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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

CNIC condition not applicable on purchases below Rs 50,000 - say KTBA ex president

CNIC condition not applicable on purchases below Rs 50,000 - say KTBA ex president

CNIC condition not applicable on purchases below Rs 50,000 - say KTBA ex president

KARACHI: The condition of providing CNIC details is not applicable on purchases up to Rs50,000 by a person, said Zeeshan Merchant, former vice president of Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA).

He highlighted key changes to sales tax law made through Finance Act, 2019 at a seminar organized by KTBA on Thursday.

He said the condition of CNIC has been waived where retailers supply goods to ordinary consumers for own consumption with transaction value not exceeding Rs50,000, including sales tax.

He said that obtaining CNICs of unregistered buyers had also been postponed till August 01, 2019.

It has also been expressly provided that the supplier will not be penalized for the wrong declaration of CNIC number by the buyer in case of sales made in good faith.

He said that through Finance Act, 2019 the threshold for cottage industry had been increased up to Rs3 million from Rs2 million.

The Finance Act, 2019 relaxed certain conditions in order to cater sales to registered sector, the condition for CNIC had been done away with provided the buyer’s NTN is mentioned on the invoice.

Asif Haroon, Senior tax practitioner while highlighting key changes to Income Tax said that various sectors of the economy had been brought under minimum tax regime.

These sectors include: commercial imports, brokerage and commission, non-resident persons for certain services, local supply of goods, execution of contracts and income from CNG stations.

He pointed out another change through which the concept of filer and non-filer had been abolished.

He said that a new Tenth Schedule has been introduced to Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 where rate of withholding tax had been enhanced by 100 percent for persons not appearing on the Active Taxpayers List (ATL).

He termed the introducing tenth schedule was another effort for documenting the economy.

Late filers can become part of ATL by paying surcharge at the applicable rates. On filing of returns, the taxpayers can claim refund of tax withheld in excess of the actual tax liability.

The period during which the names of such persons do not appear in ATL, refund will not be issued during that period.

Moreover, the said period will also not be considered for the purposes of additional compensation for delayed refund, he added.

Immunity allowed under Section 111(4) of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 has been reduced to Rs.5 million from Rs10 million for foreign remittance through banking channels.

Further displaying of business license by every person engaged in any business, profession or vocation, even where they are not required to obtain NTN.

The tax authorities have also introduced simplified tax regime for small businesses, construction businesses, medical practitioners, hospitals, educational institutions and any other sector specified, he added.

Friday, July 5, 2019

CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah says Bohra community is peace loving

CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah says Bohra community is peace loving

CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah says Bohra community is peace loving

Karachi, July 03, 2019: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that Dawoodi Bohra community has established a world class educational institution under the name of Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah where religious education with modern technics was being imparted. This he said on Wednesday while addressing the students receiving education at Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah, North Nazimabad which he visited on the invitation of Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat.

The chief minister said that he was feeling to be honoured to visit their educational institution which his father Syed Abdullah Shah had also visited during his tenure as Sindh chief minister. Mr Shah said that he was happy to see the discipline, values and dedication among the students in their educational institutes. “You are peace loving people who have contributed a lot in the development of this city of Karachi,” he told the Bohra Jamaat.

In Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah institute had over 500 students, girls and boys, from Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and various other countries. Mr Shah said that Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah was the educational legacy of Dawoodi Bohra community and realization of their philosophy. “Striking astounding traditional education and contemporary, Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah produces graduates who can thrive in the complex and changing world surroundings.”

The chief minister said that during his visit to the various classes of the institution, library and other facilities he observed that a range of subjects were being taught at Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah from Holy Quran and the sciences related to it, Al Hadith, Islamic jurisprudence, classical Arabic language and literature to contemporary English language and literature, O-level science and various social sciences.

He said that he would personally invite Dr Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin to visit Karachi again. He said Syedna was a great scholar and always preached love, fraternity and respect for humanity. Earlier, the chief minister was accorded a warm welcome when he reached Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah. He was received by a large delegation of Bohra Community led by Mr. Kumail Younis.

The chief minister visited all the class rooms of the institute, library, hostel, swimming pool and play area. The chief minister said that the library of Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah had great resemblance with the library of Jamea Alazhar University, Egypt. The chief minister on his visit to Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah was accompanied by Minister Local Government Saeed Ghani and Advisor to CM on Information Murtaza Wahab.

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Change in provincial government is shattered dream of PTI: CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah

Change in provincial government is shattered dream of PTI: CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah

Change in provincial government is shattered dream of PTI: CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah

Karachi, July 03, 2019: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that change in the provincial government of Sindh was a shattered dream of the PTI leadership. “Now, they are trying to resort to magical tricks but these [magical] tricks won’t work in Sindh.”

This he said on Wednesday while talking to media at two different places, Al-Jamea-tus-Safiyah Al-Mahlat al-Burhaniya which he visited in the morning and then at under-construction Shaheed-e-Millat, Tariq Road Inter-section, underpass. He was accompanied by Local Government Minister Saeed Ghani and his Advisor on Information Murtaza Wahab.

The chief minister replying a to a question said that it was a dream of PTI leadership to bring a change in the provincial government but “this dream would never come true because they don’t have numerical strength in the provincial assembly,” he said and added “oh yes, they always play talk about magical tricks under which they believe they have acquired power in the Center,” he said in lighter but critical mood and went on saying “these tricks won’t work in Sindh.”

He said that the federal government was hatching conspiracies against Sindh government. “If you weaken the provinces means you are weakening the federation,” he reminded the federal government.

To another question, Mr Shah said that the person who had no experience of government and its system has been made prime minister. “Now, under the influence of power he [prime minister] has started conducting experiments on the people of Pakistan,” he said and added under his first experiment he deprived poor people of square meals by unleashing Tsunami of price hike in the country.

