers Challenge were announced, namely Tereza Kanyzova (UMPRUM, Prague, Czech Republic) with her shoes "Amulet", and Andrea Celleste Beggio (Politecnico Calzaturiero, Milan, Italy) with her design titled "Erica".

Catwalks, exhibitions and entertainment
Bata Fashion Weekend catwalk and shoe exhibitions featured the latest Bata collections: Red Label, B-Flex, Bata Heritage and others, including the shoes designed by the Young Designers Challenge finalists. The vibrant idea of Bata's global campaign “Me & Comfortable With It” was presented by dynamic models and dancers, projections, lightshows and music. One of the model stars was Nidhim Kochhar, who lost his left foot in a motorcycle crash.

Monday, March 12, 2018

#CokeStudio Season 11 welcomes #AliHamza & #ZohaibKazi as new Producers

#CokeStudio Season 11 welcomes #AliHamza & #ZohaibKazi as new Producers

Karachi: The nation’s most exciting music platform, Coke Studio, is all set to achieve another landmark by launching its 11th Season in July. Coke Studio Pakistan will thus continue to take Pakistanis on its unique musical journey. In the last 10 years Coke Studio Pakistan’s reach has been monumental. The platform has been recognized for its originality and boldness not only in the country but also in over 150 other countries of the world. It has achieved unprecedented success, with more than one billion total views & plays, and gathering more than 3 million subscribers, making it Pakistan’s largest YouTube success.  

Coke Studio Season 11 now welcomes Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi as the new show producers. Ali Hamza’s experience in the music industry spans almost 2 decades. He is the founding member of the band Noori. Their debut album created a whirlwind all over the world. A first of its kind, it introduced the genre of pop-rock music to the Pakistani mainstream. In addition the album inspired the youth of Pakistan to take up the responsibility of doing something worthwhile for themselves and others. His most recent achievement, as a maestro of music industry was seen in Coke Studio Season 10, where his original track ‘Tinak Dhin’ received national acclaim and received accolades all across the Pakistani audience. The other producer of Season 11, Zohaib Kazi has been associated with Coke Studio for over 7 years, and was General Manager & Associate Producer for Season 7 till Season 9. In 2017, Zohaib took a hiatus from Coke Studio to reconnect and capture Pakistan’s folk essence through a travelogue styled music album. Season 11 is set to bring forth a new season of live performances with a diverse line up of pop, rock, folk and sufi artists from different genres. 

Speaking about Coke Studio’s landmark feat, the General Manager of Coca-Cola Pakistan, Rizwan U. Khan stated, “Music from Coke Studio has become intertwined with Pakistan’s identity, and the influence that Coke Studio has had on the masses in Pakistan is really huge. In the last decade, Coke Studio has committed itself to reintroducing the audience to timeless classics as well as discovering a new generation of musicians. As we welcome the new producers, I want to thank Strings from the bottom of my heart for their passion and commitment towards cementing Coke Studio as a world class asset.”

Strings were able to build strong bridges between the old and the new; and they enriched the more traditional genres like classical, folk and qawaali. In addition, they put forward a list of musicians and helped them to establish themselves as recognized artists. It is also important to highlight that Coke Studio would not have been possible without the unrelenting commitment and hard work of everyone else behind the scenes – the technicians and engineers, the set design and implementation crew, and all the other support staff. Coke Studio’s unparalleled success is due toexcellent team work; with everyone invovled collaborating and working very closely together to create something that is bigger than than anything seen before in the field of music. 

More details on Coke Studio’s artists, songs, collaborations, lyrics and television airing times will be shared in the coming months..

Friday, December 15, 2017

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Shehzad Roy UNODC Goodwill Ambassador visits juvenile jail

Shehzad Roy UNODC Goodwill Ambassador visits juvenile jail

Shehzad Roy UNODC Goodwill Ambassador visits juvenile jail

Determined to help underage prisoners, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Pakistan (UNODC) has named Shehzad Roy as a goodwill ambassador.

Visiting the Youth Offenders Industrial School of Karachi’s Central Jail, the popular Pakistani singer, humanitarian and social worker, Shehzad Roy, gave the underage inmates a few moments of happiness by performing for them.

Roy was also appointed as a goodwill ambassador by the UNODC at the event.

Following his appointment, the 40-year-old singer said the judicial system of the country needs reforms. He added that sentencing children to jail until proven guilty was not reasonable.

While Roy announced the end of sentence for six of the imprisoned children, the humanitarian performing for the underage inmates gave the poor souls a moment of relief.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

#Mahira has a strong message for women and she wants you to listen up!

#Mahira has a strong message for women and she wants you to listen up!

Pakistan’s beloved actress Mahira Khan is in the media spotlight again and for good reason this time.