Mr Shah said that the prime minister was considering everyone as thief and dacoit but he was forgetting that he himself was facing NAB cases. “You cannot rule by suppressing the people and throttling their voice but you have to deal with every one like a good human being and ruler,” he said and added throw threats and suppression you could not silence the people from raising voice for their rights.

To a question, the chief minister said that he was personally against the amnesty schemes because under the scheme the government was going to legalize the ill-gotten wealth people have amassed. “Politicians were not entitled to take benefit from the scheme,” he said. Mr Shah said that when their amnesty scheme has failed they have started conducting raids on houses of the people. “Where we are leading this nation by creating a wave of fear, unrest and insecurity,” he questioned and added in such state of affairs people would fly their capital and business to other countries.

Rana Sanaullah: Replying to a question about the arrest of Rana Sanaullah, Mr Shah condemned it and said this kind of political victimization would further undermine the credibility of the government. “You [PM] are behaving like a dictator and damaging political people – this is not good move and would end up in serious situation,” he said. Mr Shah said that the arrest of Rana Sanaullah would prove to be a charge0-sheet against prime minister.

Karachi: To a question about installation of banners against Sindh government by a political party, the chief minister said that they were making failed attempts to hijack people of Karachi once again. “They have never raised voice for the rights of people of this city but they have always ditched their voters,” he said and added that his government was carrying out development works in the city and serving people without any discrimination. “We know we don’t have any MPA at Shaheed-e-Millat area, Tariq Road, University Road, Shahrah-e-Faisal and various others areas of the city even then we reconstructed road network, laid afresh drainage lines, trying to resolve others issues sincerely,” he said.

These people [who have installed banners against his government] have always played politics of destruction, hatred, divide and destabilization in this city and this was an open secret. “People of Karachi know their friends and foes very well and they would never come into their crocodile tears,” he said and vowed he would resolve all the issues of this city such as water, sanitation, cleanliness and improve investment environment.

Mr Shah said that he visited District Central which was full of filth and garbage. Who is Chairman of the DMC Central, he asked and said it was MQM. “We have provided them funds and they have their own resources and sufficient sanitation staff then why they were not pressing their chairman to clean their districts,” he asked and said “this is politics and they are playing on the pointation of some others.”

KMC: Talking about the performance of the KMC, the chief minister said that it has failed to achieve all its revenue recovery targets from last many years. Instead of taping new revenue sources and enhancing and achieving recovery targets, he [Mayor] was seen always blaming Sindh government for his failures.

The KMC has completely failed to undertake any tangible exercise to control its non-development expenditures, rationalize over-crowded staff, undertake proper use of its funds and resources but just they have set their eyes on provincial government resources which was wrong, he said.

Mr Shah said that the federal government had faced shortfall in its revenue recoveries, therefore they have transferred less funds to the province. “We are facing financial crunch even then we have given sufficient funds to the KMC so that it can serve people of this city but they [KMC] lack sincerity and will to serve the people of this city.

He said that the court has asked the Sindh government to work out a methodology to clear Rs580 million electricity bills of KMC upto March. The provincial government against a Rs580 million electricity bills has already paid over Rs320 million and the remaining amount would also be paid. “But, how long the provincial government would be paying power bills of the KMC, he asked and questioned why the KMC was not creating its own resources.

He said that the prime minister had announced Rs65 billion package for Karachi and a few leaders of PTI and MQM claimed to have brought Rs45 billion but when the budget was announced it turned to be only Rs12 billion. “Why are you not strengthening our hands in getting our due share from the federal government,” he asked the MQM leadership. Why MQM elected representatives did not talk about K-IV in which federal government has stopped funding, he said.

Mr Shah said that presently 400 to 450 MGD water was being supplied to city against the required of around 1200 MGD. The solution of this water shortage lies in completion of K-IV project, he said. Murad Shah said that the federal government was not ready to talk to Sindh government on K-IV and other projects- this kind of attitude was detrimental for national reconstruction.

Plea Bargain: To a question, the chief minister said that he had no knowledge of Khursheed Jamali [of private power plant consultant] request to NAB for plea bargain. “I have nothing to do with the power plant – just I was a provincial minister and had not executed installation or procurement of the power plant,” he said and added “some `political actors’ were spreading baseless propaganda against him,” he said and added “I am not scared of such propaganda because it has no foundation or base,” he said.

PTI against CM in ECP: To a question, the chief minister said that he had heard that the PTI has filed an application against him in the Election Commission of Pakistan for violating code of conduct of election in Ghotki. “I went to the house of Jam Saifullah Dharejo in Karachi where he announced to join PPP,” he said and added “we did not go to his home in Ghotki- how it can be termed as violation of code of conduct,” he asked and said he would file his reply when and if ECP issued him a letter.

He said when schedule of the election was announced the prime minister went to Ghotki to offer condolence for the death of Federal Minister Ali Mohammad Khan Maher. “This was violation of code of conduct,” he said.

Underpasses: Earlier, the chief minister visited under construction Shaheed-e-Millat, Tariq Road Inter-section, underpass and inspected pace and quality of the work. The chief minister was given detailed briefing on the work on the project. The project has been launched for Rs437 million and around 75 percent its work has been completed. The chief minister directed PD Niaz Soomro to complete the project by August 2019.

He also visited under-construction underpass at Hyder Ali Intersection launched for Rs478 million. The chief minister was given detailed briefing by the project Director Niaz Soomro. The project has achieved 60 percent physical progress and would be completed by the start of November 2019.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Traitors do not deserve leniency: Chairman PDP Altaf Shakoor

Traitors do not deserve leniency: Chairman PDP Altaf Shakoor

Traitors do not deserve leniency: Chairman PDP Altaf Shakoor

Karachi, July 3: Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor has expressed grave concern over the rumors that rulers were striking a hidden deal to release the traitor, Dr Shakil Afridi.

In a statement here Wednesday, he said treason is a serious crime and even recently some senior army officers were given punishments for treason. He said no traitor deserves leniency or special treatment. He regretted that there are wide rumors that the traitor Shakil Afridi would be released under a hidden deal and its responsibility would be put on judicial system. He said such conspiracies would only bring a bad name to our nation and country and our institutions.  He said we should stop to make Pakistan a laughing stock in international community. He said every criminal should be punished as per the law and constitution and no preferential treatment should be offered to anyone to please influential local or foreign quarters. 

Altaf Shakoor said Pakistan needs firm uphold of law and constitution. There should be no two standards for the mighty and the meek. Every person should be made equal before law. He said all hidden conspiracies against this country should be stopped and its image should not be further deteriorated at international level. He said if the rulers go for hidden deals at the cost of supremacy of law and constitution it would result in lack of confidence of people in democracy and democratic system. He said our parliamentarians should assert themselves for safeguarding the constitutional norms and rights and liberties of masses. 

Pasban Democratic Party Chairman said we are confident and hopeful that our independent courts would dole out justice, but the people of Pakistan do not have confidence on the turncoat ruling elite due to their frequent betrayals and u-turns. He said the rulers should give top priority to the national honor and the expectations and aspirations of the Pakistani masses. They should keep the national interest supreme to all other considerations.  He said foreign spies, terrorists and national traitors do not deserve any mercy and they should not be given concessions and preferential treatment. He said if we continue to show double standards over this matter, it would further intensify the hopelessness and disappointment amongst the Pakistan masses. 

Altaf Shakoor said the Paban Democratic Party is working to make Pakistan a law-abiding society where only constitution and law would have supremacy and where constitutional rights of all Pakistanis, irrespective of their social or economic status, are safeguarded. He said this would be possible when the shameful politics of so-called electables is ended for good and true representatives of people are sent to parliament. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Attack on live TV Show -  President PFUJ GM Jamali condemns attack on Imtiaz Faran

Attack on live TV Show - President PFUJ GM Jamali condemns attack on Imtiaz Faran

Attack on live TV Show -  President PFUJ GM Jamali condemns attack on Imtiaz Faran

KARACHI: President Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) G M Jamali has strongly condemned the attack and torture on President Karachi Press Club (KPC) Imtiaz Faran by a PTI leader.

GM Jamali noted that after harassing and threatening journalists the ruling party (PTI) had now resorted to attack and torture the Media Workers. Reminding that journalists worked under pressure and risked their lives to keep the public informed he praised the way Media Workers united to figure a strategy out in order to protest against the incident. He said that if the journalists come together in such a way most of their problems would be solved.

Hailing the decision to bar PTI leaders from entering all the Press Clubs of Pakistan for three days, he felicitated President KPC Imtiaz, Secretary General KPC Arman Sabir, President Lahore Press Club Arshad Ansari, President Islamabad Press Club Shakil Qarar and Secretary General PFUJ Rana Mohammad Azeem along with all the UJs in Pakistan for the resolve.

GM Jamali warned that if the ruling party failed to shun this kind of approach against journalists’ fraternity, stern action would be taken against it. He stated that journalists’ fraternity had always played its due role to strengthen the democratic institutions and would continue to do so.

President PFUJ GM Jamali stated that the International Federation of Journalists had also been informed about the attack and torture by PTI leader on KPC President Imtiaz Faran and it is expected that, like all over Pakistan, globally voice would also be raised.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

‘Sindh Rescue and Medical Services’ launched at the Sindh Secretariat

‘Sindh Rescue and Medical Services’ launched at the Sindh Secretariat

‘Sindh Rescue and Medical Services’ launched at the Sindh Secretariat

Karachi, June 25, 2019: ‘Sindh Rescue and Medical Services’ (SRMS), a project of Government of Sindh, in collaboration with Aman Health Care Services, was formally launched at the Sindh Secretariat today. Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho, Minister for Health and Population, Government of Sindh graced the occasion and cut the ribbon to inaugurate the newly branded ambulances. This marks the official launch of Karachi’s first ever government backed, free of cost, life-saving ambulance service. This welcome development is the actualization of Sindh’s government’s earlier promise of providing quality & free of cost emergency medical service to the citizens of Karachi. 

It is to be noted that Government of Sindh initiated its formal support to Aman Ambulances, which had been operating in Karachi through a fleet of 60 lifesaving ambulances, in October 2018. During this period 74,776 life-saving interventions have been made and 11 babies have been delivered inside the ambulances, which now bear the emblem of Government of Sindh and are branded as Sindh Rescue and Medical Services. The provincial government intends to expand the size of this fleet incrementally to 200 to cater to the twenty million population of this mega-polis. 

A successful project by the name of Sindh Peoples Ambulance Service is already underway in the districts of Thatta & Sujawal with 25 life-saving ambulances since 2017. During the last two years, 51,120 lifesaving interventions have been made, including delivery of 151 babies in the life-saving ambulances enroute to the health facilities. 

Health Minister reiterated Government of Sindh’s endeavour towards exemplary public service during the ceremony, “Today is a great milestone for the people of Karachi and fruition of Sindh Government’s unwavering efforts and resolve to facilitate the citizens of this province. We greatly look forward to expanding this lifesaving ambulance service to all districts of Sindh in an incremental manner at the earliest.” 

CEO, Aman Foundation, Mujahid Khan, also expressed his gratitude at the launch of the Sindh Rescue and Medical Services. “We are very excited to continue working with the Sindh Government towards this pioneering partnership for setting up world class emergency medical services in Karachi and Sindh. Today marks for us the true actualization of Aman Foundation’s founding vision of bringing about systemic change by incubating public service initiatives for the under-served, and scaling them through strategic partnerships. ”

The ceremony was attended by Secretary Health and other senior officials from the Ministry of Health; CEO and senior team members of Aman Health Care Services.