After pictures of the actress with Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor stirred a social media controversy and backlash from audiences, Mahira has a message that she wants you to listen.

In a recent public appearance, the actress gave a strong message to all the women out there.

“Let nobody’s opinion define who you are. And if anybody defines who you are, let it be yourself. Because, including me, and all the women out there, we are all worth it,” the diva said.

The actress’ message comes at a time when the social media is abuzz with a movement against sexual abuse after prominent celebrities made sexual harassment allegations against the American film producer and former studio executive Harvey Weinstein.

Mahira stayed strong in the face of severe criticism on the pictures with Ranbir that didn’t sit well with fans who couldn’t relate to the Humsafar actress clad in a white backless dress, smoking on the streets of New York City.

Her latest message shows that the actress truly believes in empowerment. Geo

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Coke Studio 10’s Episode 5 showcases the breadth of Pakistan’s talent

Coke Studio 10’s Episode 5 showcases the breadth of Pakistan’s talent

Karachi:- Coke Studio 10 will release its fifth installment packed with exceptional music this weekend. Featuring four songs, Episode 5 will include ‘Bol’ by Shafqat Amanat Ali as a tribute to the iconic poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz; ‘Rangrez’ by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Sahir Ali Bagga; ‘Sab Maya Hai’ by the father son duo, Attaullah Esakhelvi and Sanwal Esakhelvi; and ‘Ujaalon Mein’ by Faraz Anwer and Faiza Mujahid. The Episode is set to be released digitally on Friday, September 8 and aired on all leading television channels on Saturday, September 9.

Often called Pakistan’s "greatest poet", Faiz Ahmed Faiz was an intellectual, a revolutionary poet, and one of the most celebrated writers of the Urdu language. Faiz’s poetry was influenced by the works of Allama Iqbal and Mirza Ghalib, and addressed the tyranny of military dictatorships and oppressions. Coke Studio’s rendition of the iconic poem ‘Bol’, advocating the importance of standing up and speaking the truth, is brought to life in a sweet ballad performed by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan. 

Shafqat Amanat Ali began his journey with Coke Studio in Season 2 with ‘Aankhon Ke Sagar, ‘Khamaj’, ‘Ajab Khail’, and an interesting collaboration with Josh on their bhangra track, ‘Mahi Ve’. He returns to Coke Studio in Season 10 with his signature, dynamic voice demonstrating his versatility as a true musician. He observed, “Coke Studio has played a big part in promoting Pakistani music globally. They’ve managed to bring our forte and our specialty to attention; these are the sounds that make Pakistani music different.” 

The tribute is directed by the talented Shani Arshad who returns to Coke Studio Season 10 after his powerful compositions like Abida Parveen’s ‘Maula-e-Kul’ and Meesha Shafi’s ‘Bholay Bhalay’ in Season 9. 

‘Rangrez’, a modern Sufi song, encompasses the true meaning of devotional love. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan teams up with Sahir Ali Bagga to create magic with a fresh, new sound. In the musical composition by Sahir Ali Bagga, the tabla flirts with the shehnai and a flurry of backing vocals paint a vibrant surrounding as Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s glowing and scintillating voice takes the foreground to bring out the rang and dhanak of the melody. 

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, the modern torch-bearer of Qawwali, has been an integral part of Coke Studio from the very beginning, with his mesmerizing take of Ali Azmat’s Garaj Baras in Season 1, to his powerful rendition of Chaap Tilaak with Abida Parveen in Season 8. After a record-breaking, ‘Afreen, Afreen’ and finally, an enigmatic duet with the (Late) Amjad Sabri in Season 9, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan returns to Coke Studio 10 with some of the most sought after performances of the year. He shares, “Coke Studio has been very successful, and it’s all because of the music directors, music selection, the musicians and the overall talent in Pakistan. They have the credit of bringing the talent of the country to a global platform. The world now accepts and appreciates Pakistan’s musical talent. I think this is just the beginning, and Coke Studio has a long way to go.” 

In ‘Sab Maya Hai’, Attaullah Esakhelvi and Sanwal Esakhelvi bring the sounds of the soil to the airwaves by narrating a tale of depravity within the realms of love and money. Attaullah Esakhelvi’s unique yet familiar folk tone settle itself into the soundscapes that Shuja Haider has designed as Sanwal’s young, powerful voice lifts the melody with his energy. On a backdrop of groovy and emotive backing vocals, accented with the banjo and flute, this song is a journey towards uncovering the truth. 
Sanwal enthused, “I have been performing with my father for a long time, so on some level, it’s not too new for me, but yes, there is an excitement because it’s the first time we are together on Coke Studio. I was a little nervous but I enjoyed working with Shuja and am excited about my performance.” 