The Sindh Rescue and Medical Services ambulances will continue to be run by the able team of Aman Health Care Services whereby the quality control and protocol will remain consistent to their decade-long experience in the field of emergency medical services, for the benefit of the public.

As before, the pre-hospital emergency care ambulance service is available by dialling 1021. As has been the practice in the past, and in line with global best practices, the service will prioritize critical and lifesaving interventions across Karachi.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Signify Pakistan provides solar lighting systems to schools in Sindh

Signify Pakistan provides solar lighting systems to schools in Sindh

Signify Pakistan provides solar lighting systems to schools in Sindh

Islamabad: Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, today announced that has provided solar lighting systems to 05 schools in Umer Kot, Sindh, Pakistan through its ‘Light for Better Learning’ campaign in partnership with a local Social Enterprise Nizam Bijli. Through this project Signify Pakistan aims to improve learning opportunities for young people in off-grid communities by providing sustainable access to light to communities that are underserved by electricity.

“We are proud to partner with Nizam Bijli to provide solar lighting systems which are safer, cleaner and have no recurring fuel costs compared to traditional kerosene lamps,” said Asad Jafar, Country Leader Signify Pakistan. “Providing affordable and sustainable access to light to communities that are underserved by electricity is at the heart of what we do.”

Through this partnership Signify Pakistan aims to improve learning opportunities for young people in off-grid communities. Our project is aimed to promote the use of clean technology-based lighting systems. By working with local NGOs and communities, we’re bringing electric light to the places it is needed the most. And by sharing our expertise on the role of lighting in accelerating energy efficiency, we’re helping to protect our environment.

Employee volunteering and giving

Signify also has its own year-round corporate social responsibility program, promoting employee volunteering and employee giving through locally relevant initiatives. In April 2019, thirty Signify Pakistan volunteers delivered lessons on energy efficiency and its potential as a climate change mitigator reaching out to 1000 students.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Thar Foundation holds 1st Tri-Lingual Spellathon in Tharparkar

Thar Foundation holds 1st Tri-Lingual Spellathon in Tharparkar

Thar Foundation holds 1st Tri-Lingual Spellathon in Tharparkar

Karachi May 21, 2019: Thar Foundation held the first tri-lingual Spellathon for the school children of all Thar Foundation managed schools in Tharparkar.

72 school students between the ages of 04 and 14 from 06 campuses of Thar Foundation competed with one another in a spelling competition to show off their spelling skills. The tournament was judged by a panel of external experts where majority of the words given to the children were unknown words and the children used their phonetic knowledge to correctly spell the words, giving their competitors a tough time. The campuses that participated in the Spellathon included Aban Jo Tarr; Ahsan Shah Jo Tarr; Jeando Dars; Khaaro Jaani; Gorano; and Jaaman Samoon schools. 

“It is heartening to note that the school children have performed so well given that most of these school campuses were opened only a year ago and these children have never been exposed to the English Language.” said Sabeen Shah, Manager Education at Thar Foundation. “At Thar Foundation, we strongly believe that educating the region will positively impact the future generation and to this effect we have established 24 school units across Thar.”

Thar Foundation is currently educating over 3000 children across its various campuses and focuses on various extra-curricular activities to provide holistic learning and development opportunities to the children.

Monday, May 6, 2019

KARO-KARI rite: Two teenage girls gunned down near Shikarpur

KARO-KARI rite: Two teenage girls gunned down near Shikarpur

KARO-KARI rite: Two teenage girls gunned down near Shikarpur

SHIKARPUR: Two teenage girls were gunned down by their cousins at village Jan Muhammad Lashari within the jurisdiction of Bado Police station on pretext of Karo-Kari on Friday early morning.

According to reports, two cousins Zamiran, aged 16, daughter of Punhal Lashari, and Halima, aged 17, daughter of Jan Muhammad Lashari were murdered with gun fires by their cousins Nisar and Aamir Lasharis when they were found in objectionable condition with other relatives.

The FIR was registered by ASI Meer Hassan Chandio of Bado Police Station on behalf of state. The Bado Police have arrested the accused with gun and registered the case against them. The bodies of deceased were handed over to their relatives after conducting postmortem examination from Taluka Hospital Garhiyaseen. PPI

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Government of Sindh Announces Summer Vacation 2019 in Sindh Schools

Government of Sindh Announces Summer Vacation 2019 in Sindh Schools

Government of Sindh Announces Summer Vacation 2019 in Sindh Schools

KARACHI (Apr 29, 2019(: Government of Sindh has announced Summer Vacation 2019 for all private and public colleges

The Summer Vacation for all Public & Private Colleges shall be observed from 1st May to 30th June 2019.

Government of Sindh College Education Department has issued a notification announcing the Summer Vacation for all Public and Private Colleges operating in Sindh Province.

The Notification was issued dated 29 April 2019.

The Notification states:

With the approval of the competent authority and in pursuance of decision of Steering Committee meeting held on 2nd January 2019, the Summer Vacation for all public and private Colleges under the administrative control of College Education Department shall be observed from 1st May 2019 to 30th June 2019.

All Colleges shall be opened on 1st July 2019.

Government of Sindh Announces Summer Vacation 2019

Significant changes in the academic year schedule was decided during a meeting held in January this year

The meeting of the Steering Committee for Education chaired by Minister for Education and Literacy Syed Sardar Ali Shah was held on January 2, 2019.

Items on agenda among other things were

The beginning of the new academic year
  • ·         Admissions schedule
  • ·         Summer vacations
  • ·         Timings of schools and colleges
  • ·         Sports and co-curricular activities at the school level
  • ·         Transparent examinations and
  • ·         Redesign of exam papers

During the meeting of the Steering Committee for Education, it was also decided that the national days will also be celebrated with great enthusiasm to impart the importance of these days. National Days such as :

  • ·         Kashmir Day,
  • ·         Pakistan Day,
  • ·         Independence Day,
  • ·         Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai Day,
  • ·         Eid Miladun Nabi

·         Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s death anniversary

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Inefficient federal government fails to deliver in public interest: Sindh Chief Minister

Inefficient federal government fails to deliver in public interest: Sindh Chief Minister

Inefficient federal government fails to deliver in public interest: Sindh Chief Minister

Sehwan, April 14, 2019: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that the inefficient federal government [of PTI] has completely failed to deliver and have brought tsunami of price hike, unrest and have pushed poor people to abject poverty by reducing employment opportunities.

This he said on Sunday while speaking on the occasion of 12th death anniversary of former Sindh chief minister Syed Abdullah Shah organized at his native village Wahur- Murad Shah, Sehwan. The death anniversary programme was attended by Sindh PPP President Nisar Khuhro, provincial cabinet members, special assistants, MNAs, MPAs, senators, PPP workers and people from different walks of life. Just after arrival at his villages, the chief minister visited his ancestral graveyard and offered fateh at the mazars of his father Syed Abdullah Shah and mother and sprinkled rose petals on them.

The chief minister said that the inefficient federal government had no capacity to rule and ameliorate lot of the people because they have no roots among the people of Pakistan. He added that everyone knew very well how they had been brought into power.

Mr Shah said that people of the province were asking him about launching of development works in their areas but “I want to tell them that the inefficient federal government has failed to release Sindh government’s due share from the divisible pool, therefore the we are facing shortage of funds and cannot start development as we had started last year,” he said and vowed that the provincial government would start development schemes from its own resources from the next financial year.

Talking about inauguration of Thar Coal-based power plant, the chief minister said that it was a big achievement of the Sindh government. “We have realized the dream of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto who had performed ground breaking ceremony of coal mine and coal-fired power plant at Keti Bandar,” he said and added “it was not a dream but a sincere and visionary step of Shaheed Benazir to bring an end to load-shedding in the country.”

Murad Shah said that we had gathered here last year to observe Syed Abdullah Shah’s 11 death anniversary last and then went to contest general election. “Our opponents formed big alliances and groups but the people of Sindh rejected them and voted PPP to power with more seats and more strength,” he said. The chief minister said that the PPP government in Sindh would be serving people of Sindh because service to people was the tradition of PPP leadership.

Recalling the train march of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the chief minister said that just he [Bilawal Bhutto] was going to Naudero on April 4 by train and people living in the nook and corner of central and Northern Sindh, out their love and respect with the son of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, came out at the railway stations and gave him a warm and historic welcome.

“This historic and crowded welcome of the people of Sindh have caused turmoil in corridors of power in the federal government,” he said and added they were scared of him because they know he had the ability to deliver for this country and its people. Mr Shah said that the people of Sindh and Pakistan would bring PPP Chief Bilawal Bhutto into power in the center in the next election.

Sindh PPP President Nisar Khuhro said that Syed Abdullah Shah had the ability to deal with the people who had ever hatched any conspiracy against Sindh and its people. Abdullah Shah knew the people who have always promoted the politics of hatred and divide, therefore he thwarted all their nefarious designs.

Mr Khuhro said that some people were once again talking about division of Sindh. “Whenever they [MQM-P] have been rejected by people they have tried to take revenge from Sindh- the mother land, this is their character,” he said and added “you were defeated by PTI in general elections and why are you taking its revenge from your mother land- Sindh,” he asked them and told them categorically that the Sindh is, was and will be always united and we know how to defend its unity.

Speaking on the occasion Sindh Education Minister Syed Sardar Shah said that some people have again started singing their old song of dividing Sindh but “I want to tell them that the Urdu speaking people know them very well and they would not be part of their old tactics of their pseudo nationalism,” he said and added people of Sindh, particularly Urdu-speaking Sindhis would never allow them to play their old tactics.

Sardar Shah said that Abdullah Shah was a true lover of Sindh and its people. Abdullah Shah served Sindh and its people to the best of his abilities. He was a brave, valiant and courageous leader of PPP and under the dynamic leadership of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto served this province to his best.

Those who spoke on the occasion include District President PPP Jamshoro Asif Shah, Hyderabad Divisional President Ali Nawaz Shah Rizvi and others. In the end of the programme fateh was offered for Syed Abdullah Shah, Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and Shaheed workers of PPP.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Sindh govt takes over 36 seminaries and other facilities run by JuD, FIF

Sindh govt takes over 36 seminaries and other facilities run by JuD, FIF

Sindh govt takes over 36 seminaries and other facilities run by JuD, FIF

KARACHI:Sindh government has taken over the control of 56 facilities, including schools, hospitals and seminaries previously run by Jamat -ud-Dawa (Jud) and Falah-i-Insaniat Foundation (FIF), following ban on the activities of both the organizations by the federal government .

This was stated by Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh for Information, Law and Anticorruption Barrister Murtaza Wahab on Wednesday while talking to media. The advisor said that the federal government under anti-terrorism laws had declared JuD and FIF as proscribed organizations and decided to take control of all the facilities run by those two banned outfits located in the jurisdiction of federal government, the advisor said that the seminaries and public welfare facilities located in Sindh province had been taken over by provincial government.

However, the advisor clarified that now onwards, the services at these schools, hospitals, and seminaries will continue for general public by the government as per government protocols adding that no person shall be denied the services being provided through these institutions.

He said that the staff of the institutions would continue after due clearance and scrutiny as per standards and procedures of the government. Giving breakup of these facilities, the advisor said that 31 schools, 16 seminaries and nine hospitals located in Sindh had been taken over by the provincial government.