Well versed in traditional and folk music, Sanwal will be making his Coke Studio debut alongside his father Attaullah Esakhelvi in a beautiful rendition of a family classic. Attaullah sahab previously lent his voice to Coke Studio in Season 4 with popular renditions of ‘Pyaar Naal’ and ‘Ni Oothaan Waale’. 

A familiar rock-ballad ‘Ujaalon Mein’, finds a home at Coke Studio Season 10, as Faiza Mujahid’s electrifying voice is paired with the prolific guitarist, Faraz Anwar, in a delightful rendition of Pakistan rock anthem. Jaffer Zaidi masterfully creates a space that complements and accentuates the simplicity of the melody while staying true to the signature progressive-rock sound that comes with Faraz Anwar’s fiery musical personality to create a powerful rendition of a classic Pakistani rock song. 

Faiza admitted, “I was really happy that I got to work with Faraz and Jaffer. Coke Studio covers so many genres but I wanted to stick to my genre and performing with Faraz on his song has been amazing. The song is soft rock and what I loved about the collaboration was that it was an equal participation. The song is beautiful, and I think everyone will like it.” Singer-songwriter, Faiza Mujahid rose to fame with the famous song ‘Bandeya Ho’ from the movie ‘Khuda Kay Liye’. She makes her Coke Studio debut on Season 10 with her flair for rock music and versatile vocals. 

With an already large fan following, Faraz Anwar made his Coke Studio debut with band Mizraab in Season 4. He returned in Season 7 as a guitarist in collaboration with Sajjad Ali. Faraz Anwer joins the Coke Studio team in Season 10 to unearth some progressive rock ballads that stir the soul. 

The milestone Season 10 continues Coke Studio’s tradition of producing exceptional music and bringing together Pakistan’s most accomplished artists and musicians on one platform. With an interesting assortment of the renowned and established artists along with the new and rising stars, Episode 5 is all set to yet again captivate audiences though its soulful music. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

بھارتی فلم سٹار شاہ رخ خان بالی ووڈ لیجنڈ دلیب کمار کی عیادت کو گھر پہنچ گیا

بھارتی فلم سٹار شاہ رخ خان بالی ووڈ لیجنڈ دلیب کمار کی عیادت کو گھر پہنچ گیا

بھارتی فلم سٹار شاہ رخ خان بالی ووڈ لیجنڈ دلیب کمار کی عیادت کو گھر پہنچ گیا۔ اس سے قبل شاہ رخ خان ہسپتال میں لیجنڈ کی عیادت کرنے گئے تھے۔ دلیب کمار کی اہلیہ شاہ رخ کو اپنا منہ بولا بیٹا کہتی ہیں۔ ٹوئٹر پیغام میں انہون نے کہا کہ منہ بولا بیٹا شاہ رخ خان ہمارے گھر آئے صاحب کی عیادت کے لئے۔ دلیب کے بارے میں کہا ہے کہ ہسپتال سے واپسی کے بعد کمار بہتر محسوس کر رہے ہیں۔

Monday, April 24, 2017

#SohaAliKhan going to be MoM - expecting her first baby -  flaunts her baby bump in style!

#SohaAliKhan going to be MoM - expecting her first baby - flaunts her baby bump in style!

After Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor became proud parents to a baby boy, Taimur, on December 20, 2016, Pataudi family is ready to welcome another bundle of joy in their clan. Actors Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu, too, are expecting their first child. Soha and Kunal got married on January 25, 2015.

Officially announcing Soha’s pregnancy, Kunal Khemu said “Yes it’s true… Soha and I are very happy to announce a joint production coming later this year – our first child! 🙂 We feel blessed and thank you all for your good wishes. We feel blessed and thank you all for your good wishes.”


Friday, April 21, 2017

#NawazSharif is my favorite leader,  #Meera says

#NawazSharif is my favorite leader, #Meera says

KARACHI : Scandal queen Meera while taking her point on politics and the ongoing Panama case has declared Nawaz Sharif as her favourite leader.

The actress was present last night at the Lux Style Awards. While talking to media on the red carpet, she pronounced that alongwith numerous other people she also awaits the Panama decision which should be just

Meera said that Nawaz Sharif has done much for the development of the country and is a good leader. She also hailed Imran Khan by saying that he has also accomplished much by his cancer hospital. “Nawaz Sharif should stay as PM because he thinks good for the country. Imran Khan is also a fine leader,” she said

She expressed disappointment over the garbage heaps in the metropolis and said that Shehbaz Sharif has changed Lahore for good whereas nothing has been done in Karachi.

Surprisingly, she also expressed desire to open on off shore company. Wearing a golden gown, the actress remained the centre of attention of all the media. (Monitoring Desk)

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