He added that ten schools, nine seminaries and five hospitals were located in Karachi division; three schools and one hospital in Hyderabad district; two schools and one seminary in Matiari; one school in Jamshoro; three schools, one hospital in Mirpurkhas; four schools in Sanghar; one school in Tando Allahyar; three schools and one seminary in Badin; one school, two hospitals , one seminary in Tharparkar; one seminary in Naushehro Feroz; two schools and three seminaries in Shaheed Benazir Abad; and one school in Kambar Shahdadkot.

He further said that committees had been constituted at provincial, divisional (in case of Karachi) and district level to manage those facilities in best interest of public . He said that provincial committee would be headed by secretary home department as chairman and Additional IG Police Special Branch, special secretary education, special secretary health and chief administrator auqaf will be its members.

The divisional committee for Karachi only comprised Commissioner Karachi as its chairman, while Additional IG Police Karachi and divisional heads of education, health and auqaf will act as its members. Similarly, he said that district committees would be headed by deputy commissioner and district heads of education, health and auqaf departments will be its members.

The advisor said that these institutions will be run in the supervision of Sindh government and all the expenses would be borne by the provincial government. Wahab has appealed to people to cooperate with the government, adding that Sindh government had taken over the control of seminaries and welfare institutions affiliated with both the banned outfits and if anyone tried to create hurdles in this regard, he will be arrested.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Relief efforts and activities underway in drought hit Tharparkar district

Relief efforts and activities underway in drought hit Tharparkar district

Relief efforts and activities underway in drought hit Tharparkar district

Karachi, February 27, 2019: Directorate of Press Information, Information Department Government of Sindh Karachi received the information shared by the District Administration Tharparkar, stated that that the relief efforts and activities in prevailing drought conditions in Tharparkar district were continued. According to the released information, 126 children in gasping conditions admitted in the different Government Hospitals at District and Taluka level, died due to multiple health complication, whereas 38 children after being administered appropriate treatment and health cover have been discharged to their homes.

Moreover, 85 children were under treatment and 106 children were also treated under OPD services on health facilities of Tharparkar provided under the administration of Health Department. However, 434 children were treated in OPD services provided on 31 BHUs and 18 Government Dispensaries under the administrative control of PPHI. According to the shared report the Livestock Department under the command of Deputy Director Livestock setup their veterinary camps in 14 villages of different Talukas, includes two camps at Mithi and Islamkot, one camp each at Diplo, Chachro and Nangarparkar were established.

In these established livestock camps, 65 animals were treated whereas 8534 animals were vaccinated and 1081 were also drenched in the said villages. The report shared the information regarding the awareness campaign, in this connection, the Population Welfare Department, Government of Sindh has established special awareness campaigns were established in 08 different villages, where 169 clients of local community attended the sessions on tub ligation /Jadelle contraceptive procedures were conducted and one woman also underwent Jadelle procedure.

In relief work, activities of free wheat distribution were organized by the district administration across the district. On Monday, 2077 families under phase-III, under phase two 16 family under phase-II also collected their 50 kg wheat bag.15 families who had not collected wheat bags of phase one also approached their respective sentinel point and collected wheat bags. Till date, in phase one 247,774, phase two, 255,160 and in phase three 226,012 families received the wheat bags at the scale of 50 Kilogram as per head of family.

In 3rd phase of distribution of ration bags among Pregnant and Lactating Women (PLW) continues since 26-01-2019. 401 pregnant and lactating women were provided Ration Bags at their doorsteps on Monday. Till date, 57,462 ration bags has been distributed in 3rd phase. So far in phase one 66,691 and in phase two 36,656 ration bags were provided to the PLW in different areas of Tharparkar District. Government’s initiative of distributing fodder to livestock owner has caught its pace in Taluka Islamkot. Till date, 13,273 cattle owners provided fodder which include 50kg Vanda feed and 25kg Rice Polish.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

More widespread rains predicted in the country from Friday to Monday (Morning)

More widespread rains predicted in the country from Friday to Monday (Morning)

More widespread rains predicted in the country from Friday to Monday (Morning)

Islamabad: Met office informed that a strong rain bearing system is likely to approach Balochistan on Thursday (night) and likely to grip southern parts of the country on Friday and may persist in upper parts till Monday (morning). Under the influence of this weather system:

Widespread rain-thunderstorm (with isolated heavy falls) associated with windstorm is expected in Balochistan from Thursday (night) to Sunday (Morning), while at scattered places in Sindh on Friday (1st March 2019) and Saturday.

Widespread rain-thunderstorm (with few moderate to isolated heavy falls and snowfall over the hills) with strong gusty winds also expected in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Islamabad, Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir from Friday (night) to Monday (morning).

Note: Heavy falls may cause flash flooding in local nullah/riverine of Balochistan and hill torrents of DG Khan from Friday (evening/night) to Saturday and trigger landslides in Malakand, Hazara, Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir during Saturday and Sunday. All concerned authorities are advised to remain ALERT during the period.

Murad Ali Shah order vacation of forest land, Hindus lands from illegal occupation

Murad Ali Shah order vacation of forest land, Hindus lands from illegal occupation

Murad Ali Shah order vacation of forest land, Hindus lands from illegal occupation

Karachi (26 Feb, 2019): Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah directed Sindh police to support district administration and Forest department to vacate forest lands and the lands and other properties of Hindu community members illegally occupied by some people. He said that the 70,000 acres of forest land was under encroachment and out which some 25,000 acres have been vacated. “Now, the forest department needs some police force to vacate their remaining land,” he said and directed IG police to support the forest department for the purpose.

Mr Shah also said that some Hindus community members have filed complaints of illegal occupation on their lands. He directed the district administration to vacate them and hand over to the legal heirs. This he said on Tuesday while presiding over a weekly law and order but this time it was held after two weeks. The meeting was attended by Chief Secretary Mumtaz Shah, Advisor to CM Murtaza Wahab, IG Sindh Dr Kaleem Imam, Principal Secretary to CM Saijd Jamal Abro, Home Secretary Kazi Kabir, Commissioner Karachi Iftikhar Shahlwani, Adl IG Karachi Dr Ameer Shaikh, Adl IG Special Branch Dr Waliullah Dal, DIGs of different zone of Karachi and IGs from Divisional Headquarters joined the meeting through video link.

He said that the incidents of Nimra and Kasre-e-Naz where five innocent children died have left burden on his heart. “We have to take necessary and effective measures to stop such incidents.” The meeting started with five cases, Nimra Baig killed in cross fire, Kasr-e-Naz tragedy where five children died, Malir building collapse, Larkana incident in which three labourers of Bajore were killed and Irshad Ranjhani murder case.

The chief minister was given briefing about the Nirma case and said the inquiry was in progress and would be submitted to the chief minister within new few days. The chief minister said that the killing of an innocent final year MBBS student, Nirma, 20, was quite painful. “There must be her dreams and the dream of her family but all went shattered,” he said and directed IG police to conduct inquiry thoroughly and also start police training particularly about dealing with robbers and dacoits in the market and on the main roads.

The Commissioner Karachi briefed the chief minister about the killing of five children at Kasr-e-Naz and said that the lab reports were being awaited. He said that the father of the children said that when he was taking his wife to hospital his children were also crying but he did not pay his heed to them. He thought that they were also calling his when they were struggling of life but he could not attend them. The chief minister said that may God give courage to the father and mother who lost their five children. The chief minister ordered chief secretary to further strengthen Sindh Food Authority and direct them to keep testing kitchens of restaurants and eateries. The cause of the death as being presumed by the police and others is said to be something else instead of food.

Talking about Malir building collapse, the chief minister was told that the building was constructed without any approved plan. He said that all the agencies, Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), KMC, Rangers, Police and every one rushed there for rescue operation. This created some problems in rescue work at this the chief minister directed chief secretary to develop a system under which only one agency would be responsible to carry out rescue operation. He also issued directive for the proper training of PDMA rescue crew.

The chief minister was told that the investigation into Irshad Ranjhani was in progress. The case was being investigated from all angels, including personal enmity, dacoity attempt or any other reason. The chief minister directed IG police to complete investigation process within two days and report him. The DIG Larkana briefing the chief minister said that about killing of three labourers at Larkana through video link.

He said that various culprits involved in the incident directly and indirectly have been arrested. The main culprits were still at large but all his links have been established. The chief minister talking to DIG Sukkur on video link said that a person was attacked at Khairpur on a similar patter as were attacked in Larkana. He said such incidents were unacceptable at any cost, therefore police patrolling must be intensified.

On a query the DIG told the chief minister the killers of Ramsha Wassan murder case have been arrested. Appropriate security have been provided to the family and in the investigation process the family have been taken on board. He also said that Ramesh who was kidnapped one and a half month ago have been recovered. The chief minister directed IG police to issue necessary directives to all the police ranges and zones to improve law and order in their respective areas.

Karachi L and O: Adl IG Karachi Dr Ameer Shaikh giving progress of law and order said that Musharraf Mahsood involved in kidnapping for ransom has been arrested by AVCC. A bank dacoit Asif alias Kala involved in number of bank dacoities in Karachi have also been arrested. The SIU has also arrested a gang of four involved in dacoities with murder and injuries, especially with the people drawing cash from banks and ATMs. Saeed involved in bank dacoities in DHA has also been arrested in Parachinar.

He said that 11 gangs involved in Ice have been crushed in the area of South, City and Central district. 30 narcotics dens identified in different areas of the city were busted. 1387 kilogram charas and 4.5 kg heroin recovered. The chief minister directed Adl IG Karachi to further focus on street crime. This is still a threat to the peace of the city.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Pfizer, Aga Khan University Hospital, Patient Behbud Society To Jointly Support Cancer Patients

Pfizer, Aga Khan University Hospital, Patient Behbud Society To Jointly Support Cancer Patients

Pfizer, Aga Khan University Hospital, Patient Behbud Society To Jointly Support Cancer Patients

KARACHI (25th February, 2019) Pfizer Pakistan Ltd. (Pfizer) has entered in to a partnership with The Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) for self-funded patients and The Patient Behbud Society for AKUH (PBS) to provide access to quality targeted therapy treatment to cancer patients without financial means.Patients suffering from gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST), metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC) and pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (pNET)will benefit from the partnership.

The announcement came during an official signing ceremony held at the University Hospital premises in Karachi., The partnership is part of Pfizer's patient access program: MASEEHA for cancer patients.Speaking at the ceremony, Hans Kedzierski, CEO, AKUH, said: AKUH endeavours to provide access to our health care services for needy patients who may not, on account of financial constraints, be able to afford our regular Hospital charges.

Patients who receive financial support receive the same level of care as all other patients. Last year alone we spent more than PKR 2.5 billion on welfare programmes. Our oncologists and other experts aim to provide the best possible treatment to patients and we plan to increase our capacity to treat more patients.

Syed Wajeeh, Country Manager of Pfizer Pakistan, in his message said: We are very pleased to share that we are making significant investments in patients access program in partnership withAKUH and PBS.

TheAgreement stands out as an excellent example of cooperation between these institutes in an area of public service to those patients who don't have access to these crucial medicines to enhance their quality of life.Mr.

Nadeem Mustafa Khan, President, PBS appreciated Pfizer Pakistan's support and said: It is indeed heartening to see our partners like Pfizer Pakistan coming forward to help deserving patients by donating expensive cancer drug.

The more we collect donation and zakat, the more we can serve such needy patients, with even more barakaat to the givers of this charity.Dr. Adnan A. Jabbar, Associate Professor and Section Head Medical Oncology, AKUH, said: Disparity in care is a major challenge across the world with cost of treatment a major contributor in low middle income countries like Pakistan.

Program like this partnership with AKUH & Pfizer, helps cancer doctors reduce this gap in treatment outcome by providing highly effective drugs for their patients who may otherwise would not have been able to benefit from them. NNI

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Sindh hosts ‘Doing Business Reforms Exhibition II’ - via Ex. Tribune

Sindh hosts ‘Doing Business Reforms Exhibition II’ - via Ex. Tribune

Sindh hosts ‘Doing Business Reforms Exhibition II’ - via Ex. Tribune

KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, Adviser to Prime Minister Abdul Razak Dawood, and World Bank Country Director Patchamuthu Illangovan launched the ‘Sindh Doing Business Reforms Exhibition II’ and the Sindh Business Registration Portal (SBRP) on Wednesday as part of the Ease of Doing Business Reforms in the province. The event was hosted by the Sindh Board of Investment.

The World Bank and United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) have been providing support to the provincial government for the facilitation and implementation of Doing Business Reforms.

Facilitating businesses

The SBRP has been launched as an online regulatory for approvals and as an inspection interface. The portal will speed up the business registration process by providing access through online services. It minimises the cost, time and effort of visiting multiple government departments for this purpose.

New businesses in Sindh will benefit from this easier registration process. Entrepreneurs will be able to register their businesses with four provincial departments through the portal, including the Labour department, Sindh Employees Social Security Institution, Industries department and the Excise and Taxation department.

Sindh CM vows to introduce investment, business reforms

The portal will also provide links between the four provincial departments and federal departments such as NADRA and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)
Improving business conditions

World Bank’s report, Doing Business Index, showed the improvement in Pakistan’s global rank in the past year. Pakistan ranked 136 out of 190 in 2018, as compared to 147 in the previous year, having risen 11 places on the Index.

The province of Sindh has contributed substantially to this improvement. Karachi holds 65% weightage in the Doing Business methodology whereas Lahore accounts for 35% of the improved ranking.

Reforms to make Karachi a city which is conducive to businesses with healthy competition and easy access to business markets have enabled improving conditions. Many reforms have already been implemented and are in practice at relevant government departments.

One of the most salient features of these reforms is the SBRP along with which, the Sindh Board of Revenue has launched a Portal for Tracking Property Deeds. Through this portal citizens will be able to check the progress of their property registrations online.

Speaking on the occasion, Shah said that the first quarter of the 21st century has seen our region turned into an engine of growth for the world economy. “In this fast-changing world, Pakistan must make the right policy choices, focus on human development and create an environment conducive to economic development,” said the chief minister.

With regards to the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business report, Shah said that it was an important measure of economic and political indicators. He elaborated that it was a measure used by companies when deciding which countries to invest in as well as an index on which countries compete and the success of government’s is measured.

Sindh looks at reforms to climb Ease of Doing Business Index 

“There is enough evidence to show that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows are higher for economies performing better on the Doing Business Index,” he said.

Enabling growth

Shah claimed that the Sindh government was committed to undertake more reforms and adopt policies that create an enabling environment for the private sector, and make doing business easy in the province.

“The private sector provides jobs – currently a challenge in our country, generates revenue for the country and triggers a virtuous cycle of skilled population and financial inclusion,” said the chief minister.

The Ease of Doing Business Reforms are aimed at facilitating domestic and foreign investors. The latter not only provide employment opportunities but also bring with them modern technologies.

In Sindh reforms have been made in four categories, according to the chief minister. These include, starting a business, registering property, getting construction permits and getting electricity.

The chief minister highlighted some of the achievements so far within the business community in the province.

These included the Sindh Board of Revenue People’s Service Centre’s (LARMIS) success in reducing the time taken to buy and register properties by more than 90%. Besides, 90% of land records, maintained since 1985, from 29 districts of the province have been computerised and verified by district deputy commissioners.

The portal launched on Wednesday will further ease this process and allow citizens to track their property deeds online, added the chief minister.

Shah also stated that the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) exempted three no objection certificates (NOCs) and managed to reduce procedural steps to obtain construction permits from 15 to seven.

He mentioned that the Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) has exempted low impact projects from approval and has improved its service delivery time frame. It is a significant step achieved in record time to deregulate our business environment, claimed Shah.

According to Shah, the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board has also simplified its procedures and improved its service delivery timeline by more than 50%. Commercial connections are now provided in 21 days as compared to 61 days previously, said Shah.

Collaborative efforts

Appreciating the support of the World Bank, the chief minister said that Illangovan had helped to link the government with the private sector and communicate the reforms to businesses and citizens effectively. Shah expressed his support for the World Bank’s Top 20 Business Cities initiative in 2020. “We will ensure that the cities of Sindh participate fully in this competition,” he said.

Shah emphasised on the need for inter-provincial coordination and cooperation between federal and provincial governments. “We have never shied away from extending on invoking support from other provinces and federal departments to achieve our common objective of a prosperous Pakistan,” said the chief minister.

He appreciated the technical assistance extended by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) for the development of the SBRP and welcomed the delegation from Punjab which had come to attend the event.

Dawood reassured of the federal government’s commitment to creating an environment conducive to businesses in the country and to the Ease of Doing Business Reforms in his keynote address.

Meanwhile, Illangovan lauded Sindh government for spearheading the 100 days of Doing Business Reforms and said he looked forward to the next set of 100 days which commenced on Wednesday.

The World Bank country director added that it was critical for the on-going momentum of business reforms to sustain in Pakistan in order to help the country become a competitive destination for investment and business, particularly as the country aims to be in the top 25 economies of the world by 2047.

Others who spoke on the occasion included, Planning and Development Chairperson Muhammad Waseem and Investment Department Secretary Ahsan Ali Mangi.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 21st, 2019.

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